why I have a problem with 13 reasons why

Hi loves,

Originally this was going to be a post on books I was planning on never reading, but after I started talking about one of them in particular I couldn’t stop, and literally ended up writing nearly 3000 words (I’m not kidding) on why I would never read it and so, I thought I might as well turn it into a post of its own.

The book in question, is 13 Reasons Why.

I was debating whether to post this or not…but I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway, my voice wasn’t made to be silenced, right?

I really want to have a discussion on this in the comments because I’d really like to know what you guys think, so please feel free to read as much of this as you want (there is a lot) and let me know your opinions, and please let me know if I’ve stated anything that’s incorrect, as I haven’t read the full book or watched the TV series (more on that later).

*disclaimer – extremely long angry rant incoming, if you like 13 Reasons Why I suggest you cover your ears*

*disclaimer 2 – this post is not meant to be offensive in any way shape or form so if you like this book and I’m about to rip it to shreds I’m really sorry this is just how I feel about it aka it gets me high key triggered but I really don’t mean to offend anyone so if I do I’m sorry please don’t hurt me*


This book.



I’m not even going to call it a book – this literal waste of paper (yes we’re going straight in, I can’t believe we’re cutting down trees for this shit) was published and suddenly everyone fell in love with it and still to this day I just don’t understand why. I hate it. I hate this book more than I’ve ever hated any other book in my entire life (I don’t think I’ll ever dislike another book as much as I do this one).

And the thing is, I haven’t even read the full book – I read a few chapters and had to put it down before I threw it out of the window into a burning pit of fire, I swear. And this isn’t one of those things where it’s like “Chloe you should’ve pushed through a few more chapters it gets better” no. It doesn’t, it gets worse, and the things is, I wanted to like it. As someone who has been / is depressed, suicidal and of those sorts, I really wanted to like this book – reading YA books around mental health really helps me and I’d been pleasantly surprised & comforted by the other books I’d read prior to this that address the same topics, so I had really high hopes for this one, especially because the plot sounded so good , I just thought I was meant to read and love this book.

But I was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong. I was completely insulted, offended and angered by this book. The fact that Jay Asher has never suffered with depression, suicidal thoughts or any mental health issues at all screamed at me throughout the few chapters that I did manage to drag myself through because he clearly has no idea about mental health at all. I’m not saying that for example you have to have served in the military in order to write a book about it, but at least have some facts / history behind your writing. At least try to pretend you understand what it’s like to suffer with a mental illness, don’t insult those who actually have with your shitty cliché writing – at least try to do some research instead of turning mental health into a joke. This book was ridiculous and so was the writing – Hannah as a character was simply pathetic and completely unlikeable, every single thing in this book was unlikeable and simply awful and it gets me so triggered that everyone seems to praise it like it’s a literal gift from God.

I really didn’t like Hannah at all – I hated her character. She was vindictive, manipulative, self-centred and immature. I feel like all of this was just a big game to her that she continued to play and manipulate people with even after her death, because of her death. Suicide is obviously an extremely sensitive topic and in no way is it a ‘one size fits all’ scenario – people take their own lives for different reasons and we as humans are not here to judge that, because something that you could find to be insignificant, could be another person’s reason for taking their own life.


Some of these reasons were stupid. Downright stupid which is where my anger towards Asher comes from for being so ignorant and treating mental health as some kind of joke or game. It’s like he just picked a few of the most trivial things he could think of and decided to carelessly throw them in. Someone stole a biscuit out of the biscuit tin? Welcome to your tape. Someone accidentally tripped you over in the street? Welcome to your tape. Someone gave you the wrong amount of change in the shop? Welcome to your tape.

I’m not saying that if someone took their own life over one of the reasons mentioned in the novel then I would believe it to be “downright stupid” – absolutely not. That’s what I want to make really clear here, my attitude towards these reasons in particular is because of the way Asher himself decided to portray them – ignorantly and trivially, like I said, it’s like he just picked the first 13 reasons that popped into his head and went “yeah, they’ll do”.

I had to google the 13 reasons because like I said I only read a couple of chapters before I wanted to throw the book out of the window and I’m glad I never managed to read any further otherwise I think I would’ve lost my mind. After doing a bit more research of said reasons for the purpose of this post, here I present to you…


The 13 reasons…

1). Justin – Some dickhead that takes a picture of Hannah going down a slide when her skirt flies up, Justin shows this picture to everyone in school. Typical dickhead American “jock” type behaviour – nothing we haven’t seen before. (Hello Riverdale???)

