not so deep (chatty) · personal

get to know me pt 2

have you ever been drunk?
i have indeed

do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
i get nervous before everything

what do you think of hot dogs?
they r ok – would not eat myself

favourite christmas movie?
i haven’t seen many but i love the grinch

what do you prefer to drink in the morning?
i don’t eat breakfast so i never really do the whole sitting down and creating a meal type of thing, if i had to pick it would probably be orange juice

can you do push ups?
nuh uhhhh, i have no upper body strength at all

what’s your favourite piece of jewellery?
probably my Tiffany necklace

what’s your favourite shoe?
probably my black chuck taylors because they go with everything

middle name?
georgia marie

name three thoughts at the moment?
i don’t want to go to work tomorrow, i enjoy doing tags, i’m really tired but it’s too early to sleep yet

name 3 drinks you regularly drink?
Diet Pepsi, water and juice

current worry?
whether what i’m doing regarding certain people is the right thing

current hate right now?
does myself count or is that too serious

how did you bring in the new year?
i actually don’t even remember

where would you like to go?
STRAYA. a million times over

do you own slippers?
yessss , they’re the cosiest things ever

what colour shirt are you wearing right now?

do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
i actually don’t think i ever have

can you whistle?
i have tried and failed many times

favourite colour?

would you be a pirate?
i don’t think so, i’m not cool enough and i’d get seasick

what’s in your pocket right now?
nothing, i’m wearing those really annoying trousers that make it look like they have pockets but they’re actually sewn up

last thing that made you laugh?
myself because i read a text wrong and made myself look like an idiot

do you love where you live?
it could be a lot worse but no, not really

how many dogs do you have?
uno, he’s the love of my life




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