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personal goals for 2018

Hi loves,

Recently I did a post on my blog goals for 2018 and I thought – personal ones are just as important, why not write about those too? So here we have a note to self of things I’d like to achieve / improve on in 2018.


Read more

One of my biggest goals is to read more! I read a lot anyway because I’m an absolute bookworm and it’s one of my favourite things to do, but I know that if I just put that little bit of extra time aside then I could easily get a lot more books in. I also want to branch out with the genres I’m reading and read more about feminism, sexism, self help – enlightenment etc. The knowledge that books can give you is invaluable and I definitely need to embrace this as much as I can!

Go to art galleries / museums

Again with the educational thing – I need to expand my horizons! Apart from on school trips when I was younger, I’ve never been to art galleries or museums (where I’m old enough to actually appreciate what’s on show anyway) and so I’d love to do more of this – maybe buy some art books and just generally walk around taking pictures and notes. Definitely something I’d love to start doing in 2018.

Travel more

Being able to travel is one of the greatest privileges in the world and if I put my mind to it, I could definitely give it a go! Whether it’s just a few hours away from where I live or on the other side of the world, I need to surround myself with new locations, new scenery, people, culture etc. It’s one of the greatest ways to be inspired – not to mention the amazing photographs I could get from it!

Stop relying on other people for happiness

My life used to revolve around this idea until about 6 months ago when I finally was able to actually start implementing it on my life (I talk about it more in depth here). I need to stop relying on others for happiness! In 2018 I truly want to live for myself and stop putting my happiness in the hands of others, especially those who have no intention of doing anything good with it. If you put your happiness in the hands of other people it means that it can be snatched away just as quickly as it was given, and you don’t need that! It’s stability or nothing.

Stop waiting on other people before you allow yourself to do the things you want to

Again, ties in with the above point (I write about it more in depth here). This goes for most things – if I want to go and watch something at the cinema but no one else wants to see it with me, why wait until I find someone who does? Go anyway! If I want to go somewhere or do something I need to stop waiting around on other people and just do it (Shia Labeouf echoes in background). There are so many opportunities and chances I’ve missed in the past because I’ve foolishly waited around on other people – we’re getting rid of this mentality In 2018!

Forget boys

Note to self Chlo – boys suck. They mess you around, lie to you, stress you out and make you sad – so stop bothering with them. You know that a boy isn’t what you’re looking for, so don’t even entertain it – sure, if someone wonderful comes along and shows you that they do genuinely care about you then of course go for it, but otherwise, stay away. Boys are a problem, and you don’t need any of those.

Be happy with yourself

I’m very aware that this is easier said than done however, I think I’m on my way! Which is amazing because I’ve never been able to say that before, but now I think I’m getting there. I’m 100% unapologetic for who I am, I stand up for what I believe in even if that means I lose a few ‘friends’ along the way, if someone says something that isn’t right I call them out on it, I’m finding my sense of style and just basically not caring about what others think. It’s obviously an extremely long and ongoing process however, I think I can officially say I’ve started the journey – so here’s to continuing that in 2018!

Take more photos of yourself and have them taken of you – Start using Instagram more

This might be a silly one but I’m extremely insecure about the way I look due to disordered eating, anxiety, body dismorphia and all that great stuff, but I’m slowly getting better with it. I want to take more selfies (and be happy with said selfies) and also be comfortable with other people taking pictures of me – candids and photos that someone else has taken in general are always my favourite, so I’d love to just be able to do things like ask my mum to take a picture of me if I’m wearing an outfit I feel good in, or just in general if I go somewhere and think yeah, I want a picture here! I love Instagram and I used to be an avid user of it back when I was 16/17 but then my mental health got so bad I was like nope, and I’d end up posting 1-2 photos a year if that – and they definitely wouldn’t be selfies. I want to start using Instagram more not only because I have this blog but also for myself, I need to stop worrying so much!!

Stop worrying about what other people think

This one ties in with the above but STOP GIVING A CRAP ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK CHLOE. IT’S IRRELEVANT. Other people’s opinions of me are none of my business and it shouldn’t affect me because I should be comfortable enough within myself to know who I really am, and nothing else should matter. I know I’m a good person, I dream and romanticise everything and I’m thoughtful and caring and kind and I would do anything for my friends and family and all I ever want to do is spread love and positivity – so why should I care if someone who doesn’t even know me has a different opinion? Also, if I want to wear something that I know other people may look at and be like “…..” – why should I care? Is it on their body? Is it affecting them? No. I’m expressing myself – if I want to wear flared trousers instead of skinny jeans then I will, so fuck off basically. I don’t care if you don’t like it, I do. Next.

Wear what you want to wear and redo your wardrobe

Again this ties in with the above – where what you want to wear Chloe!! How many times have I stood in front of the mirror, wanted to wear an outfit and thought no people will think that’s ridiculous, put the outfit back in the wardrobe and then continued to wear my ‘safe’ clothing options. No more. 2018 is the year for wearing whatever the hell I want and feeling confident enough to pull it off. I also need to redo my wardrobe because even though I like all of the clothing items in there, they’re not my style basically. I need to revamp the whole thing and buy things I know are me.


