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my top 10 favourite youtubers


I have confession.

I lied.

There aren’t 10 Youtubers featured in this post…there’s 9.



Hi loves,

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while now. Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite Youtubers! You’ll probably have hard of most of them anyway, but it’s still good to spread the love right ??? Let’s go 

(p.s. – sorry I’ve been MIA this weekend, I was supposed to put a post up on Saturday but I never had time!)

Sunbeams Jess / Extra Sunbeams Jess

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 14.35.55
@sunbeamsjess on IG – photo by @zaakharper

Jessie is one of my favourite Youtubers for the simple fact that I think we’re pretty much the same person, I’m someone who wears an (excessive) amount of jewellery and winged eyeliner, so when I found her channel and saw that basically I wasn’t the only one in the world who did this…I was instantly captivated. Her videos to me are always so aesthetically pleasing and really motivate me to want to get up and crack on with work, she’s currently at university (currently doing her Master’s Degree) in London where she lives, but before this she was at Edinburgh University and basically vlogged the whole thing over the few years she was there – she studies English (there’s obviously a fancier name for the course that I can’t remember) and so this is even more interesting to me as I love English and all that jazz and it’s definitely what I personally would have studied at Uni if I’d gone myself. She keeps us up to date with her course, what she’s currently reading, what working methods she uses etc. and she’s so productive, it really motivates me to actually crack on and do something – I’ve seen a lot of people in her YT comments that say the same thing. Away from the educational side of things, her fashion sense is extremely similar to mine and so I’m always taking style inspiration from her, even down to things like the piercings and the tattoos we’re pretty much the same, and like I mentioned before – the excessive amount of jewellery wearing – I thought I just had a problem. She also does book videos / reviews which I love to watch and find so interesting because she doesn’t go down the typical route of romantic YA reads that are currently in the book charts (not like there’s anything wrong with that, I’m obsessed with YA romance but you know what I mean) and so basically, Jess is just the perfect Youtuber.

More Zoella

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 14.37.57
@zoella on IG

So, before you wonder why I’ve mentioned Zoe’s vlog channel and not her main, it’s because I prefer the vlog channel a lot more. Zoe has what I call a perfect clean-cut Youtube channel (like the face of Youtube almost) and I don’t really take an interest in any of those guys because I don’t find monthly favourites or £20 outfit challenges that interesting (I am still subbed to Zoe’s main though just in case the odd thing catches my eye). What I really do love however, is her vlog channel – Zoe is the queen of vlogging, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every single one since she started years ago. She’s also the queen of vlogmas and I look forward to them every year, she just has a way of vlogging that makes everything so fun and interesting to watch – she posts 40 minute vlogs and before you know it they’re over even though you feel like you’ve only been watching for 10. When she posts a vlog I squeal a little inside.

Danelle Hallan

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 14.40.52
@danellehallanyt on IG

Now, I am actually going to do a separate post on ‘crime / mystery’ Youtubers as it were because there’s so many I love and thought it would be great to dedicate a post to talking about them however, I couldn’t not include Danelle here because she’s definitely my favourite of them all. Crime / mystery videos are my favourite to watch on Youtube but I’m quite picky about who I watch telling them because some people don’t do them justice at all and are just so boring to watch – but not Danelle. She’s SO interesting to watch and is the best ‘story’ teller I’ve ever seen, she truly cares about the cases and takes so much time into researching them in order to provide us with the most accurate and detailed information. Her only aim is to spread awareness for the cases and get their faces out there, there’s no hidden motive (i.e. she’s not in it for the subscribers) and she’s just generally the sweetest person ever. Her channel blew up (as in she went from 0 – 100k in a matter of weeks) and it just keeps on growing and I’m SO happy about it because in my opinion, she’s the best crime / mystery Youtuber out there.

Emma Chamberlain

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 14.42.34
@_emmachamberlain on IG – photo by @chamberlainpaintings

Oh yes, you knew it was coming. The new face of Youtube aka Emma Chamberlain has taken the internet by storm and showed us every video we didn’t know we needed – or at least for me that’s the case, anyway. Everything Emma does I’m like…RELATABLE. She’s literally a massive weirdo which is what makes her so relatable because she actually has the guts to do these crazy things on camera & in public, whereas we all do it behind closed doors and pretend that we’re not actually that weird, but reality check – we are.  YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE. Anyway, I could only ever dream of having the confidence that she does – she’s so openly / unapologetically herself in every situation and throughout all her videos which is why she’s became so popular (as in, she literally went from 0 – 600k subscribers in about a MONTH), not to mention the fact she’s absolutely hilarious and just so entertaining to watch. She makes me want to start drinking coffee even though I think it tastes like ass.

Cartia Mallan

photo by gabi mulder

Cartia Mallan is just the greatest. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. She’s one of my biggest inspirations and someone I look up to a lot because she has no idea what the hell she’s doing (like me) yet at the same time, she knows that she’s exactly where she belongs. She’s spontaneous, spiritual, open minded, creative, literally everything I can relate to – most of my favourite videos from her are ones where she’s just sitting down and talking to the camera because I can relate and connect with what she’s saying so much.  She’s a beautiful, empowering soul and literally the best friend I’ve always wanted to have. She’s wild and crazy and expresses herself exactly the way she wants to, she’s a truly incredible person and I adore her, she’s forever creating endless inspirational videos and her editing / cinematography is second to none. When you watch her content, you can’t help but feel.

