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questions you never thought to ask

Hi loves,

I was nominated by the lovely Rosie to do this tag she created! The link to her post is here if you want to check it out.

So without further ado, here are some (25) questions you never thought to ask…


1). What game consoles have you had?
Most of them actually! PS1, PS2, PC, Nintendo DS, Gameboy, PSP, Nintendo Wii…all the old classics – I used to love playing video games when I was younger! My brother has all the game consoles now like Xbox 1, Playstation 4 etc.

2). If you could tame any animal into being your pet, what would you pick?
An elephant for sure, they’re the most beautiful creatures on Earth and my favourite animals, everything about them is magical.

3). Are you a sexual person?
I really like this question hahah, I wouldn’t necessarily say yes or no to this one – if I was going to define myself then it definitely wouldn’t be the first trait that would come to mind, I’d probably just say I was average.

4). Foods you despise?
99% of meat, eggs and mushrooms. I know there’s a lot more since I’m literally the fussiest eater out there, but I can’t think right now!

5). Coolest place you’ve ever visited?
Disneyland Paris! You can see my photo diary from it here. I’m also going back next month!

6). Why did you first start blogging?
I started blogging because I wanted somewhere to share my thoughts, feelings and hopefully inspire and be inspired, I had a lot of things to say but nowhere to say it – there were a lot of stories I wanted to tell, a lot of memories I wanted to share and a lot of magic I wanted to create. I wanted to make something that I could share with others and show people like, look at what I did! I wanted to start something new and to start something for myself so, here I am.

7). Favourite item from your closet?
Probably my Levi denim jacket because it’s so easy to throw on with everything, or my Zara cape because it makes me feel like Little Red Riding Hood (but green, ‘cause the cape is green…I’ll stop talking).

8). Do you prefer a backpack / big bag / small bag / just a wallet?
A small bag / backpack – I have a black (faux) leather one from River Island that I take with me everywhere. When I go out I don’t bring a lot of things with me apart from my car keys, phone, purse etc. so I don’t need a bigger bag, and if I do then I just dump all my things in someone else’s! Hahah.

9). Favourite video/computer/phone game?
I actually really like the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game…

10). Favourite season for fashion?
Autumn! 100000000%. The colours, layering & cosiness are my favourite things ever.

11). One celebrity you would sleep with?
Harry, though that won’t come as a surprise to anyone..

12). Favourite traits for a partner/friend?
Honesty, loyalty, kindness and humour.

13). Your personality?
Sarcastic, humorous, stubborn, cryptic, accepting, honest, thoughtful (in both senses – I think a lot and I’m nice (I hope))!

14). When’s the last time you took a risk?
About 3 weeks ago maybe?

15). Fashion trend you would never do?
If you’d have asked me this 2 years ago it would’ve been denim on denim, but I’m actually all for that now! I don’t know if this is necessarily a fashion trend but apparently low rise jeans are coming back into fashion and honestly…I’d rather die.

16). One physical trait about you that only you notice?
I feel like this would be something other people can’t see hence why they wouldn’t notice it…so either the tattoo on my ribs (even though that’s not a natural trait) or the birthmark on the back of my thigh.

17). One emotional trait about you that only you notice?
This is a really difficult one but probably the fact that I notice / feel / remember everything. I’d say it was something other people don’t notice because I definitely make myself a wallflower and I’m super good at hiding my feelings, just kind of smiling through it and then reacting properly when I’m on my own. Other people have no idea.

18). 3 weird things about you off the top of your head?
One of my favourite food combos is cucumber on toast, I have an unhealthy obsession with avocados (the aesthetic) and I could eat mayonnaise with just about everything. (Sorry they’re all food related, I’ve got it on the brain…)

19). Favourite cheese?
Cheddar? I think that’s the right one!

20). 3 things you use everyday that you need?
Phone, car keys and my journal.

21). Favourite Youtubers / actresses / media people?
Tess Christine, Tia Henricks, Kelsey Simone, Claire Michelle, Cartia Mallan, Mika Francis, Em Mercury etc.

22). One thing that makes you happy everyday?
My puppy! (Click here for mind blowingly cute pics).

23). One question you wish you could get an answer to?
What happens to us when we die

24). Something about your childhood that affects you to this day?
My best friend dying when I was 15

25). What is life all about for you?
Being happy and fulfilling all my goals / making something of myself. Not even necessarily in the sense of becoming well known for something or earning an extortionate amount of money, but making something of myself that I’m proud of – which could be the littlest thing to someone else but mean the whole world to me.

Thank you again to Rosie for nominating me to do this, it was super fun!

See you in my next post angels and feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments if you’d like to, I’d love to hear your answers!

All my love,

Chloe .xx


31 thoughts on “questions you never thought to ask

  1. Loved reading through your answers! I definitely have an unhealthy avocado obsession as well and can definitely relate to that people do not realise just how much I feel and remember things.. Wonderful post as always Chloe xox

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Chloe🤗! I absolutely loved this post! Love your honestly and l got a sense that you are such a warm and kind person💖. So sorry about your best friend, l hope you heal🌻. Again, great post 🙌!

    Liked by 1 person

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