soul mates

Soul mates. I believe you can have more than one. I’m listening to You Are Luh by Frank and feeling like I’m in a dreamlike state, or that might be just because I’m tired. It’s so rare to find something in life that you connect with on such a deep level you’re not sure if there was ever a time that you weren’t familiar with it. Some people, you feel like you’ve known them since the beginning of everything, like there was never a time when you didn’t know them, like you came from the same star. How wonderful it is that there is infinite time in this world yet I am alive and here at the same time as you. The world is so vast, yet I found you so close to home. You are home. I believe in fate, I believe in the universe, I believe in magic and I feel like that’s exactly what it is – a magical force that brings people together. Things that happen in life aren’t just coincidences, people need to stop believing that. People need to start looking deeper. Thanks for bringing me together with people and giving me connections that you only find once in a lifetime, I’m forever grateful. I do believe in soul mates and I do believe you can have more than one, maybe I’m living proof of that because I’m experiencing it. Who knows, either way there’s so much love within my heart, so much love in this atmosphere. Thanks for allowing me to give it, thanks for letting others receive it. I am forever in debt to you and I am forever faithful to you, always.

– letters to the universe

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