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I just watched La La Land, I cried and now I’m in a strange mood. An emotional mood where your heart wants to reach out to everything and hold on to it forever. I’m thinking of all the people I love and all the people I am yet to love. It was sad because in the movie they didn’t end up with who they were supposed to, they told each other they were going to love each other forever and they meant it, it was true, yet they didn’t end up together in the end – it was more of a sign that they both came into each other’s lives to show each other their dreams and to inspire each other to follow them, because if they’d ended up with each other then they wouldn’t have been able to achieve everything they wanted to, even though their life together would have still been beautiful anyway.

I’m not sure which I would rather have – love captivates and consumes me, I would do anything for it. I would do anything for the person I loved, even if that meant sacrificing my dream for it, even if they pushed me to achieve it, I would still take them with me and never leave. I wouldn’t follow my dream and then settle for something that was less than true love, but I suppose the film was trying to show that they both got what they needed in the end, even though they knew that they would love each other forever. But maybe it was in a different way too, they loved each other, but they also loved each other enough to let go and follow their dreams, and maybe that’s what true love really is. At the end, all they could do was thank each other with a small nod to say I’m forever grateful that you changed my life and showed me who I needed to become, who I was always meant to become. I will never forget you and I will always love you. We are both where we need to be now.

I feel sad just writing this, like my heart is going to fall out of my chest. This isn’t a pre-planned post so I probably sound heavily emotional right now, which I am. There’s an emptiness in my stomach. I don’t want that to happen to me, as silly as it sounds…I said I would do anything for love and I really think I mean it, I would sacrifice myself for it but I will also grow with it and grow with the person I love, so that together we both end up as two parts of the same thing. Whole. I would rather be with the love of my life than achieve my dream and live with the knowledge that there was always someone out there that was better for me…but maybe that’s just me.

Maybe, that’s just me.

26 thoughts on “la la land

  1. My oh my I feeeeel you. This movie broke my heart, and yet also made me ooze with hope and joy. I was so happy to see these two dreamers getting everything they ever wanted, but so sad to see that although they got everything… they didn’t get each other. The final, bittersweet look they share at the end of the film crushed me. Such a beautiful film and story. xx

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    1. I completely agree!! This movie really made me think, afterwards I just had to write about it because I had so many thoughts and feelings racing around in my mind. I think it’s because I was expecting the usual happy ending and when that didn’t happen, I didn’t really know how to feel – though I understood exactly why it had to happen. Thank you so much for reading ❤️xx

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  2. I sobbed so hard in the theater watching La La Land. It’s just one of those movies that takes hold of your heart and crushes it into smithereens. So beautiful though. The music was amazing, the scene of what their lives could have been broke me, and overall the movie just consumed me. Love is a concept that confuses and hurts me, but also entrances and bewitches me, and this movie played on that so well.
    I hope the sadness it inflicted doesn’t stay with you too long ❤

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    1. Wow, you just worded perfectly everything I felt for that movie. Thank you !! I completely agree, I think in real life there’s always that question of what could’ve been, so for them to have shown that in the film made it hurt even more, though I’m comforted by the fact this won’t happen to me, as I would always choose love ❤x

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  3. I did not cry but my heart was broken after watching it!! The movie was good, though. It’s really realistic and it just goes to show that sometimes some people aren’t just really meant to be no matter how much they love each other.

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  4. I have yet to watch La La Land, but I feel like I have to watch it now. This post really spoke to me because I think me and my ex kind of ended up that way. I thought I would do anything for love as well, because love to me is the most important thing in the world, but with my current break up, we chose to follow our dreams. It’s hard to stay with the person you love when you’re unhappy. You end up fighting because you’re bitter about your situation even though you love each other. It has nothing to do with your significant other, but sometimes the stress makes you take it out on the them. I guess we chose to go our separate ways because we knew that if we stayed together and didn’t follow our dreams, we may fall out of love because of our fights. Guess, I’m on my way to watch La la land now. Great post!

    Natalie | Natalie’s Alchemy

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    1. I think the concept of the film is really important and if you understand what it’s trying to show you, you’ll really connect with it rather than be one of those people that thinks it’s another musical with a confusing plot added on to it. Maybe it will bring you some closure or happiness, or even just peace. Sorry to hear you went through a similar thing ☹️ Thank you so much for your comment though because I love reading things like this, let me know what you think if you do watch it! 💛xx

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  5. OH GOD, WHY! ;-;

    Loved your review…but didn’t need the heartache all over again! I swear the ending of La La Land had me jsut staring numbly at my TV like….no, come back. That’s not the end. The movie isn’t over. They aren’t back together SO IT’S NOT OVER ;-;

    Personally, I completely agree with you – to me, love takes priority over work!xx

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    1. LITERALLY that was me omg, I was like wait no, this can’t be it, where’s the ending I was looking for?! I think it’s such an iconic film. Thank you for reading! 💛xx


  6. I haven’t watched la la land yet but maybe I will! I agree with you though, I think I’d much rather have someone completely and utterly in love with me and vice versa, and not achieve my goals than achieve them and be unhappy with whoever I end up with.

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      1. I think I’ve gotta watch it now! I started watching it the other week but didn’t get past the first scene because I started watching it (stupidly) at a ridiculous hour haha! xx

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