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10 things I’ve learned in 2017

Hi loves,

A lot of wrap up posts in December!! I thought it was only fitting to post them during this month since it’s the last of the year, but now I’m not so sure since I feel like I’ve gone into overload! 2017 was a pretty blasé year for me in the sense that nothing really good happened, but nothing really bad happened either – it was kind of just a period of time that’s filled the last 365 days of my life, but anyway, – here’s 10 things I’ve learned during those 365 days.

1). Romantic relationships are not no. 1 on your list (which is ironic since they are on this one)

Growing up I’ve always thought that I wanted a relationship or that my end goal was always to find a boyfriend and have someone to “share my life with” & blah blah blah. 2017 has made me realise that I actually don’t need or want one of those anytime soon, because I’d much prefer to get to know myself first and figure out who I am before throwing myself into things and giving my time / love / energy to people who quite frankly, couldn’t give a shit. I deserve better, and letting go of the things I was romantically hanging on to this year has done me the world of good.

2). You can be 100 different people at once, and that’s okay

My identity / personality regarding my style has always been something I’ve struggled with, because I like so many different things and my personality changes a lot – sometimes I want to be really chatty and out there and others I want to sit quietly and mysteriously in the corner, and you know what? That’s okay. I definitely don’t have to label myself as having one style or being known to others as ‘the quiet one’ if I suddenly want to go out there and be a complete extrovert. I can be 100 different things to 100 different people, and that’s okay. It doesn’t make me fake or inauthentic. It makes me, me.

3). Create, even if no one is there to see it

I’m glad in a sense that I created this blog when I was 19, aka years after I’d started writing in the first place. The years beforehand of not sharing my writing meant that I was doing it solely for myself – the only audience was me. I had no expectations, no pressure, I was just writing because I loved it, because it fed my soul – and I still do. I write with no expectations or pressure, both online and on paper, because it’s something that I love to do and I’d be lost without it. This year has really engrained within me to always stay creating, even if there is no audience, because it’s what I’ve always known – I’ve been writing without an audience for years, and I like to think that even if this blog was taken away from me tomorrow, I would still continue to do that.

4). Live in the present moment

I have lived literal years of my life in the future, in order to escape the present. A lot of the things that I had been so patiently waiting on for years happened in 2017, and they definitely weren’t all they were cracked up to be. It taught me that I absolutely cannot afford to waste the present moment thinking about the future and pining for the things that I think are going to happen in it.

5). Stop relying on others to make you happy

Putting your happiness in the hands of other people is one of the most dangerous things you can do and while I’ve always known this, 2017 was the year that it really sank in. Giving other people the ability to change your state of ‘happiness’ in the click of a finger means that it’s never yours to own, and you will never truly be happy. True happiness comes from within, it comes from the love you have for yourself, within yourself. Not from anywhere else. If you let external things determine your happiness, you will never be content.

6). The people you thought you knew inside out can become strangers right before your very eyes – you can never truly know anyone. As long as you still know yourself at the end of it, it’s okay

There are people I thought I knew better than anyone that have become strangers to me this year because turns out, I didn’t really know them at all. People are unpredictable and it’s shown me that we can never truly know anybody, at least not in the way we think. As long as I can come out the other side of these battles knowing who I am and who I was during them, nothing else matters. I’m sure of my own identity, I don’t need to be sure of yours.

7). The only person you’re always going to have in this life is yourself, so always take care

Look after yourself and care for yourself, you are the only one who’s going to be there through absolutely you go through in life and this is the only body and mind you will ever have – look after them.

8). The best project you’re ever going to work on in life is you, always dedicate time to getting to know who you are

Always always always!! Self education is so important, discovering who you are and what you want in life. You don’t have to have it all figured out because the truth is, no one ever really does, but just learning about who you are as a lover, a friend – are you someone who stands up for what you believe in? Who are you? What kind of person do you want to be?

9). Self education is a privilege, take full advantage of it

Again, I’ve spent so much time this year educating myself on feminism, politics, astrology etc. For example, feminism is something I’ve always been passionate about of course, but you can never be too educated. You can never be done with learning!! This year I’ve taken time to educate myself way more on it, so I can hold conversations with people and educate others on it. To have the privilege of resources that allow us to educate ourselves – books, libraries, the internet, etc. is something we should all take full advantage of.