So there are all the main goals (that I can think of right now) that I’d love to achieve / improve on in 2018. What are yours? Let me know loves!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

70 thoughts on “personal goals for 2018

  1. Yes! I definitely want to start reading more too as I kind of failed miserably at that last year. I think I only read one book! (yikes) I hope this year I’ll be a lot better at that. Grace. 😉

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  2. This is a great list sista. I agree with you on all of them. Especially the boys one. Dumb boys!!!! I’m also inspired and will be making a list of my own. By the way, you are beautiful so don’t be afraid to show off that smile.

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  3. Love this post Chloe! The not caring what others think goal is also one of my biggies, and is one of the hardest things to settle with and be comfortable with. I’ve definitely got very far with it, but it still needs lots of work! I hope this time next year you can look back and tick most, if not all, of these off!

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  4. Forget boys- so easy to say but so hard to do!! Its so weird how much we rely on them hahh, this is a really good mindset to go into 2018 with, I hope you have a very happy new year!<3

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  5. I really love this, thank you for sharing these incredible goals that I think all of us should hold! May 2018 bring you nothing but peace and happiness ❤

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  6. These are great resolutions!! I feel you sooo hard on the “stop relying on others for happiness” and “stop waiting for others before doing what you want” xx ahh I need to set my goals for next year too

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  7. I’m with you on the forget boys! When I look back, I can’t believe how much time I invested and wasted worrying about guys who when I think about it – are not really special. I always overthink and trust people too much. So when a guy says something sweet, I take it at face value. And I have never wanted to be cold and realistic about love, but I have realised that I need to not be naive either.
    I can really relate to your comments on insecurity. It’s only in the last few years that I kind of said f*ck it – I’m going to post whatever images I want of me. I use to get in actual arguments with my friends because I was so meticulous on what images with me in them could be uploaded.
    I wish you achieve all these things in 2018 and more. I want to explore more art galleries and continue travelling too. xxx

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    1. When you look at it, it is ridiculous how much time you spend trying to impress people that literally don’t mean a thing. It’s such a waste! I completely agree with what you’ve said, I also struggle with the idea of either being nice which in turn allows people to walk all over me, or be cold and realistic which y’know, stops people from walking all over me but then I’ve got to live with being cold and realistic about love…it’s a never ending cycle it seems. I completely agree with the image thing to, I think for me I used to panic because I wouldn’t have control of the photos and therefore my friends could just post whatever they wanted and I couldn’t do anything about it. I hope you achieve whatever it is you’re wanting to in 2018 and have a great New Year 💛xxx

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    Girl girl girl I can already tell 2018 is going to be your fucking YEAR. I am loving all these goals – and I love that they’re all about CONFIDENCE and knowing what you’re worth because you’re already amazing you just need to BELIEVE it. Cannot wait to see you achieving all these things and flourishing xxxx all my love ❤

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  9. Good luck with all these!! I can’t wait until this time next year, I have a feeling you’ll nail all your goals xxx
    Have a lovely Christmas❤

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  10. I’m so sorry about your ‘boys’ goal. I never bothered with them really until last year and I think it made a difference, I won’t let people mess with me and I know what I want and what I’m looking for. I hope someone wonderful comes along for you 🙂 I hate people taking photos of me too :/

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  11. These were my goals about 10 years ago (when I was about your age) and my life has been so much better because of them – especially relying on others for happiness, doing things on your own and not worrying about what others think of you. I think it’s so important to be at complete ease with yourself. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll ace it!

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  12. I love love reading other people’s goals! I’d definitely like to work on stop putting my happiness into other people’s hands, and waiting to do things to do with others. That was definitely something I used to do with my ex. I think I’m slowly learning. 😉

    Also, I don’t think it’s silly at all with the instagram goal! That’s a wonderful one, and I love that you’re on the path of self love!

    xxNatalie |

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    1. Thanks so much for your words lovely! Relationships are definitely one of those things where you can lose yourself a little and subconsciously end up doing things like that, but it’s good that you’re aware of it at least – we’ll get there soon I’m sure!! Thank you so much for reading 💛xx

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  13. Ahh my goals for 2018 are so similar! I definitely want to find time to read more and travel, as well as stop caring what people think about me, which is something that hinders my life quite a bit and stops me from doing the things I want. Also, I can tell you that it feels amazing to finally reorganise your wardrobe in accordance with your own fashion preferences – this is something that I started doing recently, and while it’s scary to to bypass your own worries about people’s opinions, it super liberating when you do. Here’s to an amazing 2018! Xox

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    1. Literally me! Caring about what other people think so much literally hinders every aspect of my life, and I’d just love to be able to be free and do things wholeheartedly without worrying about what other people think – even if it’s just something as simple as going for a walk and not caring whether I see people I know or not. Definitely going to re-organise my wardrobe sooner rather than later – it’s begging to be attended to!! I too hope your 2018 is just as amazing lovely ✨xxx


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