2). Jessica – Hannah has two close friends, Jessica and Alex, they start dating secretly behind Hannah’s back and distance themselves from her. Alex rates Hannah as having the “best ass” and they all fall out……………need I even say more.

Comment: This point was just so unnecessary, I feel like Asher just likes creating pointless conflict.

3). Because Alex made the list (where Hannah was titled “best ass”) Hannah becomes objectified a lot at school (aka men are trash – women get objectified / disrespected / catcalled etc. everyday). Hannah blames all of this on Alex as well as being the reason that she and Jessica are no longer friends.

4). Some nerd at school who has taken a liking to Hannah decides to take pictures of her walking to and from school each day (again – nothing we haven’t seen before – can you say Jonathan from Stranger Things??). She ends up turning everyone on this guy after her death and makes them throw rocks through his window at night when he’s sleeping…

Comment: Again, I didn’t understand this. For one, she knows she’s being stalked yet purposely leaves her curtains open as she’s getting dressed in the window?? 

5). Hannah’s friend Courtney who is a closeted lesbian dares Hannah to take off her shirt and kiss her while they’re intoxicated (again, nothing we haven’t seen before, I’ve kissed girls in a drunken state before, not a big deal). The nerd from earlier takes a photo of them and sends it to the rest of the school – both Hannah and Courtney’s faces are not in the photo but people start guessing and in the end Courtney (because she’s a closeted lesbian and doesn’t want to upset her parents or tarnish her reputation) says it’s not her and Hannah in the photo, but in fact Hannah and her girlfriend ‘Laura’.

6). Marcus – Another dickhead jock that goes on a date with Hannah (he shows up an hour late with the rest of the basketball team in tow) and tries to stick his hand up her skirt – she loudly rejects this and he yells at her for “being a tease”.

7). After the above incident, a member of the basketball team, Zach, comes back to see if Hannah is okay – he asks her out on a date but Hannah says no because she thinks it’s a dare from the rest of his friends. Zach’s ego takes a hit and to get back at Hannah he decides to remove all of the nice messages that have been left for her in her basket in their communications class. Hannah realises who the perpetrator is and writes Zach a note explaining why what he did hurt her. Hannah thinks she sees Zack read this note, crumple it up and throw it on the ground when actually, this didn’t happen and Zack kept the note and was carrying it around in his wallet the whole time.

Comment: Somebody help me out here, I didn’t get this either. Hannah hurt someone (unintentionally?) and so he hurt her back….that’s it. That’s literally it. This reason isn’t even validated because what she thought happened didn’t even happen. 

8). Again….ridiculous. Hannah meets a guy, shows him a poem about lacy underwear and he publishes it which results in her being mocked in the hallway.

9). Probably the first realistic reason we have so far. Hannah goes to a party and becomes intoxicated, she is alone at the end of the night and accepts a ride home from a girl called Sherri who is also intoxicated but swears she is good to drive. They crash into a stop sign at an intersection and Sherri flees the scene, refusing to alert police because she doesn’t want to ruin her future. Hannah runs to a nearby shop to phone the police but it is already too late as she realises her friend Jeff has been killed at the intersection, as the stop sign had been knocked down.

10).  Dickhead Justin is back again and this time is dating Jessica (Hannah’s ex friend from before). Long story short Hannah ends up having to hide herself in a wardrobe while Justin and Jessica sleep together, Justin leaves the room for a few minutes and Hannah hears him speaking to his dickhead friend Bryce outside the door. Suddenly Bryce is in the room and begins raping Jessica who is completely intoxicated and basically unconscious, though she does mumble ‘no’ a few times. Justin attempts to stop this to no avail, and Hannah stays in the wardrobe the whole time.

