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3 big reasons I wouldn’t follow your blog

Hi loves,

Now, before you read this title and think I’ve suddenly turned evil and want to start posting negative content on my blog.


The idea for this post was inspired by the fact that lately I’ve started having random things commented on my blog posts that quite frankly, I’m getting a little triggered by and I know it happens to a lot of other people too, so I thought it was about time someone talked about it. I felt complied to make this post, if you will.

So let me explain 3 reasons I (and everyone else) probably won’t follow your blog…


1). If you beg me to follow you

This comment has been appearing frequently on my blog posts lately and it’s irritating me a lot. I’m not talking about people who write something and then for example, leave a link to their blog at the end of the comment – I have absolutely no problem with that at all and it’s a common blogger thing to do – however, I do have a problem with people just solely posting links to their site and begging me to follow them. Blogging is not about how popular you think you can become. If that’s your incentive, you’re already here for the wrong reasons and are quite frankly someone I wouldn’t want to follow anyway, if that’s your attitude. If all you care about are numbers, stats and followers, you need to sort out your priorities. Do not completely disregard my content and use it as a way to promo your own blog without even reading or bothering to make a comment about what I’ve written, it’s incredibly insulting. Blogging is a creative outlet and followers are earned, you don’t simply use other people’s platforms that they’ve worked so hard on creating to beg for followers in order to take the easy route. You start from the beginning like everybody else.

2). If you self promo on my posts

This is similar to the first point but this time I’m talking about if you don’t beg me to follow you, but rather use my posts as a way to promote yourself as if I’m not even there at all. I’ve seen people making comments on my posts addressing my audience asking them to check out their blogs instead, completely ignoring the fact I’m obviously going to see that comment and remove it. Do not use my followers (or anyone else’s) as a way to promote your blog, as I said before – followers, readers, numbers etc. are earned and you have to build your own platform, you cannot simply steal from someone else’s. If you see that a certain post of mine has got an acceptable amount of likes / comments, do not use that as an opportunity to self promo because you know that a lot of people are going to see it. Again, it’s incredibly insulting and absolutely not the type of energy I want in this space.

3). If you link your posts to my posts

Now, before I get into this point – I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT PING BACKS / LINK BACKS / PEOPLE MENTIONING ME IN THEIR POSTS. I absolutely love this and squeal a little when I see a notification that someone has mentioned me or one of my posts on their blog somewhere, it means so much and I try to do it in my own posts as much as I can because I love sharing the love with everyone and spreading recognition.

What I’m actually talking about here is when people comment on my posts with a link to one of their posts that has absolutely nothing to do with anything I’ve said. I’ve written posts about self love and had random people comment on it stating that they’ve recently just uploaded a post about how to save money when shopping online and would I check it out – uh no?! And these people don’t even bother to make a comment about my post in the first place – at least lie and pretend to have read it! People literally have no shame.

If my post is on a similar topic to something you’ve written before and you’re like hey I think you’d like this as well, then by all means link me up!! I’ve done it a couple of times where I’ve commented on someone else’s post like wow I’ve written something similar to this as well, if this is the kind of thing you enjoy reading about then let me know and I can show you my post! And of course the person will say yes (because everyone is so lovely) and it’ll go from there. But if you’re just using my site as a way to promo your ‘latest blog post’ or just any random irrelevant thing you want more views on, get off my blog.


Sorry if this post sounded a little confrontational (absolutely not the vibe I’m going for) but it frustrates me so much when I see myself and other people’s creative platforms being used as an opportunity to gain views and followers. I have a huge problem with people just simply using my posts as a way to self promo their own blog / website and having absolutely no respect or regard for the space that I’m trying to create here. Like I said – if your incentive and goal is only numbers, stats and views, you should probably find something better to do with your time. Everyone who is in this for the right reasons starts from the beginning and works their way up, you are no different and simply don’t get the choice of taking the easy route and stepping over everyone else in order to get to the top.

Any comments that fit into the category of any of the points I’ve mentioned above are always immediately removed from my blog (which is hopefully why none of you will have seen them) and also anyone who tries to bombard my blog with links in the comment section ends up being blocked by the spam filter anyway (thanks WordPress).

If you have any other points to add (I’m sure there’s many) then let me know in the comments and we can all have one big rant together, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

47 thoughts on “3 big reasons I wouldn’t follow your blog

    1. Me too, but I have to remember that at the end of the day this is my blog and I’m free to express my opinions here, if people don’t like it there is an unfollow button for a reason! X

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  1. I love this post so much because I agree with all your points! 💖 Once I also saw a strange comment on my blog and deleted him. I didn’t know you could also block people on WordPress? I think that’s a useful tool. Blogging is so much more than followers. Blogging is writig all your feelings and thoughts done which at the end makes me feel happier and free. I believe that you have to earn your followers and not beg for followers. You have created a beautiful blog Chloe 💜 You should be proud of yourself.

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    1. Oh I forgot that you could block people!! Will definitely remember that for next time hahaha, – I completely agree, everything here is earned right? Thank you so much angel, you are wonderful as always 💜xx

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  2. I understand that stats and numbers are an important part of blogging, but at the same time it is absolutely not okay to use other people’s platforms as a free advertising space! When people comment on my posts, I usually check out their blogs anyway and am more likely to do so if their comment is genuine as opposed to a completely unrelated link 😒Thank you for pointing out something that is a problem so many bloggers face! Xx

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  3. I agree with this post so much! I hate when people comment things like “follow back?” or “check out this post ___ (insert link to completely unrelated post).” I am always looking for new bloggers to follow, but not like that. It completely draws me away.

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  4. Ugh. That must be so frustration. Thankfully I haven’t yet had anyone do that on my blog yet, but I absolutely agree that they can’t just take the easy route. As someone what had an old blog of 250 followers, and starting again to be at the point of 100 followers, I think it’s completely disrespectful to just USE other people to build your way up. Post good content, and in time good followers will come.

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  5. GIRLLLL DONT EVEN START ME! My trash box is full UP atm like the shitty comments have really increased recently and I’m not here for it! It’s just rude to be honest it completely disregards all the time put into writing the content in the first place🙄🙄🙄🙄 you actually got me annoyed on your behalf😡xxxx

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  6. I think if we wouldn’t do something in person then we shouldn’t be doing it in the blogging world. Could you imagine telling someone a story face to face and then their only response is, check out my story. I mean, at least try and pretend to care what I said, lol. I don’t imagine that they get much results from that tactic so it confuses me that it goes on.

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  7. I totally agree. I will often look through comments and choose who sent the most relevant and nicest comment and click on the link to check out their blog because I know they are active and interact with other bloggers. xx

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  8. Sorry Chloe that you have to deal with this! But, I guess on the upside, you know that your blog has become successful enough to attract those kinds of people haha. Lots of love xx

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  9. This post is so much true, not only on wordpress but on all other platforms, may it be social media or someone else. It is annoying, freaking annoying. I make sure to not follow such person in future, which I would have otherwise done had they not reacted this way.

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  10. Totally agree girl!! I don’t understand why people have to resort to such rude measures to grow their blog or whatever. I’ve gotten some “random” comments like you lately and just -_-

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  11. YAS GIRL RANT COMPLETE 👌💖 totally agree. Nothing is more frustrating than putting steady work into your posts and blog all together than having someone use your hard work for self-promo. PREACH. You’re a great blogger Chloe. Keep at it xxx 🌸

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