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a little question for you all & new idea

Hi loves,

A short and sweet one today, this isn’t a post but just a quick question I wanted to ask you all, as obviously on my blog WordPress only allows me to chat to you all via comments, but I just kind of wanted to get some overall feedback I guess! I feel like I’ve had this blog for an acceptable amount of time now to kind of ask you guys what you do and don’t like about it (i.e. me / my writing / the blog as a whole) etc. and I thought I’d ask in a separate post rather than tag it on the end of another one just to make things easier. So, the main things I’d love to know from you guys are things like –

  • What you do like about this blog
  • What you don’t like about this blog
  • What you’d like to see more of!
  • Any improvement ideas
  • Any other comments or things you’d like to add

Obviously you don’t need to answer all / any of these (it’s not a questionnaire) but if I could I’d just like to get some general feedback as I don’t think I’ve asked before, and as much as this blog is for me it’s also for you guys as well since you’re the ones who read it, and I want to make sure I’m creating the best content for you!

I’d be super appreciative if you could leave a little comment on what you think, but obviously, don’t feel like you have to!! I just want to make sure I’m always creating the best content for you guys😊

If you have anything to say but want to remain anonymous, my Tumblr ask is always open – so feel free to let me know on there!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

(p.s. – tell me if this is a good idea or not – poetry / short story requests ??? is that weird? I think I spend too much time on Tumblr (a lot of writing accounts on there do this). Basically people describe how they’re feeling / a situation they’re going through / have been through etc. and they ask you to write a poem / short story about it – romance, grief etc. I’m forever writing poetry and short stories so I was thinking I could take requests from people and each month share the poetry / short stories I’ve written (obviously this would be completely anonymous and no names would be mentioned – you could ask anonymously on my Tumblr or drop me an email) but let me know if that’s a good idea or not – I’m trying to think of ways to share / expand my writing more, so I’d love to do something like this, let me know!) xxx


30 thoughts on “a little question for you all & new idea

  1. Honestly, I would read anything you write because your blog is one of those blogs who doesn’t follow the “norms” of blogging now. (If you know what I mean.) I love personal blogs so much! 🙂

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  2. First of all, I love your blog so so much! I like how you’re so honest and I can always relate to your thoughts in some way.
    Also, I like that the things you post about are so versatile, there is always something for everybody to read about.
    I would love to read your stories and poems! xx

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  3. i like that you are honest and always write about important stuff that i think everyone goes through. i also like that you’ll switch it up and have some other topics (like your what you bought at disney one). 😊
    honestly, i don’t see any improvements that need to be made – it’s all about what you wanna write! i love your blog and your content 😊

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  4. Keep doing you because your blog is great! You really stand out on my WordPress Reader against other blogs, because you write what is not always being said. And it is refreshing to read your content – it’s unique, well-written and relatable. You inspire me as a blogger. xxx

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  5. I love the content you post currently! It’s a good mix of relevant stuff (fashion, travel) and also personal stuff about your life which is super interesting! However I’d probably enjoy reading anything you posted 🙂

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  6. I love reading your long posts!!! I often feel connected to them in some way! And I know this won’t be helpful but I don’t see any improvements to be made with the actual quality of the posts! Maybe in the future you can look into changing the layout for more of a ‘professional’ / ‘cleaner’ look (I know I’m definitely going to move towards that soon)

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  7. I think the poetry / short story requests idea sounds really cool! not everyone can write poems (lol me) so it’s pretty neat that you could still tell their stories in that format! I really like how much variety there is in your posts 🙌🏻

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  8. I absolutely love your short stories/ inspirational writings and this is something that makes your blog super unique xx I also really like your photography and how frequently you post, so keep it up girl! x Your blog is no doubt one of my faves!

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  9. hey, chloe! :))

    first of, i would like to let you know that i love your blog. when i first found it, all i could think was how aesthetically pleasing it was and how elegant it looked. it still is. you’re posts are very well written and captivating.

    i can’t tell you one specific thing i love about this blog because i love it all!

    one thing i would really love to see more of are your pictures! i love the lighting and colors in them and you’re a really good photographer, honestly. so maybe adding some of those to your posts? otherwise, i can’t think of anything i could want more from this blog 🙂

    lastly, i think the poetry/short story requests idea is really good! that is definitely something i would love to read in the future. and even if it’s not a requested post, you said you write poetry and short stories a lot and i’d love to read those sometime, too.

    well i hope this comment helped some. overall, i think your blog is amazing and you’ve done really good with it 🙂



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    1. Hi lovely!

      Firstly, thank you so much!! You’re honestly the sweetest 💜 This really made me smile. One thing I’d love to do is to start incorporating photos into my posts that aren’t haul / photo diary related – kind of like this one! I take a lot of photos that don’t really fit anywhere so I’d love to start using them in posts, so that’s such a good idea! Thank you for that, also I’m glad you’re on board for the poetry / short story idea, I think it could be super interesting!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and say such lovely things, I appreciate it so much!💜Lots of love xx

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  10. Loveee the idea of short stories! I love reading these on other blogs so would love to read yours as I know they’d be so fab. Honestly don’t know anything I could mention to improve your blog, I think it’s great. Every post you publish is really interesting and I always look forward to reading them!xx

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  11. I love your blog so much ❤ It’s perfect. I love your writing style. I especially love the self love related blogs and real life things happening in your life. I write poetry too so of course write poetry. I would love to read it. I follow you now on Tumble too haha 💜

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  12. I love your blog Chloe, it’s theme is so pretty, and your writing is always so “put together” and lovely! I really like how whenever you post something or respond to a comment you say “angle” or “lovely” it’s so sweet! You should definitely do poetry/short stories!

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    1. Thanks so much angel!! This made me smile such a lot, I really appreciate it ♡ I need to think of new things to call you guys since lovely / angel is so natural to me I just do it to everyone, but I need to add to my vocab! Hahaha ♡ xxx

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