Tess Christine

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 14.45.24
@tesschristine on IG – photo by @mgm_patrick

Literally, what can I say about Tess. One of the sweetest, most beautiful people to ever walk the Earth, ever. I discovered her years ago now and have been following her journey ever since – to see the way she’s grown her channel and managed to follow her dream is a wonderful thing, it’s lovely when great things happen to great people. She’s so down to Earth and so humble and lovely, her fashion sense is second to none and I love her vlogs so much, I think just being able to see her naturally hanging out with friends and just generally living life in New York with her (now Fiance!! eek) Patrick is so entertaining and generally just goals (not gonna lie I lowkey miss the Minnesota vlogs tho).

Claire Michelle

@plantifulsoul on IG

Darling angel Claire, one of my favourite Youtubers. She goes on mini hiatuses quite a lot and doesn’t post for prolonged periods of time but when she does, it’s always definitely worth the wait. She’s not even from this world, she’s an angel, created from stardust and the earth in the ground. From all of the rivers that flow and the rays of light that beam down from the sun. She is the purest of the pure. She made an hour long Youtube video about her story, her journey of self discovery and how she allowed herself to get out of her comfort zone and truly become the beautiful soul that she is. If you are lost right now or need help finding your path, please listen to Claire. She has so much knowledge to offer and so many things that will inspire you, she’s just wonderful. So selfless and ugh, just watch her videos and you’ll see.

Kelsey Simone

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 14.46.22
@k.els.e.y on IG

Honestly who doesn’t love Kelsey, that’s right, no one. A literal fashionista in the making, everything about her is so aesthetically pleasing – this girl knows what she’s doing. She’s so chatty, funny, down to Earth and natural, she makes super cool inventive videos and I always look forward to seeing the content she puts out, everything in her life (including her, obviously) is just goals. She has her shit together and everything about her is just on point, I wish I had my shit together like she does though sadly, that day will just have to wait.

Mika Francis (Wild Daze)

@mikafrancis on IG

Mika Francis is an ANGEL. I swear by it. I can’t remember how exactly I discovered her but it was through one of her videos a couple of years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. She has the most open, beautiful mind and is such a wonderful soul. Again, someone else I’d absolutely love to know in real life. Her fashion is the best thing I’ve ever seen, she has the biggest heart and talks about topics that matter, any content she creates inspires me to be a better person and to work towards being 100% myself and loving it, I adore Mika so so much, she’s one of my favourite people. She started a new series on her channel recently called ‘Wild Thoughts’ where she basically just sits in front of the camera and opens up about what’s going on in her head at that particular moment in time. She’s so expressive and open and wonderful and free and really motivates me to 1). Express and fully explore my style and 2). Get out there and see the world, honestly one of the coolest people ever. Believe me.

And there we have it loves! Let me know if you like any of these or if you have any other recommendations for new people to watch – I’m always on the look out!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

39 thoughts on “my top 10 favourite youtubers

  1. Zoe and Claire Michelle are some of my favourite YouTubers too! I will definitely check out the other channels you mentioned, some of them sound amazing!! I think it’s so cool that we get to find such inspiring people online, I love that about the internet!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve not heard of many of these youtubers! I’ve recently done a post on my favourite youtubers. I love to watch youtubers with less subscriptions, always seem much more real! Although people like Zoe have been faves of mine for years xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Am I odd for not knowing who those people are 😀 I only know Zoella, because.. well obvious reasons 😀 I feel so not up to date with all those youtubers recently! Definitely going to catch up now x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg nearly all my faves! Emma is literally my number one, I binged her entire channel in two days and relate to honestly everything that comes out of her mouth, but I love Kelsey, Jess, Cartia,Tess and Mika as well! basically your entire list. Your descriptions were also spot on xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I was laughing at the first part of this post, 9 favorite youtubers not sounding right ahah xxx And Kelsey Simone is definitely one of my favorite youtubers too!! She’s sooo fashionable and all about aesthetic, yet down to earth and totally relatable…like how’s that?? Haha she’s amazing 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I actually haven’t heard about a ton of these but love this post and the recommendations 🙂 I totally get what you mean about liking the vlogs of a youtuber over their channel – I feel that way about Alisha Marie and BubzBeauty :p Also lovee Tess Christine!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. TBH I only recognize Zoella. I don’t think I know the other ones but I got interested in them. I watch more gaming channels than beauty ones. My favorite beauty channel ever is from Bethany Mota but she doesn’t post that much.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I completely agree with you about Zoe’s channel. I love the vlogs way more than the main channel videos! Whenever I watch them they always inspire me and how I want to live my life. I think I admire her the most because even though she’s made quite the living from YouTube she still lives high street stores etc. and not top of the range everything – if that makes sense? Like I feel as though none of it has gone to her head and she’s not flashy about anything.

    I love Tess Christine too! So lovely her and Patrick are now engaged!!

    I’m definitely going to check out the others you’ve listed as I’m always on the look at for other YouTubers to watch!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her vlogs just get me soooooo motivated and inspired, it’s like I watch the videos and think to myself….that’s how I want to be! I’m loving the fact she’s started recording her meetings and product processes for us now as well – super interesting to watch! When I saw that Patrick proposed to Tess I was so happy, I felt like I’d been waiting forever 😭 definitely check out the others, I really think you’ll like Mika & Jess! xx


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