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Hi loves,

First of all a massive apology for how absent I’ve been lately!! I know it’s only been a few days but it feels like forever, I’ve just been so busy I’ve had no spare time to come on here at all, at the moment I’m just trying to catch up with everyone’s blogs so bare with me! But anyway – on with today’s post!

I’ve seen a few people do this post lately and it’s inspired me to write my own – I found it really helpful and it gives you a good idea of what other people do and don’t like to see on your blog. Here are 8 reasons I would (or probably already do) follow yours!


1). It’s similar to mine
I don’t mean this as in you’ve copied my blog and changed a few words around, but if your blog has a similar style to mine and you talk about the same sort of things as I do, of course I’m going to follow you. I always love seeing posts on my reader that I read and think wow, it’s almost like I wrote that myself. One of my main reasons for starting a blog was to connect with likeminded people and it’s always so nice to interact with people with the same sort of style and mindset as you.

2). You interact with your followers
This is probably the biggest one for me, I think it’s so, so important to interact with your followers and to support other blogs. I’m constantly on the lookout for new people to follow, I’m always on my reader liking and commenting on posts because I want to let people know how much I’ve enjoyed it or to share my thoughts on the topic. If I’m looking through your blog posts and can see that people have taken the time to comment on them but you haven’t responded, that instantly puts me off wanting to follow you. A) because I don’t think it’s very nice, B) because it shows that you don’t really care and C) if I did end up following you, I’d be hesitant to comment on your posts or interact with you because I’d know there was a good chance I’d get ignored.

3). You update regularly
Nobody wants to follow a blog that’s inactive for months at a time, if you post infrequently here and there then there’s a good chance I won’t follow you, as what would be the point? I would never see your posts on my reader and we would never end up interacting since you would hardly be on the website.

4). You switch up topics
This might sound like an odd thing to say – everyone’s blog is different and some blogs are dedicated to certain topics e.g. books, fashion, lifestyle etc. so when I say switch up topics I don’t mean that a fashion blog has to suddenly start posting cake recipes in order for me to follow them, I’m just saying I think variety is good. For example, if you were a beauty blog and every single one of your posts was about a different mascara you’d tried out – would that be interesting? If you were a fashion blog and all of your posts were about one particular store that you’d bought from, would that keep the reader engaged? No, it’s predictable. If you’re a beauty blog then to me, that means you talk about all aspects of beauty – if you’re a fashion blog you cover all aspects of fashion. Get what I’m saying? I want to be continuously interested and read about different topics, I have actually had to unfollow a couple of blogs recently because I found that every single one of their posts was about the same thing – to the point where I thought my reader was playing up and I thought it was just displaying the same post twice.

5). Your blog is visually captivating
If I click on your blog and I’m presented with no colour or imagery but instead, a bunch of lengthy text, chances are I won’t follow you. The second I see this my brain switches off and I become uninterested – you could have the best written content in the world but if it’s not presented in a way that catches my interest, I’ll only end up skim reading it rather than clicking into the post itself.

6). You include a feature image in your posts
I know not every blog post we make requires photos, sometimes you just want to have a good old chat and put your thoughts out on the page – I have a few posts like this where I’m just writing down my thoughts and sharing them however, I always include a feature image in my posts. For me, a post isn’t complete without one and sometimes it can get a bit much just seeing post after post with no (feature) image, because it then ends up becoming lengthy text that I probably won’t read. Your blog could be the most colourful, eccentric thing out there but 99% of the time I read posts in my reader and not on someone’s actual blog (unless I’m checking it out for the first time) so you get the idea. When I read something from the reader I’m only seeing the post by itself and not on that person’s actual blog, so it’s always important to make each individual post look good.

7). Your blog is easy to navigate
There’s nothing worse than clicking on a blog and feeling like you’ve entered a maze. If I can’t make my way around your blog properly e.g. you have no menus or categories then instantly I’m lost and thinking…what is this blog about? By putting things into categories I’m instantly able to see what kind of posts you make and easily work my way around your blog, if there’s an ‘About Me’ page I can see who you are and the reasons you blog – same for a ‘Contact Me’ page etc. If your blog is difficult to navigate I see this as unprofessional and I know not everyone is here for the business side of blogging but if your blog looks a bit messy then to me it seems you’re not taking it seriously, as it literally takes 2 seconds to install a simple theme.

