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5 basic self care tips

Hi angels,

I know what you’re thinking – Chloe, what a boring post. Who wants to read about 5 basic self care tips? The answer is YOU, because I want to make sure you lovely lot are all taking care of yourselves and doing the basic minimum of self care, ‘cause you’re all queens and therefore deserve to treat yourselves like ones too.

I’ll be the first to admit that I probably only do a few of the things on this list on a regular basis, when it comes to self care I’m actually super lazy which I know is bad and I need to start prioritising it but I procrastinate absolutely everything and I’m also always half asleep, so I make the excuse of being too tired to do things. No more Chloe. This is also a note to self of 5 basic self care tips that you’ve probably all heard before but that I’m going to tell you again, because they’re super important –

1). Drink more water
BORING I hear you say. If you’re not overheating or dying from thirst, water is probably the last thing you’re about to drink. It’s a cold winter’s night and you have the option to drink a godly hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream……..or a lukewarm glass of tap water. I know which one I’d choose. However, there are ways of fixing this – I’ve never been a great lover of water, but I always carry a bottle around with me and aim to drink at least 2 litres a day, which may sound like a lot but if you wake up at 8am and go to bed at 11pm, that’s 15 hours to drink 2 litres of water. That’s 1 litre every 7.5 hours, that’s 133mls every hour – which is about 4 mouthfuls (I’m guessing, depends how big your mouth is of course). Anyway, you get the idea. You’ve got plenty of time! The bottle that I carry around with me is 1 litre which makes everything so much easier, because then I know I only have to drink 2 of those in order to reach the goal (you can find these in literally any supermarket anywhere). If you simply just don’t like the taste (or lack of) of water, have squash instead! It’s literally the same thing just with a bit of fruity flavouring. Water cleanses your body, brightens up your skin & makes it less dry, gets rid of spots, gets rid of those dark under eye bags I know we all hate, and it generally just smoothes out your complexion. Trust me, it works.

2). Moisturise
Now, I’m not saying that this also works but, it works. I’m nearly 20 years old and I still look like I should be in school – good genes I hear you ask? No. It’s because I moisturise daily. It takes years off of your face, so much so that you can end up looking 12 years old like me! All jokes aside, moisturising is so important, it’s literally engrained as a part of my daily routine and I’d feel lost if I didn’t do it. I brush my teeth, wash my face and then moisturise religiously every day – it’s so important to look after your skin and moisturising is a great way to do this (I always do it before I put on my makeup which makes it easier to apply). 

3). Sleep
We all need our beauty sleep right? How are we supposed to stay gorgeous and glowing with bags under our eyes? I’m a sucker for this because I never sleep at a reasonable time, ever. I get distracted by just about everything and spend way too much time on my phone however, on the rare occasions that I do get enough sleep and go to bed at a reasonable time, I literally feel so energised and regenerated in the morning, I think it’s one of my favourite feelings. Try and set yourself a reasonable time to get into bed and then stick to it – if you want to be asleep by half past 10, vow to put your phone down and switch everything off at that time, because this way you can’t get distracted. If you struggle sleeping, there are sleep sprays you can use to spray on your pillow in order to help calm your mind and body – my friend bought me a lavender anxiety / sleep kit once and it was so thoughtful of her, it really helped. There are also calming sound clips that you can listen to (no idea what the correct name is, it’s like meditation but not) – there are so many free ones on the app store, your possibilities are endless. If you’re not into stuff like this, you can also just make yourself a hot drink and read a little before bed – that always makes me sleepy!

I don’t know why I’ve listed this as number 4 since it’s the most important in my opinion, but NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST. I’m a hypocrite for this because I skip breakfast every day and have never really eaten it since I was young hence why I probably still don’t, but it really is true that breakfast is the most important meal. It kick starts your day and gives you the energy boost that you need, and a lot of people feel like they don’t really wake up properly until they’ve eaten breakfast. There’s so many yummy options out there – sweet or savoury, that you really can’t go wrong. A quick Google (or Youtube search) and you’ll have hundreds of new and amazing ideas, breakfast has never been so exciting!

5). Treat yourself
I feel like this one might be obvious but I’m going to include it anyway – treat yourself!! You always need to have a good balance between treating yourself and being sensible as such, so make sure to reward yourself every once in a while. Grab yourself a takeaway or buy that necklace you’ve been eyeing up for a while, treat yourself to a spa day or book the day off work just so you can have a lie in. Self care is all about self love and giving ourselves what we need, so remember that you deserve to treat yourself, you’ve earned it!

I hoped you liked this little (short and sweet) post loves, I’ll see you in my next one!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

53 thoughts on “5 basic self care tips

  1. Thank you so much for this fab post! I always do my best to drink plenty of water but it often doesn’t seem possible with a busy schedule and carrying around a bottle has massively helped me! Love love love xx

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  2. Also, may I add that self care is also not just the things above but it can also be found/made in simple things. Like letting go of a toxic relationship, forgiving yourself, and all that 🙂

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  3. I absolutely love this post! I’ve always been bad at looking after myself, at least until this year when I truly realised that I need self-care too! And these would be my top 5 tips too! Great post! xx

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  4. I love this list so much 💞 I love to drink water and drink a lot of tea too. I always carry a water bottlr with me 😂 I love to sleep too but my routine is fucked up. I’m gonna change that. I also skip breakfeast a lot when I had college ughhh

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    1. Ahhh thank you angel, though I’m the same!! I try and drink as much water as I can but my sleeping schedule could definitely be a lot better, and I always skip breakfast because I never have time in the morning!! xxx

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  5. I’ve spent today catching up on reading blogs and this was a post that I really needed to read. These are such good and simple ways to take care of yourself. I feel like so many of us forget to do these a lot of the time. Myself included. Thanks for the little reminder, Chloe! Your posts are amazing as always ❤️

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  6. its crazy how beneficial water actually is, it hydrates you, helps your mind, keeps you calm, refreshes your skin, everyone should drink plenty of water every day!! xxx

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  7. Such a lovely post. I agree with them all! I try to do them all at least once every few days and it does the world of good. I can’t imagine how great it would be if I actually had the energy to do them every day hahaha! x

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  8. i love this so much – and girl i can totally relate. I procrastinate doing self care things by doing OTHER self care things. I know i should go to sleep early BUT a mug of green tea and a face mask (and an extra hour on the internet) is ALSO self care 😉 all of these are fabulous tips xx

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    1. I’m literally the laziest person ever when it comes to self care which is something I’m really aiming to work on, you’ve literally summed me up in a sentence! I’ll stay up an extra 2 hours to finish a book even though it means I’ll only get 4 hours sleep before work the next morning…but self care right?! Thank you for reading lovely xxx

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