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people that will inspire you to be yourself

Hi angels,

Today I’m going to tell you about people that will inspire you to be yourself, to go and find who you really are and to be comfortable with it, to love it. To be crazy, wild and free. To chase your dreams, to really go and grab life with both hands. To be everything you’ve ever wanted to be.

I don’t have friends that are like me, I don’t really connect with anybody that’s on my wavelength and therefore it’s incredibly difficult for me to find myself or to be inspired by people that I encounter in my every day life. Luckily, through the wonderful power of the internet I’ve discovered beautiful souls that inspire me every day to be who I really am. I hope you’ll love them just as much as I do.



Cartia Mallan

photo by gabi mulder

Cartia Mallan is a beautiful, empowering soul and literally the best friend I’ve always wanted to have. She’s wild, crazy, spontaneous and expresses herself exactly the way she wants to, she’s a truly incredible person and I adore her. She has a Youtube channel which I’ll link below – she creates endless inspirational videos and her editing / cinematography is second to none. When you watch her content, you can’t help butย feel. Some of my favourite videos from her are:

what i’ve learnt this year (2016)

law of attraction & manifestation

the world actually does revolve around you

my journey with spirituality & astrology

Her Instagram is also a beautiful place to be – she posts the best photos with the most amazing & inspiring captions. @cartiamallan


Tia Henricks

photo from @tiahenricks on instagram

I’m 99% sure Tia is the love of my life. She is nothing but authentic and real. I’m trying not to talk about these people as if I know them because obviously I don’t but oh my goodness. Tia is from a whole other world in the best way. If I could be anyone it would be her. She’s so wise, she stands up for what she believes in and has endless knowledge that I can never get enough of, she’s a writer, a dreamer and I’m pretty sure she’s going to change the world. She’s my biggest inspiration of all because she’s wild, free and everything I want to be (yes that rhymes). She says herself that she was born in the wrong era and you can totally see that, her music taste and the vibe she creates is second to none. She’s all about being a wild, crazy kid and creating memories that will stay with her forever. I check her Instagramย and Tumblrย on a daily basis because I literally thrive off her creative mind and the feelings and vibes she puts out. I LOVE her. I wish I’d been as free as she is at 17.


Emma Mercury

photo from instagram @emmercury

I discovered Emma a couple of years ago when I was aimlessly scrolling through Youtube and came across one of her videos, I can’t remember exactly what it was (I think it was something to do with finding yourself) but she was sat in her room just talking to the camera and I was like holy wow, this girl gets it. I would link the video for you guys but it’s since been deleted which I’m super bummed about because I gained so much from it. I then watched all of her other videos and instantly felt inspired because she was the first person I’d ever really found on the internet that seemed to have the same mind and outlook on life as I did. She was the person that started off this whole thing for me because up until that point I didn’t realise that there were people out there already doing the things that I wanted, there were already kids out there with amazing minds and crazy fashion who wanted to break the barriers, change the world and create, create, create. Through her I was then introduced to The Messy Heads.

instagram – @emmercury

youtube – emma mercury


The Messy Heads

issue 1 of the messy heads mag – me, my mess & i

Emma Mercury is the creator and editor of The Messy Heads, a platform that (to quote Emma directly) “celebrates positivity, living, feeling and exploring.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, The Messy Heads are a group of young people that live to explore the world, fight for what they believe in and create ironically, a beautiful mess. I’m extremely proud to call myself a messy head. They focus on discovering who you are, how to love yourself, how to express the inner workings of your mind and how to break the rules of society – “to be a rebel with a cause”. They have a blog, a Youtube channel and an Instagram full of rich, beautiful, messy and inspiring content. If these guys don’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.


Mika Francis

photo from @mikafrancis on instagram

Mika Francis is a beautiful, 21 year old ANGEL probably known better as Wild Daze on Youtube. I can’t remember how exactly I discovered her but it was through one of her videos a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. She has the most open, beautiful mind and is such a wonderful soul. Again, someone else I’d absolutely love to know in real life. Her fashion is the best thing I’ve ever seen (check out her insta if you don’t believe me). She has the biggest heart and talks about topics that matter, any content she creates inspires me to be a better person and to work towards being 100% myself and loving it. My favourite videos from her are:

you are not your thoughts

20 things i’ve learned in 20 years


Claire Michelle

photo from @plantifulsoul on instagram

I only stumbled upon Claire a couple of days ago, she was another person that gave me the driving force to create this post in the first place, as I wanted to share her beautiful words with you. For the past two days I’ve been endlessly watching her videos, one after the other. She’s not even from this world, she’s an angel, created from stardust and the earth in the ground. From all of the rivers that flow and the rays of light that beam down from the sun. She is the purest of the pure. She made an hour long Youtube video about her story, her journey of self discovery and how she allowed herself to get out of her comfort zone and truly become the beautiful soul that she is. If you are lost right now or need help finding your path, please listen to Claire. She has so much knowledge to offer and so many things that will inspire you. Here are some of my favourite videos from her:

my story

the return

to be free

instagram: @plantifulsoul


These are my favourite girlies and the people I keep up with the most however, here are some more inspirational babesย for you to check out –

Annie Tarasova

Freya Haley

Phoebe Combes

Stella Rae

Imogen Brown

Cybelle Alexis

Mira Lee

Eddi Luna

I hope you guys learn something from these beautiful people, please check them out if you ever need a little reassurance or are lacking inspiration, and never be afraid to be yourself.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

16 thoughts on “people that will inspire you to be yourself

  1. I have been obsessed with Emma for a few years now too! It’s so interesting how people we barely know can inspire us in so many ways. I really loved this post! I totally relate to not having friends that are like me, but I love that I can be inspired by you and so many of these other girls to keep my self-love and creativity flowing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I couldn’t have said it better myself and I agree, I think it’s incredible how people we don’t even know can inspire and impact our lives so much, the internet can be a wonderful thing! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally get what you mean about not having friends that are like you! All my friends are the complete opposite of me and it’s very hard sometimes because I want to go out and live adventures and do things but I have no one to do them with. But hey, I’m still young, I really hope I can meet a group of friends that will be like me.
    By the way, I also love all these girls. The last videos that Claire has been posting are amazing!


    1. Exactly! I literally have nobody hahah so I’m always sat here dreaming by myself, I’m the same as you though – I hope I can find a group of people like me someday. Claire is such a beautiful soul, I can’t believe I didn’t know about her sooner!

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