Christmas Playlist ❄

Hi angels,

It’s here. It’s very nearly here (can you hear me screaming). DECEMBER HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED AND THE COUNTDOWN TO CHRISTMAS HAS BEGUN. I love Christmas, I actually think I was probably a Christmas tree in a past life, or maybe even Santa himself, who knows.

Anyway, here is a little Christmas playlist I’ve put together to kick start off your December in the right spirit! Just hear those sleigh bells jingle-ing ring ring tingle-ing too…..


Last Christmas – Wham!

Now of course, I have to start off this playlist with the ultimate classic by my babes Wham which is the masterpiece that is… Last Christmas. How can you not love this song. Tell me. How can you listen to this and not want to roll around in the snow and eat amazing food around a giant table with everyone you love, or snuggle under a blanket in your ugly (but cosy) Christmas jumper and wish things could be like this the whole year round. I’ll tell you – you can’t. It’s impossible. I actually heard this on the radio halfway through November and started screaming (and almost crashed my car) because I just love this song so much, it gets me SO excited. Not to mention the music video. THE MUSIC VIDEO. Just look at it and cry with me.

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

Another classic that I couldn’t not mention – who doesn’t love this song? All I want for Christmas is you is what I sing when I see the roast potatoes cooking in the oven on Christmas day. I’m kidding (but not really) and again, THE MUSIC VIDEO. She literally looks like the cutest Christmassy angel I’ve ever seen, the whole thing makes me feel so nostalgic. What would we do without this song.

Cold December Night – Michael Buble

You knew I was going to mention him at some point. Buble literally starts defrosting in November ready for his Christmas comeback each year and I’ll be honest, I’m absolutely in love with this man. His voice is like HONEY. When he brought out his Christmas album in 2012 I think I died and went to Heaven because a Michael Buble Christmas is absolutely what I’m here for. I’m not even going to lie, I started listening to this album again way before December rolled around (I possibly listened to a couple of songs in August, but don’t tell anyone) and boy am I excited that it’s now socially acceptable for me to blast this album all throughout December again. Cold December Night is one of my favourites off the album, it’s just so cute.

Christmas & Chill – Ariana Grande

Not only does the Goddess of my life bring out songs that absolutely slay the entire existence of pop music, SHE DOES CHRISTMAS TOO. She brought out a Christmas and Chill EP in 2015 and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. 6 tracks of pure Christmas goodness that you wanna bop to (possibly booty shake) and instead of banging on to you about how good each track is – I’ll just show you them instead.


 Welcome to this, Christmas only comes one time a year, don’t miss this. I just wanna welcome you to Christmas, let me sneak into your speakers.”

Wit It This Christmas

 “Are you down for some of these milk and cookies? I’m down for loving, you’ll be my drummer boy, and I’m the only drum that you’re gonna play. ‘Tis the season for some love giving, so I think you should give your love to me.”


 “I’m jus tryna keep my baby warm through the wintertime, I’m jus tryna give you something to remember through the summertime, and whatever is on your list, I’ll do it. Boy, whatever it is, you know I’ll do it.”

Not Just On Christmas

 “I’ll love you ’til I die boy, every day of my life. I celebrate you, baby, I adore you, not just on Christmas. Wanna show you in so many ways, 365 days, I’ll give you all my presents, boy, I’m for you, not just on Christmas.”

True Love

 “On the first day of Christmas when you gave me all them kisses boy, you showed me things, come hold me please, and never let me go. On the second day of Christmas, said you felt like something’s missing so you promised me, that promise ring to keep ’til we get old.”

Winter Things

 “It ain’t even cold outside, not where I’m from, feeling like it’s mid-July under the sun. My jacket don’t get no love, no hats and no gloves, not even a chance of rain, but my baby’s in town and we’re gonna do some Winter things.”

Snow In California – Ariana Grande

Sorry guys – I couldn’t miss this one out either, I love it. Before the Christmas & Chill EP Ari released a few other Christmas songs on her Christmas Kisses EP (2013) and one of them was Snow In California, which is my favourite out of the tracks. Just look at these lyrics…

“Just make it snow in California, I’ll even settle for rain. Don’t want him to go tomorrow morning, give me something to make him stay. Wrapped in his arms by the fireplace, will be the perfect gift, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, in Calif-orn-i-a.”

Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande

SORRY GUYS. This is the last one from Ari I promise, but I couldn’t forget about Santa Tell Me!! It’s such a cute Christmas song and it just makes me really happy when I listen to it – also, the music video is SO cute and Christmassy. Just look at it –

Driving Home For Christmas – Chris Rea

Now, I actually think this may be my favourite Christmas song ever – I’m 90% sure it is. I love it so much because it makes me feel so cosy, one of my favourite things to do in general is drive along at night in a warm car with music playing because how cosy (I’m going to use this word a lot) is that, and this song is basically all of my favourite things fitted into 3 minutes and 11 seconds. I imagine being in my car either by myself or with other people (who I love), it’s dark outside and it’s Christmas Eve and we’re playing Christmas songs and the heaters are on and we’re all wrapped up in fluffy coats and blankets and even though we’ve been stuck in traffic for 2 hours because EVERYONE is driving home for Christmas it doesn’t matter because soon we’re going to be at home with everyone ready for Christmas and hnghjsjfdfsdfl can you think of anything better!!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Daniela Andrade

Now, this is a cover of the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (obviously) but I promise it’s the BEST cover you’ll ever hear. It’s literally like an angel is singing it, it’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. I discovered it because someone used the song in one of their Christmas videos on Youtube and I just had to know who it was. It reminds me of being cuddled up on the sofa watching Christmas movies with Christmas lights twinkling all around you. This song is on Youtube and Spotify so there’s no excuse for you not to listen to it!

Elvis’ Christmas Album

And last but not least, I couldn’t miss out the absolute dreamboat that is – Elvis Presley. This was the first vinyl I ever owned – my parents bought it me for Christmas along with my record player and that December this was the only thing I played. I literally cannot tell you how dreamy and wonderful Elvis’ voice singing Christmas songs on a crackly vinyl player is but wow, you need to experience it. I love this vinyl / album so much, it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.



And that’s everything for now loves! Obviously I could have included so many more songs here (because there isn’t a bad Christmas song out there) but these are my absolute favourites and I thought it would be nice to share them with you all. I hope you enjoyed and that it got you feeling Christmassy!


All my love,

Chloe .xx

22 thoughts on “Christmas Playlist ❄

  1. Oooh! Yaaassss! ThankYOU so much for doing this post, just what I needed! I was looking for some christmas songs and now I have them! Ellie x 💕 🌴

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  2. Loved this post so much 😍I’m in love with Christmas and its songs. I love Michael Buble so much and I just wrote a blog post. In this blog post I wrote about my favourite songs and omgggg we have the same ones. All I want for Christmas and Last Christmas are my favourites too 🎄💕

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  3. I like the more unconventional christmas songs, my favourites would be Fairytale of New York, Do They Know it’s Christmas?, A Spaceman Came Travelling… I also love love love Christmas Lights by Yellowcard (not Coldplay, too depressing)

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