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reasons I love the rain ☔️

Hi loves,

It’s a Saturday morning as I’m writing this (even though I’m posting it on a Tuesday), the weather outside is gloomy grey skies and it’s suddenly started pouring down with rain, I can hear it pitter pattering on my window and slashing down on the ground outside. It’s inspired me to write this post because even though I’ve always loved the rain, I’ve been super embracing it recently. I think it’s because Summer is nearly over (it was only the beginning of August when I wrote this, peep me being eager for Winter to start) but I love the dark gloomy weather so much, the cold and the wind and the rain is my favourite – I love the cosiness of it and how poetic everything seems and so I thought today I’d write about it.

I’ve written a lot of poems about the rain but I thought I’d leave those for another day and actually write about why I love it so much instead…so here are 16 reasons why the rain is my favourite type of weather ☁

P.S. – While you’re reading this, imagine the rain music on Animal Crossing playing in the background…or if you’re super nostalgic like me – listen to it here
(also, petition for Animal Crossing Wild World to be a thing again, I miss it)

Can you think of anything better than being cosy indoors and watching / listening to the rain pitter patter down outside? It makes me want to wrap myself up in a duvet or fluffy blanket, or cuddle up with someone and just listen to it splashing onto the windows while watching the raindrops roll down the glass one by one.

Rain on the pavement
We all knew this would make an appearance somewhere in this post – who doesn’t love the smell of fresh rain on the pavement after a thunderstorm? I’m pretty sure if someone turned that scent into a candle it’d sell like wildfire (no pun intended) unless it’s already been done, in which case I’m seriously missing out.

You feel cleansed afterwards / Rainbows exist
This ties in with my above point in the sense that after a huge thunderstorm you kind of look or step outside and the sky is clear and there’s that fresh rain smell on the pavement and everything seems to be calm, quiet and cleansed. There’s just something about it that makes everything feel pure and natural again, especially if a rainbow has appeared – it’s kind of like the sky has stopped being sad now and has decided to smile again – the calm after the storm.

You feel less alone / It goes with your mood
Again, this ties in with my above point about feeling cleansed after it’s all over. Sometimes when you’re having a bad day, maybe you’re missing someone or you just generally feel sad and down, the rain and gloom outside can make you feel less alone and like maybe the sky is channelling your emotions for you – pathetic fallacy. I’m 99% sure this does actually help and improves your mood, even if it’s only a little bit.

Some people hate driving in the rain but I absolutely love it, yes it can be a pain when your windows start steaming up and you’re having to swerve to avoid puddles left right and centre, but there’s something nice about the rain rolling down the windows and being warm and cosy inside your car with music playing while the weather has no mercy for everything else outside. I also like the sound of it pitter pattering on the roof of my car. I feel like it helps me think.

Who doesn’t love a good raincoat? They’re so stylish and go with so many things – people wear them a lot at festivals since the weather is so unpredictable and I think they look so cool, here are some of my favourites…


This one kind of links in with raincoats but when the weather is cold and rainy, you get to wear your cosiest jumper, a nice thick chunky scarf, a huge oversized coat, a skirt with thick woolly tights and your favourite pair of boots. What isn’t to love about that? I love when it rains because it means I get to wrap up all cosy and layer all of my clothing, it’s one of my favourite things.

Is this a weird thing to say? I feel like either when you listen to certain songs it makes you think of a scenario where it’s raining (aka sad songs), some music (i.e. animal crossing rain soundtrack) seems to fit in perfectly with the weather, or sometimes songs just generally mention the rain and so this weather makes it a perfect time to listen to them (e.g. Bruno Mars – It Will Rain / Taylor Swift – Come In With The Rain / Hunter Hayes – Rainy Season). You get the idea. It’s especially good if you’re having a sad day and want to listen to sad songs – you can look out of the window at the rain falling outside and pretend you’re in a movie (own up guys, I know I’m not the only one who does this).

Cosiness! Is there anything better than lighting your favourite scented candle, snuggling up and listening to the rain falling outside your window? I think not.

Hot Chocolate
More cosiness! I stand corrected – lighting your favourite scented candle, snuggling up and listening to the rain falling outside your window, all with a giant marshmallow filled hot chocolate in your hand? Tell me that isn’t the best thing you’ve ever heard.

Lighting your favourite scented candle, snuggling up and listening to the rain falling outside your window, all with a giant marshmallow filled hot chocolate and a good book in your hand? I’ll stop now. You get the idea. Anyway, this is always such a great thing to do; when it rains it always puts me in the mood for reading – especially if I want to read something dark or wintery.

Cosy films
I feel like I’ve completely overused the word cosy in this post but snuggling up in the warmth with your favourite duvet to watch a cosy film probably has to be one of the nicest feelings when it’s cold and rainy outside and you’re grateful to be indoors.

It’s soothing – You can fall asleep to it
Who doesn’t love the sound of the rain? It’s such a soothing, peaceful sound and so many people find it easier to fall asleep with the sound of it pitter-pattering outside their window.

Last but not least, it’s poetic – I feel like this kind of ties in with all of the points I’ve mentioned in this post but rain is so poetic; gloomy skies, the sadness, the lack of colour etc. it’s all so literary and inspires me to write and get all of my emotions out. It’s also easily romanticised which in my opinion is a good thing, as who doesn’t like romanticising the weather?

I hope you enjoyed this post loves and that it wasn’t too long!

“She acts like Summer & walks like rain.” ☁

All my love,

Chloe .xx

47 thoughts on “reasons I love the rain ☔️


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  2. Your post gave me all the cosy and rainy feels! I know this sounds weird but I love walking home in the rain and listening to music… I’m already so excited for autumn and winter because it always feels so cosy! Amazing post lovely 💖 xx

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  3. Oh yes! I love the rain so much and pretty much for every reason that you listed here. Except, it doesn’t rain that much where I live, so no one really ever wears raincoats haha. I don’t like driving in the rain, but I do like being in my car when it rains haha – cause like you said when the rain rolls off the windows. It is poetic.

    Natalie |

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    1. It literally rains all the time in England so a raincoat is pretty much part of our every day outfits hahah, it’s a miracle if we get some sun! Being in the car in the rain is one of my favourite things, it’s so cosy (and poetic) .xx


  4. I most definitely love the rain as well❤ Well, as long as I’m inside!😂 Nothings better than being indoors all warm and cosy relazing while it’s pouring outside😍
    Loved this post xx

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  5. This post made me feel a tiny bit more positive about today’s weather – it’s always so easy to overlook the positive qualities of rain but once you start to notice them it becomes so much more wonderful. Loved reading this so much, and I don’t think overusing the word cosy is possible tbh! ❤

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    1. Ahhh I’m so glad! Sometimes it’s easy to look outside to see rain & gloomy skies and suddenly your day is ruined but there are definitely some perks to the rain! I hope it’s not possible to overuse the word cosy because if there is I’ve gone way past that point hahaha! 💙xx

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  6. I love the rain so much! Made me laugh when you wrote about Animal Crossing, I could definitely imagine the music playing. Rain is the best when you are indoors and can be snuggled up!

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  7. I love this blog post! 💜 I love to fall asleep while it’s raining. I feel so peaceful to hear the rain and lying in my cozy bed. It’s also the perfect time to read a book with some tea or hot chocolate. I love the smell after rain, glad you have written that. It feels like a new day on earth so freshhhh 💕💕

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