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Hi loves,

Today I thought I’d show you my vinyl collection! When it comes to vinyl I’m very much about old records rather than a Taylor Swift album I can buy on iTunes, so most of my records are from charity shops and thrift stores or passed down from my family (some are even my Dad’s records from when he was a teen which is super cool). I have a lot of vinyl so I thought I’d show you some of my favourites rather than the whole collection, otherwise this post would be super long! I hope you enjoy and just a quick note – there is a lot of George Michael in this post, be warned.

My record player…

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 01.01.08
This is my record player! It’s a Crosley with a lilac flower print and it’s so, so pretty.
Harry Styles – we all knew this was coming, obviously my favourite person in the world was going to be first on the list. I bought this on both CD and vinyl because well, why not. ART
Elvis’ Christmas Album – Elvis Presley. I love Elvis and this is one of the first vinyls my parents bought me along with my record player, it was perfect because it was a Christmas present and so the fact that this is a Christmas record makes it all the more special. The memories of sitting and listening to Elvis sing Christmas songs on a crackly vinyl record is something that will always warm my heart
Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey. the queen. goddess. blessing us with the holy music. can we take a second to appreciate this art. this one is always on display in my room and I need to get the other albums on vinyl but am super lazy and haven’t got round to it yet – it’s on the list!
Purple Rain – Prince. the king. I feel so lucky to own this. Purple Rain is hands down the best thing to ever listen to on vinyl, it’s an otherworldly experience. an absolutely incredible masterpiece.
X – Ed Sheeran. my dad bought this for me which was so nice of him and I looooove it
The Hits – Elvis. my love, – his voice on vinyl? the best sound. ever.
5SOS – Amnesia. my parents bought me this when they first bought me my record player and bless just look at them. babies
Saving All My Love For You – Whitney Houston. goddess. I really love Whitney. there are some songs that just sound really good on vinyl and this is one of them.
Summer Nights – Grease. as you all know, Grease is my favourite movie ever and so when I saw this I just had to buy it, it didn’t come in a sleeve and everyone said it wouldn’t work because the piece in the middle is missing (not sure of technical term) but low and behold, it works absolutely perfectly!
I Feel For You – Chaka Khan. such a jammmm, i always whack this on whenever i fancy having a little dance around my room
Relax – Frankie Goes To Hollywood. again, such a jam, not sure about this sleeve tho
Take Me With U – Prince. eeeeee, I love. cannot get enough of him
She’s A Woman – The Beatles. fun fact, this was in my nan’s attic for years and years and one day she found it and gave it to me to see if it still worked, it didn’t have a sleeve and I’m not sure if you can see in the picture but there’s quite a lot of scratches on the record, but it actually still plays perfectly!
George Michael & Aretha Franklin – I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me). queue the beginning of the George Michael spam, I absolutely love this man so so so much and it feels  like mostof my vinyl collection is made up of his records, I just love him
One More Try – George Michael. such a good song to listen to on vinyl
Freedom – Wham. WHAT A JAM. honestly such a good song to dance around your room to
Last Christmas – Wham. oh yes, the best christmas song ever? right here. I actually have 2 of these which I’m not sure how I ended up with but I’m not complaining
Make It Big – Wham. their second studio album with some absolutely AMAZING songs on it
Careless Whisper – George Michael. the best. the best the best the best


And there we have it! Thanks for reading my loves, I’ll speak to you soon!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

27 thoughts on “my vinyl collection

  1. My best friend bought one of these not too long ago, she has TONS of vinyls but her favorite is the Amy Winehouse one I bought her at Urban Outfitters. Amy’s voice was made to be reverberated off of these players. Highly recommend!

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  2. I love how you own so much of the old-school vinyls. It’s so great that you do that. I saw a couple of songs/artists I like. I actually own 1 vinyl, Thriller by Michael Jackson. But I don’t have a player, it just stands there in my room. I actually only listen to music on the radio, sometimes I put on a cd. Really liked this blogpost & glad I found your blog! xo

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    1. Thank you so much lovely, this really made me smile!! If you don’t have a vinyl player yet you can always frame them and put them on your walls as decoration – I’ve seen a lot of people do that !! Thank you for your lovely comment xxx

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  3. This is such a cool collection!! I was thinking about doing this post too!! Just waiting for all my preorders to arrive and then I was gonna start planning it! But seriously, am have to invest in some of your collection! Xx

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