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5 inspirational vids you need to see lately

Hi loves,

Not sure if the title of this post makes a whole lot of sense but I wasn’t really sure how else to word it. I’m going to talk about 5 inspirational / enlightening / soul fulfilling videos that I’ve watched lately that I think you guys would really love and also benefit from, so naturally I wanted to share them with you! I know a lot of you are similar to me in the sense that you look up to the same people so you may have already seen these and if so, there’s no harm in watching them twice, right? And if not, what are you waiting for?! Here are 5 inspirational videos I think you should watch right now.

(Note: I originally wrote this post in November hence why these videos are from back then – I thought I would dedicate December to Christmassy posts and then post this in January as a way of inspiring you for the new year).

Cartia Mallan – The Truth

I will literally preach Cartia forever I swear, she’s just the greatest. One of my biggest inspirations and someone I look up to a lot because she has no idea what the hell she’s doing (like me) yet at the same time, she knows that she’s exactly where she belongs. She’s spontaneous, spiritual, open minded, creative, literally everything I can relate to and this video was so nice to watch. Most of my favourite videos from her are ones where she’s just sitting down and talking to the camera because I can relate and connect with what she’s saying so much, and this was one of those videos. So, grab yourself a cup of whatever it is you like to drink (could be tea, could be whiskey – whatever floats your boat) and just sit and watch this video. It will be 23 minutes of your life well spent.

Claire Michelle – Hello, it’s me

Darling angel Claire, one of my favourite Youtubers. She goes on mini hiatuses quite a lot and doesn’t post for prolonged periods of time but when she does, it’s always definitely worth the wait. She spoiled us this time with two uploads at once and they’re both equally as great as each other. Her first video “I’m Back” is an explanation of where she’s been lately and why she’s now back, she talks about her creative space and how she’s feeling about it – how she needed to fulfil herself fully and therefore change the ways she was expressing herself. Super enlightening and positive, which is Claire all over.

Claire Michelle – My Family

The second video, “my family” is about her family in Hawaii – she speaks about her experience and journey again through moving to new places and meeting new people. It reminds me that family doesn’t have to be blood related and home can be wherever you rest your head at night feeling the most safe. It also reminds me that everything happens for a reason and that there is magic out there ready and waiting to be found by you, you just have to go and seek it. The whole video is just so beautiful and it’s exactly the way I want to live life – surrounded by beautiful souls and chasing after what my hearts desires, believing in love and freedom and knowing that I can be whoever I want to be, and that is enough. Honestly one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen and one of my favourites, it’s so freeing.

Mika Francis / Wild Daze – How I’m Overcoming My Anxiety

I love Mika so so much, she’s one of my favourite people. She started a new series on her channel recently called ‘Wild Thoughts’ where she basically just sits in front of the camera and opens up about what’s going on in her head at that particular moment in time. In this video she talks about how she’s learning to overcome her anxiety and open up more to the world and people around her – it’s honestly so enlightening and hopeful and I think we could definitely all benefit from hearing it, so I’d definitely recommend having a watch.

Mika Francis / Wild Daze – Unleash 2017 Speakers – Interview

I found this one recently and thought it would be a really great one to include, Mika is interviewed about her style, career, goals, etc. and gives advice on how to survive in the ‘social media’ industry and how she first got into it herself, which I think is super helpful / interesting and some of you may want to hear about it. Again, Mika is a super enlightening ray of sunshine as always and this interview just makes me fall in love with her even more.

And there we go loves! I’ve missed making these kind of posts, I feel like Christmas completely took over my blog (which is never a bad thing and I’m definitely not complaining) but I’m glad to go back to my usual spiritual / rambly posts where I just talk about the universe and what’s going on in my head. I hope these videos can inspire you a little, the people in them are some of my biggest inspirations.

Sending you so much love and light,

All my love,

Chloe .xx

17 thoughts on “5 inspirational vids you need to see lately

  1. One of the MANY reasons that I love following your blog is because you’re as spiritual as me. And only now have I actually realised how tough it is trying to find others who share that. These videos look great. I’m struggling with time-management now but when I get the chance, I’ll watch. xox

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  2. I am obsessed with Claire’s videos! They are all so beautifully made and each one carries a unique and meaningful message. So happy that you included her. I am always happy to find new YouTubers/content creators who are honest and try to establish a real connection with their viewers, hence I couldn’t be more excited to watch the videos I hadn’t seen yet. Thank you for sharing dear! xox

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    1. Ahh I’m so glad you love her too! She is honestly such an incredibly inspiring soul, she makes me believe in so many things. I hope you love the others just as much! Thanks for reading lovely xxx


  3. I cannot wait to get home this evening and watch all of these videos. I’m one little confused egg right now, and watching inspirational videos takes me away for a short while and makes me feel like I’m not always alone. Thanks so sharing these x

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