10). What is meant to be yours will always come back to you, in the mean time, carry on with your life

You know that cliche quote that states what is yours will always find it’s way back to you? Listen to it. Everything happens for a reason, the universe works in magical and mysterious ways and it has a plan for all of us – whoever or whatever is meant to be in your life, will always come back to you. I promise. In the mean time, carry on living your life.

And there we have it loves! This is officially my last post of 2017 (how did that happen?!) and I just want to say thank you for all the love and support you’ve shown me this year. 2017 was the year I created this blog and it was the best decision I’ve ever made, because it’s allowed me to express myself and meet all of you angels.

See you in 2018! (I have a post coming out which I think you’re gonna love).

All my love,

Chloe .xx

58 thoughts on “10 things I’ve learned in 2017

  1. I love everything especially number 3. 😊 Sometimes, we really just have to remember that we create and make things for ourselves, not for others, because that is what makes us happy. 💖

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  2. Hello hello hello. I’m sat here going through every single one of your posts from the last few weeks of December, because somehow I completely disappeared from my blog since then. I love this so much, it actually brings me peace and makes me feel relaxed and ok about things.
    I particularly love ‘The best project you’re ever going to work on in life is you, always dedicate time to getting to know who you are’, because that one really hits home with me and motivates me to express myself. Lovely post as always, looking forward to reading all of your writing this year!xx

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    1. Helloooo lovely, how have you been?! Thank you for your wonderful words as always 💛 so glad you love this! The power of expression is the most important one of all and I pray none of us ever forget it, here’s to an amazing 2018! xx

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      1. I have been so good thank you! I see you’ve been feeling full of life, as I read your creative energy post about the dates of Mercury Retrograde! I haven’t ever heard of Mercury Retrograde, but now I’m hella interested. Yes, here’s to 2018!xx

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  3. I loved reading all the things you’ve learnt last year. These things are so true! Living in the present moment is definitely something I can relate to the most as it is something I have been learning myself. I hope you have an awesome year! Many Blessings, Grace.

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  4. You have such a wise head your shoulders & the way you articulate yourself is beautiful. These are fab lessons, some of them take others a long time to learn! I love your blog and all that you & your 100 personalities stand for. Can’t wait to see 2018 with you ! Xxxx

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    1. Definitely not! I think a lot of us struggle with it, I was never brave enough to admit it because I’d always been taught it was a negative thing, but it definitely isn’t! Thanks for reading lovely xx


  5. Loved reading this post and added one to my list of new years. The whole idea of relying on other for happiness is something I really want to work on so it’s great to see that you’ve managed to work on that 😁 xx

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  6. So glad to hear that you experienced so much growth and learned many valuable lessons in 2017! I am very happy to have discovered your blog and your incredible ability to connect with people through your writing, and cannot wait to see all of your posts in the upcoming year. I couldn’t agree more that it is completely fine to not always act in the same manner and to have a wide range of interests, because that makes life so much more interesting than trying to stick to one ‘personality’ at all times. Wishing you a wonderful and fulfilling 2018 ❤

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    1. Thank you angel! ❤️ I too am so glad to have discovered you blog, because it’s been amazing getting to know you and seeing you grow over the year! Thank you for your wonderful words as always, I too wish you exactly the same xxxxx

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  7. It’s like you entered into my brain and wrote every piece that I could want to say. Each lesson is so relevant and I feel that in some ways we have gone on the same journey. I really believe in self-education and love documentaries and museums so much because of the knowledge gained, I use to always want to put love first but this year I realised it needs to be me, and some people who I thought I knew well have changed or suddenly shown their true colours.
    And I adore that cliche as well. I really believe in it. I think people overthink and over worry (I have wasted numerous hours focusing on my future and not present). But life is suppose to be a discovery and if we just sit back and trust ourselves, what’s supposed to be will be. xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words as always, it’s so nice to find people who have had similar experiences / feel the same way as you do! I truly do believe that what is meant to be will be, and in the mean time we should spend our lives living in the moment 💛xxx

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  8. Once again, such a great post😊 Love all these lessons, some of which I need to learn myself!
    If I haven’t said this already, have a lovely new year. You seem like such most lovely person, and lovely people always deserve good things in life!
    Take care xxx

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  9. Love all of these lessons… and they’re so damn true. The only person we can really know and rely on in our lives is ourself, so you’d think we’d all take better care of ourselves? I know you’re going to have an absolutely fantastic 2018 xxxx

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