Hi loves,

I thought I’d do a little post on a duo that I’ve been loving for a while now, they’re called Dresses. They’re from Portland and they’re also a couple in real life, which is always cool.

They make the nicest music, they’re sort of indie / acoustic / pop – their voices are so unique and when I listen to them I feel something that only a few artists make me feel, though I can’t describe exactly what that feeling is (listen to them and you’ll see).

The first song I ever heard by them was Sun Shy, I instantly fell in love with its free spirited, happy natured tune. Listening to this song puts that image in your head, you know the one in movies where someone has their hand leant out of the window and they’re running their fingers across the sky. That’s what this song is.

I could listen to this song a hundred times over and each time would feel like the first, you instantly begin to play it and just want to dance, or skip down the road with the sun setting behind you. It’s happy and free, which, if you’re anything like me, is exactly the type of vibe you want when listening to a song.

It’s a little acoustic, a little indie, a little happy and a little free. Kind of like a dainty song that afterwards leaves a huge impact and makes you want to replay it again and again, just to feel that 3 minutes of happiness one more time.

Plug your headphones in, lie down and close your eyes. You could be anywhere in the world, it could be the middle of the night with the wind and rain lashing at your windows, but in this song? In this song you’re somewhere else. You’re in a little town in France, walking through the streets in a sundress with the light shining down on you and a slight breeze dancing its way through your hair. You’re on a Gondola in Venice, watching the turquoise water ripple around as you pass over it, taking polaroids of the picturesque houses on either side of you. You’re lying on a beach in Australia, your skin a beautiful golden brown as the sound of the waves soothe you like a lullaby. You’re in a meadow with friends, the grass tickling your bare legs as you sip juice from old fashioned milk bottles and write about how good it feels to experience the true beauty of the world.

This is a Summer song, a song to remind you of all the goodness in the world as you close your eyes and smile at the beautiful simplicity of the lyrics and the sound that goes along with it.

Following on from that, my favourite part about this song is the fact that it may well be for Summer, but if you’re looking for some light and warmth and you can’t seem to find it no matter how hard you look, all you have to do is press play.

A few of my other favourite songs by them (from their album ‘Sun Shy’) are:

Painting Roses
if home is where the heart is then I feel pretty stupid, my heart lies in your bones, do you think that I’m dumb ’cause I call it love?

Gotta Love
I know you won’t believe me ’til I’m home and I’m not leaving, until then I won’t tell you I’m just like you, we’ve got a lot of feelings we just don’t know how to feel them

Blew My Mind
you blew my mind when we were swinging in a dream, you said, “watch me I’ll swing so high I’ll be stuck up in the trees” and so you did, I forgot it was a dream and so you did / I try to sleep but then you wake me up, when you’re gone I really hate my dreams, all along I try to run but then I can’t keep up, because most of the time all the thoughts in my mind get to me

Back To Life
wake up you’re not dead, you’re breathing slowly in my car, my palm sweat stains your pretty shirt, my lips oxygenate your world back to life


All my love,

Chloe .xx

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