Comment: This one pisses me off to no end. Hannah uses this reason and blames Justin for the rape, saying that he put his friendship with Bryce over Jessica’s well being. While this is true, Hannah is a hypocritical bitch because I didn’t see her getting out of the wardrobe to stop this from happening either, she stood there, watched it happen and happily placed the blame on someone else, it’s like she used this as an opportunity to ‘tell’ on Justin for something that otherwise would have gone unnoticed but since she happened to be in the ‘right place at the right time’ she was able to bring him to justice. It’s like she uses this point to completely disregard and overshadow the fact that she was also there in the room as it happened and did absolutely nothing to stop it.
Also, I watched a Youtube clip of this event taking place in the TV series because I wanted to see the way they portrayed it, and why is this scene filmed like a sex scene? Close ups, bra straps, low lighting etc. this is a rape scene filmed like something that would’ve occurred between, Hannah and Justin let’s say.

11)……This isn’t a reason really. She just tells Clay that she likes him and apologises for pushing him away when they were kissing at a party.

Comment: I just don’t understand this point, yes Hannah pushed him away for a reason, but then she goes on to talk about how much she wants him ?? Is Clay supposed to be a mind reader? Something I saw on Reddit the other day, and I quote “I understand why she pushed him away but in the tapes when she says she wanted him to stay I was livid. Hannah repeatedly gets on Clay’s case for missing the point yet expects him to read her mind and stay after being shouted at”. – Hello?!

12). Bryce, again. After the days following Jessica’s rape, Hannah goes for a walk to clear her head, ends up walking into Bryce’s neighbourhood and consciously walks into his party. She magically somehow finds herself in the hot tub in her underwear with a few people (whom she doesn’t even like!!!!!) and eventually ends up alone in the hot tub, where Bryce comes out and rapes her.

Comment: I don’t understand. I have not read / watched this scene so please correct me if I’m wrong, but she consciously and knowingly walks in to join the house party of the guy she physically watched raping her ex best friend days earlier? Has she even told Jessica at this point what Bryce did to her? Does Jessica even remember? If not, why has Hannah not told her and if anything why is she not taking advantage of the only good thing that could come out of this situation by telling Jessica to get the hell out of there?

13). She goes to a school counsellor, Mr Porter, about the rape – he basically ignores her and tells her to ‘get over it’.

Out of these 13 reasons, only 3 for me are realistic – 9, 12 and 13. Asher could have taken these 3 specific reasons and really ran with them – he could’ve created something great, raised awareness and created something beautiful, but he didn’t. I just feel like everything else was so unnecessary.


To me, it seems that Hannah purposefully makes situations worse for herself in order to be able to play the victim, like for example the horrifying rape of her ‘friend’ Jessica – Hannah remains in the closet and lets the event take place, even though she has every chance to stop it. God forbid I never have and never will be in a situation like that and so I cannot speak from experience or from the mind of someone who has gone through it, but I cannot imagine that Hannah’s stance is the one I would take and as sick as it sounds, I feel like she remained in the closet during this scene for her own personal gain, which is why I have a problem with it. I am absolutely in no way trying to point the finger here because it is not Jessica or Hannah’s fault that this rape took place – it is the perpetrator’s. Instead of teaching women how to prevent rape from happening, we should be teaching men not to rape. It’s as simple as that. However, Hannah had the option to help and she didn’t, and I don’t believe it was because she was so traumatised that she couldn’t move (even though this is what she says in the tape), but because she herself was trying to play the victim.

Tape after tape, she will not take the blame for anything. Everything is someone else’s fault, someone else’s problem, she is not to blame for anything bad that has happened to her in life, ever. She takes responsibility for nothing.  I feel like this was portrayed as being one big game and that suicide was the only ending she believed would suffice. A way of saying “Hey, look what you’ve all done to me, this is all your fault, don’t you all just feel so bad about it now?”

Even after all of this, I was still willing to give it a try. When I heard it was being turned into a series on Netflix (after the initial shock of being completely mortified and wondering how the hell it had been given a TV deal) I still was willing to give it a chance. I thought well, I hated the book but maybe I won’t hate the TV series so much – maybe they will have done something with it and changed things and I’ll actually enjoy it (because everyone and their grandma had been screaming from the rooftops about how great it was) but again, I was wrong. I literally got through 20 minutes of the first episode and had to turn it off, and I’m not even trying to be petty or dramatic, it literally angered me so much that after 20 minutes I was like no, I seriously cannot sit here and watch this.

I feel like I must be missing something but I cannot express how much I hate this book / series, I found it completely offensive and ridiculous, even more so when everyone seemed to jump on the bandwagon and then praise it for its portrayal of mental health and people who had no prior knowledge / experience of mental health then thought that this was the reality of it when in actual fact, this was completely misleading and far from it, this book was a mess.

