life is too short

Hi loves, As I've turned 20 I've realised something which I knew all along anyway, but I think waking up that morning and realising I was no longer a teenager anymore really brought things home for me. Life is too short. Life is too short for me to be cold and bitter because people have… Continue reading life is too short

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why long hair doesn’t equal beauty

Throughout my whole life I’ve been raised in a society with the idea that having long hair makes you beautiful. It’s seen as feminine, and therefore overall makes you prettier and more attractive as a woman. Long hair is for girls, short hair is for boys - you know what I’m talking about. Obviously, it’s… Continue reading why long hair doesn’t equal beauty

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feeling lonely (and why it’s okay)

Hi loves, I'm writing this on a Sunday night again (even though I'm posting on a Monday), for some reason my inner-most thoughts always seem to come out at this time. For the past few weeks I've actually felt mentally stable for the first time in my life, and it's been absolutely amazing. When I… Continue reading feeling lonely (and why it’s okay)

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Sunshine Blogger Award (2, 3 & 4) ☼

Hi lovelies, I've been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award again! This time I was nominated by the beautiful Chloe who has some amazing posts that are so interesting to read, everything is right up my street! I was also nominated by the lovely Amelia who also has some amazing posts that I love to read and… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award (2, 3 & 4) ☼