Disneyland Paris Haul ✨

Hello my lovelies,

Following on from my previous post of my Disneyland Paris Photo Diary, I thought I’d do  a little haul of everything I bought while I was there! I only bought a few things but nevertheless, they’re all super cute – let’s go.

The classic Minnie ears! You can’t go to Disneyland and not wear these, I already had a pair from when we went a few years ago but this time my mum wanted some so she bought a pair hehee

Eeeeee, Chip! I’d seen these in the Disney store back home as I know everyone’s going crazy for them at the moment, I really wanted one but not going to lie, Primark had also brought out their own version of the mug (I think it was their own??) which was equally as cute as Disney’s, and also half the price. They sold out in Primark within 0.00000002 seconds and are now basically as rare as gold dust, not to mention people are selling them now for more than the actual Disney one !! So I thought I’d get this one because why not, it’s still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and the original Disney version. I love him.

Pins!! I’ve been wanting to get Disney pins for the longest time now (the last time I went to Disneyland I don’t think I even knew they existed which is ridiculous) but this time I made sure to pick some up! This is the Grape Soda pin from Up, Disney’s description says “You can be part of the club, just like Carl Fredricksen in Up, by wearing this Grape Soda pin. It resembles a bottle top and safety pin, exactly like that made by Ellie in the much-loved animation.”

Another Up pin!! As you can see, this is Carl’s house with all the balloons, and the most beautiful thing I’ve EVER seen. Disney’s description says “Give your Disney pin collection a real lift with this Up House Pin. Inspired by the memorable scene in which Carl Fredricksen and his house soar beneath a canopy of colorful balloons, it’s sure to raise a smile.”

Mickey earrings! I bought these for my mum since she really liked them, there’s a little Disney glass shop on Main Street that has a lot of glasswork (obviously) and jewellery, and it’s so super pretty. These also have Swarovski crystals in them which was super nice, especially since my Mum owns a lot of Swarovski jewellery!

Who doesn’t love Jack Skellington….this is my brother’s and not mine but I thought it was super cute and so of course, had to include it.

More Jack Skellington, this is basically a goblet with a different face on each side, (coolest thing I’ve ever seen)
Second face on the goblet

And that’s all I’ve got my loves! Everything was too cute not to show you guys so I hope you enjoyed this little mini haul hehee, let me know what you like the most!!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

49 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Haul ✨

  1. I am absolutely in love with everything you bought! Minnie ears are a must, and the NBC stuff is amazing. Absolutely love that movie! And the grape soda pin is just adorable!

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