However, I loved the idea for the story. I feel like Asher should have said “Hey, I have this great idea for a story but I can’t write for shit and am going to completely butcher it and offend people who have actually been through the sensitive topics I want to write about and so I want to give this idea away to an author who will actually do it justice, because I certainly can’t”. He’s a horrendous writer in my opinion and judging by the many 1 star reviews of this on Goodreads, a lot of people feel the same way. The fact that the idea for this book came to him as he was walking around a museum listening to an audio tour, says it all. I cannot express how insulted this whole “franchise” makes me – the fact that it has even been able to go as far as a franchise makes it worse.

To me, it feels like Asher had no idea who or what he was writing about it, it’s like he just guessed everything and thought yeah that’s fine, I’ve included suicide, rape, self-harm and all the other things that contribute to the mix of mentally ill teenagers – that’ll make a good book.

end note

I understand that even though 13RW may not exactly be my ‘cup of tea’, it is for other people. If this book has helped you in any way then I’m so happy for you, mental health is different for everybody and as much as I wish the whole thing (13RW) never existed in the first place, if it has managed to help people then I’m glad it does exist, even if it is just for that sole reason…even if it does offend me and make me want to rip my hair out.

The reason I’m so…hostile towards the whole thing is because I’ve been there, I still am there sometimes. I’ve tried to commit suicide, I’ve self-harmed, I’ve had the depression, anxiety etc. and it takes a brave, educated person to take on that job of portraying it to people in a way that does the sufferers justice. Jay Asher did not do this for me, instead he insulted me, offended me and angered me. He made my mental illness something trivial, a thing that could be thrown around – he represented me in a way that was not true, he told a fabricated story that was not truthful to anything I have ever known, seen or experienced.

There are billions of people in the world, I am not expecting Asher to be able to solely tell my personal story, but it angers me that he believed he was capable enough of taking on millions of people’s illnesses and portraying them in a way that was going to bring understanding, when all it brought was insult. The fact he thought he was up to the job makes me laugh almost, I don’t know who told him he was capable of doing such a thing, but they were clearly deluded.

The sad thing is, some people now look at 13 Reasons Why as an accurate portrayal of mental health and that…well, I think that’s all I need to say on that matter.

As I’d like to end this post on a positive note, I’ll say that I can only hope what 13RW has done is brought awareness to suicide and mental health and helped anybody who needed it.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, if you have something to say about 13RW, please let me know in the comments because I’d love to have a discussion on it – this post is absolutely not intended to offend / upset / disrespect anyone in any way, shape or form, this is simply just my opinion and I felt I needed to share it.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

38 thoughts on “why I have a problem with 13 reasons why

  1. I watched a few episodes of the 13RW series when it came out last year and till this day I’m not really sure what to think of it.
    I didn’t like Hannah because of various reasons. I agree with you, she sometimes played the victim in situations where other people were having problems (and not HER!). In my opinion, she overreacted often and didn’t do anything where she could have said something to solve the problem.
    I think it’s good when people are informed about mental health, but that would have to be in a respectful and correct way. xx

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    1. Completely agree!! I understand that not all characters are created for the purpose of being liked, but Hannah was just something else. The potential for the idea was good, but the way it was executed was awful .xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I cannot tell you how much I loved this post; 13 reasons why had me absolutely FUMING. I hated it, I hated the premise, I hated the whole fucking idea. First of all, not all suicide is always triggered by “reasons why”; one of the things about mental health is that it’s not always “logical” – people can have suicidal thoughts because depression is telling them the world would be better off without them, for example. The whole “13 reasons why” never sat well with me; it almost framed suicide as a revenge plot. Like you said, most of the reasons were (no offence) kind of bullshit too so I didn’t even have much sympathy towards the main character. Never attempted the book, got about two episodes into the show before giving up. Loved this post – agree with pretty much everything!xxx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. YES GIRL. Couldn’t have said it better myself!! Honestly you just took the words right out of my mouth (definitely would’ve saved me the time of writing a 3000 word rant) but what you’ve said is absolutely spot on. Everything was just RIDICULOUS. So glad I’m not the only one who feels like this!! xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I watched the series and I completely agree with you on that the reasons for most of the tapes were ridiculous. I also agree with you on that Hannah really plays the victim in every scenario and it ultimately makes you dislike her as a character, which is the opposite to what should be portrayed in my eyes. If you’re trying to raise awareness on something, don’t make the one character who is meant to be suffering seem unlikable to the audience. It is such a shame that an idea for a TV series to raise awareness for suicide and mental health was created in such a bad way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad I’m not the only one who feels this way! Such a relief. I understand that not all characters are created for the purpose of being liked, but Hannah was just something else – at least in most cases you can enjoy evil / unlikable characters, Hannah I just couldn’t stand. Couldn’t have said it better myself! xx

