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I found this earlier and it’s something I feel like I really need at the moment so, here goes – it’s supposed to be a daily challenge but I’m going to do it all at once,

a facial feature you like on yourself
my eyes, 100%. they’re green and i feel like they’re so big and pretty. when i’m doing my makeup the key focus is always my eyes

a physical feature you like on yourself
my freckles – is that a thing? they’re a facial feature but i also have them on my body and i have some scattered across my shoulders which i like, lots more always appear when the sun comes out too

a part of your personality that you like
my humour, my own sense of humour is quite dry and sarcastic but i feel like i can also adapt to other people’s sense of humours as well, i definitely don’t take myself too seriously and i enjoy making people laugh

a habit you have that you like
i can’t really think of one for this which is kind of worrying, maybe that when i’m speaking to someone i really love i have the biggest smile on my face and end up giggling / laughing at everything they say which then makes them start laughing and they’re like “what was even funny about that?” and i literally have no idea, i’m just happy. also maybe that i put my hands over my mouth whenever i laugh which makes me seem like a child

something about the way you think that you like
as i’ve gotten older and realised so many things i feel like my mind is constantly growing every day, or blooming as i love to call it, if i could draw my mind it would be a big bouquet of flowers that gets bigger and brighter and more colourful every day and it’s honestly such a nice feeling, i love the fact that i’m so open minding and accepting of everyone and everything, so many things inspire me and i’m constantly learning every day

something about the way you just are that you like
how reserved i am in the sense that i don’t feel the need to post my life and my business on social media and the fact that i don’t get involved in other people’s drama / business. i don’t write indirect posts about people or put shady comments online, i just let people get on with it

when do you feel best about yourself? why?
when i’m doing something good for someone and making them laugh or smile, it makes me smile too and it makes me feel like the loveliest and prettiest version of myself because i feel soft and gentle and that’s how i want to come across to everyone, i love making people feel comfortable. when i make other people feel happy that’s when i feel like the best version of myself

the last time you smiled when someone complimented you, what was the compliment and why did you smile?
someone told me they were in love with me. i don’t think there’s any more to be said there

something that you yourself do that makes you smile. why?
i do things that i’m probably deemed to old for but still do anyway, i still have disney toys scattered around my room, the other weekend i stayed in bed watching the high school musical movies and i still listen to the camp rock soundtrack when i feel like it, i also love the fact i read old books and listen to old music which is probably deemed ‘uncool’ but i don’t care at all, i feel like an old soul and a young child all at once

why are you the way that you are?
because of anything that happened after 6th june 2013

do you like the way that you are? why or why not?
i like my mind how it is now because i feel like i’m finally becoming myself for the first time in my life, my physical appearance i’m still working on and i’m trying to be more confident. so yes, i do like the way that i am, but it’s a work in progress

if you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be and why?
the fact that i overthink everything and end up creating problems in my head that aren’t even real. it stops me from doing a lot and i worry that people won’t like me for STUPID things that i won’t even mention because it’s embarrassing to even talk about because they’re just the tiniest things that aren’t even a thing in the first place, if that even makes sense. i just wish i could be unapologetically myself and stop worrying so much. i’m working on it

what do you think about your smile?
i have perfectly straight teeth so i like my smile, my mouth is very small though so i do wish that was different

what do you think of your laugh?
i have 10 million different laughs depending on the situation and how funny it is so i can’t comment on all of them but i like any type of giggly laugh that i do and i like my laugh if i’m sleepy

why do you think people are attracted to you, either friend-wise or romantically?
i cant’t think of a reason other than the fact i’m funny maybe

the last thing you did that made you smile
wrote a message to my best friend that she’ll never read but knowing i wrote it for her anyway made me smile

another thing you like about yourself
i can’t think of one right now

the last thing you did that made you laugh
probably something to do with my dog because he’s a little angel and always makes me laugh

is there a particular outfit / article of clothing / accessory you like on yourself? why?
i have particular items that i like / love in general but not necessarily on myself because right now i don’t really feel like things look good on me, i like chokers on myself

if you finish this tag and still feel that your confidence is low, would you be willing to do it again? why or why not?
yep, right now my self esteem isn’t very high so i’d like to come back and do it again when i’m more confident and see how much my answers have changed

when do you feel your most attractive? why?
not going to lie, it is when i’m all dolled up and my hair is done nicely and i smell really nice and have nice makeup on because it makes me feel more confident as a person and then i feel like this alter ego comes out of me and it’s just yeah, i don’t know really

what do you think others like about your personality?
i have no idea, maybe the fact i’m funny idk

what physical feature do others seem to find most attractive about you?
my eyes

what is your definition of beautiful?
being unapologetically yourself in whatever size, shape or form that may be

do you often compliment other people?
i do when i’m drunk which relates back to one of my previous answers, i do compliment other people but nowhere near as much as i would like to, i always think nice things but never have the confidence to tell the person or say it out loud, on the other hand when i’m drunk i compliment absolutely everyone because i’m so confident and don’t have a care in the world

what is your favourite compliment to give and receive? why?
i’d definitely say it would be anything personality related and not physical, i would much rather be complimented on my mind over my physical appearance as i prefer to know that i have something more to offer than being just “pretty”, therefore i wouldn’t deem others to be just solely that either

do you often accept compliments? if not, why?
this is going to sound weird but if i can’t be bothered to go through the whole “oh i’m really not, but thank you!” routine then i’ll just accept the compliment or if i know that it will make someone happy for me to accept it then i will, but no i don’t really believe compliments that people give me so on the inside i don’t accept them but on the outside i just go along with it because i don’t want it to look like i’m attention seeking or just generally being annoying and rejecting someone’s nice words

do you feel good about yourself today? why or why not?
i actually feel quite rubbish today which is probably why all these answers seem depressing, i just feel looooow today, i felt happy yesterday though so i probably should have done this tag then instead

when you don’t feel good about yourself what do you do to change that, if anything?
read, write, listen to music. anything that brings me back to myself

are you happy with yourself?
mentally, yes, pretty much. physically, no , not at all. being unhappy physically then affects my mental happiness but i’m really really working on it. i’m a work in progress and i will get there at some point


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