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my blog goals for 2018

Hi lovelies,

As 2018 is fastly approaching, I thought I’d share with you all my blog goals for next year, I think it’ll be interesting to look back on them in a year’s time and see how many I’ve managed to achieve (hopefully some at least!) So without further ado, let’s get into the post!


Reach 1000 followers

I think this is a pretty main goal for most bloggers as 1000 followers is such a big milestone, (if you’ve reached it already then congratulations!). I managed to gain 500 followers within my first 7 months of creating this blog so I’m really hoping that within the next 12 I can reach 1000, and not for any other reason than just personal achievement. As you guys know, I’d rather have 10 followers who read my content and give feedback on my posts rather than 100 who don’t interact with me or care about what I write however, the fact that at some point I could have 1000 people who have clicked on my blog and actually liked it enough to press the follow button is so crazy to me, I would be so proud of myself and how far I’ve come.

Do outfit posts / look books

Not sure if you guys have noticed this at all but I’m a lil shy when it comes to outfit posts! I’m overly critical of myself and basically don’t have anyone else to take pictures for me, therefore I’d end up taking a bunch of photos myself and deleting all of them because I wouldn’t like the lighting or the background of the colours etc. You get the idea. Next year I’d love to try and improve on this and get myself into a little routine / setting where I can take outfit pictures for you guys and do look books, because I always love seeing other people’s and they look so fun!

Do more collabs

I’m kinda shy when it comes to asking other people to collaborate on here and I haven’t even been in the blogging world myself for very long (9 months) so I’m still a baby when it comes to things like this – but I’d love to collab with you guys! I think collab posts are a great way to find other bloggers and to see other people’s points of view / creative input on things, I’m always open to ideas so if you guys do ever wanna collab or have an idea of something great we could do together, feel free to drop me an email!

Do a giveaway

Ahhh, the mighty giveaway. I haven’t done one yet! I think this ties in with the 1000 followers goal because if I reach that then I’ll probably do a giveaway to thank all of you lovely angels for following me and listening to me ramble on about my wild thoughts and ideas. I’d definitely feel like an official blogger if I did one of these!

Make / use more visuals

So many of you guys make the mostΒ amazing visuals in your posts and I’m absolutely captivated and in love with all of them. To expand my creativity and the content of this blog, I’d love to eventually start making posts where I can input mini Youtube videos / visuals that I’ve created in order to add effect. This is something I really want to achieve, I’d also love to create my own little text visuals or illustrations that I can put into my posts to make them a little more interesting!

Do more book reviews

I lovelovelove reading so much, you will never not find me with my head in a book because I’m an absolute bookworm and a reading addict however, I want to do more book reviews! I’m a bit picky with the books I review / talk about on my blog because I want them to be ones that I think you guys will like hearing about or ones I think you could benefit from reading, so of course I don’t review or talk about every book that I read (if I did, this would definitely turn into a book blog because that’s all you’d ever see). But I’d definitely like to start talking about books that I necessarily haven’t enjoyed reading or wasn’t all that impressed with – I always feel guilty for criticising someone’s work and therefore refrain from talking about my less enjoyable reads but I definitely understand that ‘negative’ book reviews are just as important as the positive ones, as obviously not everyone is going to have the same opinion on something they’ve read, so this is definitely something I’d like to incorporate in my future book posts!

Do more themed posts

When it gets to a certain time of year (e.g. Halloween, Christmas) I absolutely love going through my reader and seeing everyone write posts about it because it gets me so excited and I find them all so interesting to read. Next year I’d like to join in with the themes more and this is something I need to pre-plan for so that I have posts ready to go up when the time actually comes!


And that’s all I’ve got for now loves! Let’s see how many of these I can actually manage to achieve next year – what are your blog goals for 2018?

All my love,

Chloe .xx

60 thoughts on “my blog goals for 2018

  1. I also wanna do book reviews and outfit post! I think it’s gonna be really fun ❀ I hope you will reach 1000 followers. I’m over 100 and really happy and you are right better less and real followers than all fake ones. I was also thinking about a giveaway haha

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  2. I’d love to see some lookbooks and fashion posts from you! and if you’re ever up or collaborating definitely hit me up ❀

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  3. You will without a doubt grow your blog big time next year – I can see it now. Really lovely goals to set yourself, I feel like I’d really like to up my game a bit next year and get super creative with my blog. I’m dying to invest in a premium package so I can get rid of the ‘.wordpress’, and also insert video content etc. so I’m thinking of doing this in the new year for a fresh blogging start!

    Also literally incredible how you gained 500 followers in your first 7 months – that’s definitely saying something about the quality of your content on here!xxx

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  4. Chloe, I can definitely see you hitting that milestone of 1,000 followers rather quickly! I totally agree with you though that I’d rather have a few of who actually interact with me than plenty who never do! I think a giveaway would be awesome, and it’s something I would be interested in doing as well! I also love the visuals goal. I wish I could do some cool doodles that could be a staple to my blog. I can’t wait to see you knock out these goals next year!

    Natalie |

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  5. Good luck reaching your goals lovely, I’m so excited to see you reach them all! And I’m the same with collabs, I get shy about them too! xx

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  6. I’d love to see your book reviews, you definitely need to do that.
    Ooooo I’ve got a great idea for a collab for us & books. There you go, two goals hit πŸ˜‰πŸ’œ

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