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  4. i love angry book rants. some books just deserve this kind of hate.

    i haven’t read or watched 13 reasons why, and i doubt i ever will. the only thing that would make me read/watch it is so i can better debate about why it sucks.

    and i heard that they actually showed hannah’s suicide onscreen? whoever thought that was a good idea deserves no respect at all. people with mental illnesses are usually drawn to media about their illnesses, right, because hey, representation! and could anything be less helpful for them than seeing a graphic depiction of a suicide, and then having everyone praise the show for it?

    well, there was my own angry rant. thanks for the post, it’s super well done. ❤

    xo apollo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Originally I was reluctant to post it, but I’m so glad I did! Honestly, don’t waste your time reading or watching the series – it’s absolutely not worth it. They did show Hannah’s suicide on screen, and it was extremely graphic (and triggering) for a lot of people, I simply don’t believe there was any reason to show it.

      Completely agree with what you said about representation – the whole point of 13RW was representation, but it absolutely didn’t do this at all, it was awful. Thank you for reading and I’m glad you can see where I’m coming from – thank you ❤xxx

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  5. I never read this book, but I started to watch the Netflix series ***DON’T WATCH THAT EITHER and stopped around the time she goes to the poetry reading. Her “reasons” make no sense and honestly seems to romanticize suicide. What is true is that mental health issues are often multi faceted, with not just one reason. I’m so glad there are places like this to have open discussion!!

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    1. I was hesitant to post this at first because I didn’t want to come across as offensive, but I’m so glad I did because I was really intrigued to see what you guys thought and I’m so glad we all seem to be in the same boat, I thought I was in the minority. I completely agree with what you’ve said and I absolutely won’t be watching the series – staying away from that at all costs! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Honestly I haven’t read all the book but the tv series made everything worse for me. I already had issues and watching this made it worse. I told this to my friend and she agreed with me.
    Like I said I haven’t read all the book yet but I hope you get my point 🙂xxx

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    1. I get your point lovely, so sorry that the series made it worse for you. I absolutely don’t believe a 5 second trigger warning is enough and there was no need for so many graphic, unnecessary scenes, I feel like the whole thing negatively affected a lot of people. Please don’t read the book – it’s absolutely not worth your time .xxx


      1. Exactly so people may have watched to feel not alone and that last episode is not great at all. I feel like it was supposed to be awareness but the people who watched it that have suicidal thoughts or self harm would have triggered them. I don’t think I will read the rest of the book not if the series affected me that way xxx

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  7. I’ve never read the book but I did watch the TV show and I think you’re right in your opinions. Personally, I think it wouldn’t matter how shit it was: people would praise it. Why? Because it deals with a taboo topic and people dont WANT to be seen disagreeing on something so sensitive. But it needs to be critisized. When I first watched it. I loved it. But not because of accurate betrayals. Because of drama. Thats all I could see it as. A shitty drama show that attempts to dress itself up as something else. I think the worst part is how she blames everyone else. And it plants this idea that you’re not responsible fot what other people do to you. But YOU ARE. It should not be telling people they have no control in situations. As I read more and more negative reviews its like other people just watched it with a more critical eye, something we all should do. Its not perfect. Its far from fucking perfect. Its just a show. A shitty show. I wish, really wish, that no one watched this and thought its okay to blame everyone else for the shit you’ve been through. Im sorry, and life can suck, but if you want to live? You have to help yourself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agreed – I was so scared to criticise it because obviously it is such a sensitive topic and I didn’t want to come across as demeaning or offensive but like I said, my voice wasn’t made to be silenced. I’m glad that as time has gone on, people have started to realise what it ACTUALLY is rather than the glorified thing it was shown to be at the beginning, as like you said, people are now beginning to watch it with a critical eye and question things a lot more .xx