8). It gives off a blogger vibe
This blog is a personal little project for myself but also a way for me to work on becoming a good blogger – not a full time or a professional one, just one where I feel like I know completely what I’m doing. I love following other bloggers as I become inspired and motivated and it’s always great to interact with people who are aiming for the same thing as you, so if I see your blog and it doesn’t really give off that blogging vibe, I probably won’t follow you. For instance, if you post 3 times a day and each post contains a couple of lines – that isn’t very bloggerish (did I just make that word up?) to me and I’d be put off from following you, or if your posts are laid out messily with incorrect spelling, punctuation and grammar etc. I won’t follow you as I don’t feel like an actual blogger would do that. (I’ve never seen it myself, anyway). I’ve also clicked on a few blogs before where their html and WordPress templates are still displayed on their blog – you know the “This is your first WordPress post” type of things, aaah!

I might make another one of these posts at some point but these are the main reasons that I can think of at the moment for why I’d follow your blog, please let me know if you have any more to add!

I’ll see you all in my next post ❀

All my love,

Chloe .xx

79 thoughts on “reasons I’d follow your blog

  1. I totally agree with everything you said! I definitely like to follow blogs who have the same writing style as me as well as someone who switches up topics! Great post love!

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  2. This is so beautifully written and I can agree with all of these! I love finding blogs that resonate with my own and bloggers who make the effort to connect with others, regardless of how many followers they have. Also I’d love to add that your blog photography is stunning!! Having a coherent ‘theme’ is also a big factor in whether I follow someone, and your definitely drew me in 😉 sending love xo

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    1. This was the loveliest comment ever, thank you so much angel! This put a big smile on my face, it’s such a kind thing for you to say! In my opinion, followers are just a number and it is so much more important to listen and speak with your readers, no matter how many there are! Thank you so much for your lovely words xxx

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  3. I love this post!! I think it gives some helpful tips to “newbie” bloggers who are looking to either start up or gain followers. I agree with all of these points too! A big one is follower interaction, for me. I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my time reading somebody’s blog who doesn’t take the time to read my comments. It starts to feel disingenuous when that happens. Great post!!

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  4. I agree with all of these points here, and they are exactly the reasons why I would follow a blog too! It’s also always great when other bloggers are interactive with each other and actually take time to read the post!

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  5. This is such a good little checklist for following a blog! I look for much of the same things when I’m following blogs! Which is why I’m following yours! Love it so much! Looking forward to keeping up with your posts!

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  6. i agree with these things especially the replying to comments one, nothing is worse than getting blanked when u say something nice to someone ! i just really use my blog to vent, but this post inspired me to make my blog look a little more pleasing (especially to myself, because it is v personal) thanks for this post !! x

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    1. You’re welcome lovely! It’s just a shame sometimes if people write really amazing things but others don’t read it because visually their brain switches off when they see a bunch of lengthy text on the page, thank you for commenting! xxx

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  7. Well said. These are all things I like in a blog as well. I admit that sometimes I write out lengthy posts with no imagery. It’s usually when I’m writing about an important topic and don’t feel like images would add to it. I do try to include at least one picture in my posts though. It just seems more fun and interesting that way. While I do like to read, images just always have a way of drawing you in more.

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    1. Agreed! Not all posts require images (50% of mine don’t since a lot of the time I’m just talking) but it’s still nice to add a bit of colour to make everything more interesting. Thank you for your comment! xx


  8. I loved this post!!! It was very interesting to read your opinions on what makes blogs attractive. It is helpful to read posts like this so that I can improve mine even more. I am always looking for more followers. Thanks for the tips!

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  9. I agree with all of these! When I first started I didn’t think anyone would write like me but I found so many people who have the same humour and writing style. I enjoy reading those the most 😂

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    1. Thank you! I was the same in the sense that I didn’t really know what kind of blog / blogger I was so I thought I’d find it difficult to find similar people to me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! xx

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  10. I agree with everything you said! Especially the one about the featured photos! I cannot have a post without one and I think they make a post a lot prettier hahaha! Also, the interacting with followers is a must for me. I really cannot NOT interact with people who comment or like my posts and it just baffles me when I see bloggers completely ignoring their comments?! Like I get sometimes you’re busy and can’t but regardless of how busy I am, I always get back to them eventually! Great post, as always xxx

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    1. Agreeeeeeed! My blog just wouldn’t look the same without featured images, they’re a life saver! If I see people not interacting with their followers it completely baffles me – I don’t understand why you’d ignore people who’ve taken the time to read, like and comment on your work, it makes no sense! I always make sure I respond to everyone & double check posts every now and then since it’s so easy to miss things in my notifications. Thank you lovely xxx


  11. I’m in a neverending search for blogging tips and your article sure was an interesting piece of advice! It’s rare to find tips you can actually apply to your blog…so, thank you xo

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    1. Thanks lovely, sometimes I think it’s unfair for me to follow people when I don’t necessarily have any interest in their blog topics because it means I would never end up liking, commenting or reading their posts – which is unfair to the blogger. I’d just be a ghost follower! xxx


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