Burt’s Bees! 🐝

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Helloo lovelies,

Last week I made my first order at Burt’s Bees! Something I’d been meaning to do for the longest time but never got around to until I saw that they’ve now brought out a range ofΒ lipsticksΒ and I just had to get one.

I ordered this lipstick in shade Sunset Cruise and it’s the loveliest colour, I feel like my lips are too thin for lipsticks and so I tend to stay away from them but this isn’t very pigmented at all which I really love, it gives a hint of subtle colour and feels quite creamy but doesn’t make your lips dry. The packaging is also the cutest (I feel like I’m going to use that word a lot in this post) – it’s a honeycomb pattern! This also smells really fruity and creamy which is a bonus.


I also ordered a lip shimmer in the shade Apricot because I thought it would go nicely with the lipstick, but I haven’t used this yet – I’ll update this post when I have. It doesn’t seem to have any shimmer in the actual stick so I’m not sure where that comes from (unless I’m just being blind and can’t see it) but I’ll update soon! (This also smells super minty).

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As I spent a certain amount of money I also got a free Burt’s Bees gift bag with some goodies in which might be my favourite thingΒ ever.Β It’s the perfect size so you can put it in handbags, suitcases for holiday makeup etc. It has the little Burt’s Bees tag on the side and you can’t see in the photo but the silver zip is also engraved with the Burt’s Bees name. I’ve used this so much already and it’s a perfect place to keep all my BB products in.

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The things that comes with the bag are: a little night cream sample which you can see I haven’t used yet, but I’m excited to! I never really use night creams (I actually don’t think I ever have) so If i like this one then it will definitely be on the list for me to re-purchase.

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Cleansing oil which is supposed to keep your face super soft so I shall be trying this too! I use a lot of moisturisers but never really cleansing oils so this will be interesting to try and see if there’s any difference.

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Face wipes in the sweetest packet I have ever seen, they can be used as makeup removers as well as normal facial wipes.

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Pink tinted lip balm which I’m excited to use, this also smells really fruity.

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And last but not least (I think my favourite one of them all), the classic Burt’s Bees lip balm – I’ve been meaning to buy one of these for the longest time so I was super happy when I realised it came free in the gift bag – this also smells really minty and fresh!

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11 thoughts on “Burt’s Bees! 🐝

    1. You should check them out, they’re super cute! Their aim is to basically save the bees, so it’s always nice to know that when you’re buying a product your money is actually making a difference! 🐝 xx

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