  8. I’ve not read the book but I watched the show when it got realised as I was curious. Lemme just say, if you are triggered or upset by GRAPHIC FUCKING SCENES of rape, self harm or suicide don’t watch it. It’s unnecessarily graphic and many people use the argument of “it needs to be graphic to get the message out” NO. It does not need a extremely graphic scene of Hannah cutting herself and thus killing herself, to portray a message. An “artsy” (can you call it that?!) suicide scene would have sufficed. I don’t think the scenes did anything but glorify self harm and suicide and I don’t think a five second trigger warning at the start of the episode is going to cut it. Also when the TV show was being created, they met up with tons upon tons of people who are experts in portraying mental health on TV and they repeatedly said don’t show graphic suicide scenes and what did they do?! Showed it! It’s a terrible excuse for a show and I truly can’t believe it was ever popular xx

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    1. Absolutely couldn’t have said it better myself!! I actually decided to watch the suicide scene on Youtube for the purpose of this post and well…there are no words, really. I think the whole franchise glorifies mental illness and suicide like it’s some kind of game you can play to make people pay for what they’ve done, it’s horrific. Completely agree with everything you’ve said xxx

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  9. I actually kinda liked the show, but I agree with absolutely everything you said, lol. go figure. I was FUMING when she hid while her friend was being abused. like?????? WHAT are you doing, help a girl out! I wish the author had a little bit more knowledge. It’s good to call attention to mental health & abuse issues, but it should have been taken a bit more seriously.

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    1. I really didn’t understand that scene at all, as in, there’s no part of me that can make any sense of it whatsoever, it was just horrendous. The author clearly had no experience with mental health or writing about it, which was extremely evident throughout .xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree completely! if it was done right, it could have been much better. I really like that you shared your opinion without being really negative lol, like I know you didn’t like the show, but you made really great points! well done 🙂

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  10. THANK YOU. THANK. YOU. I have spoken to countless people who seem to LOVE the book (and the series) and it’s like why? Why the fuck would anyone like something that is SO badly researched and horribly written? I think the writing is what made me the angriest. It either blew things out of proportion (aka the reasons, like you mentioned) or played everything down (romanticizing mental illnesses). This book (and the series) honestly just made me so angry. Because if you’re going to talk about something as important as mental health issues to potentially millions of people, at least DO IT RIGHT. You get me Chlo. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just don’t understand how people can like it and not see it for the complete mess that it is! The writing was horrendous I agree – never have I read something so poorly written, it made me so angry. Everything was made to seem so trivial but also romanticised at the same time, none of it was coherent or accurately representational of ANYTHING. Thanks for being on my wavelength! xxx

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  11. I have never read or watched 13 reason why but I know there were some articles I read that were against it. I can totally understand your point of view. I like mental health books but with a great story line

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  12. i’ve never read/watched 13RW, but when it started to become super popular the whole idea of it seemed a little strange and wrong to me.

    i read every word of this post because i was very interested in your opinion. after getting through the whole thing, i definitely agree with you. everything you said makes complete sense and i understand where you’re coming from.


    Liked by 1 person

  13. I’m glad to see this kind of post. I only got the chance to watch it on Netflix but I’ve always wanted to buy the book to see if it’s any different. I ”liked” the show for entertainment and I wanted to see all of it to make sure of its content and how they interpreted suicide. I think the purpose was to aware that depression exists, people can be mean, especially teenagers and that, rape can be more common than you think. But it wasn’t the proper way of showing it. I think in the end people got the wrong idea that anyone with kill themselves just because one little thing happened. I unfortunately know people with that point of view. And that’s not the case, people do suffer and this show wasn’t the best way of showing it. I agree with your post and I’m glad you’re just not one of those who love 13rw just because of the actors or whatever but I don’t judge people that actually like it because I did watch it and there were some things I liked apart from the suicide

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad people agree, I thought I was in the minority but evidently not! The book was horrendous, from what I read of it anyway – I absolutely would not recommend, it made me so angry – save your money! I think people definitely got the wrong impression from the show, I feel like the whole think was completely under-researched and the show portrayed the whole thing in such a bad way. Very disappointing! I too don’t judge people who like it as well though as, as I said – if it’s helped people then I’m happy for them .xx

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