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10 people who will make you body confident


I’ve done it again.

I have a confession.

There aren’t 10 people featured in this post, there’s 9, but 9 PEOPLE WHO WILL MAKE YOU BODY CONFIDENT JUST DIDN’T SOUND RIGHT OKAY.


Hello my little angels,

A while ago I did a post about people that will inspire you to be yourself and I thought I’d do another on people who will inspire you to be body confident.

I did a post on body confidence when I first started my blog but thought I’d now mention some people that I look up to or find inspiring when it comes to accepting your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin. This topic is something I’ve struggled with my whole life and still do to this day, it’s a constant battle and one that I’ve never really won, but these people make the journey a little more bearable. If you’re going to take anything from this post then please let it be this- it’s insane what ten minutes of listening to the right people can do for you.


Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 15.19.46
photo from

StyleLikeU changed my life in the most incredible ways that I never knew I needed – they’re a mother (Elisa Goodkind) and daughter (Lily Mandelbaum) duo that create interview type videos on Youtube about true style, self acceptance, body image, sexuality and everything more. Their videos are raw, honest and nothing but real. Candidates will sit on a stool in front of a blank wall and reveal things about themselves as they’re asked questions by Elisa and Lily. Each time the candidate answers a question and reveals something about themselves, they will remove one item of clothing or an accessory they are wearing – makeup, socks, a t-shirt, a hair band, necklaces etc. until they are eventually only in their underwear, revealing to the world their true, unedited and beautiful self. I don’t remember how I first came across StyleLikeU, I think it was because I was watching videos on body confidence etc. and their channel came up in my recommended or ‘to watch next’ section, each of their videos are titled individually based upon the story they tell and once I’d clicked on one, I was completely hooked. I spent the whole day watching their videos one after the other and was amazed that two people could create such incredibly beautiful content to share with the world, I would honestly go as far to say that their videos are life changing. Their channel has hundreds of amazing videos and stories to tell, but here are some of my favourites (there’s a few):

A Sparkling Force of Curvy Goodness
Redefining Fat
A Model Rips into her Addiction & Comes Out with a Safe Space for Girls
I’m not Curvy, I’m Fat
Her Modelling Agency Dumped her, so She Drops the Truth on Them
Maybe I’m not “Fuckable”… That’s fine, I’m not for you to Fuck
Being “The Pretty Girl” isn’t Always so Pretty in Hollywood
Sorry not Sorry, Women have Body Hair
A Fearlessly Vulnerable Voice Stands up to Rape
Confronting Grief with Nothing but Nature
With Scars Comes Strength
A Splash of Color Among Fashion’s Monochromatic Palette
Leaving the Tabloid Bullies in the Dust
A Curve Model Lets it all Hang Out on Fat Shaming in Fashion
Seeing Life Beyond Anorexia

Loey Lane

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 21.25.57
@loeybug on IG

Loey Lane. Loey freaking Lane. One of my favourite people to exist in the entire universe, ever. This girl has made a huge impact on my self confidence and the way I see myself – she is so, so incredibly beautiful, inside and out. She’s literally the best friend you’ve always wanted to have. She has a Youtube channel with over 1M subscribers (so if you haven’t heard of her, where have you been????) where she posts plus sized clothing hauls and videos talking about body confidence (as well as many other types of videos). Loey is just so natural in the way that she speaks, she’s so honest, open and just generally one of the most kind hearted and sweetest people to walk the Earth, she makes you feel like you deserve to love yourself and that you’re worth it, which is something I really struggle to grasp. Definitely, definitely watch her.

Learning To Be Fearless

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 21.33.09
@learningtobefearless on IG

I actually discovered Alex through one of Loey’s videos a couple of years ago now and instantly fell in love with her – she’s so full of love and light and has this larger than life personality that instantly puts a smile on your face the second you hear her voice. Alex is such an advocate for body confidence and another person who has really helped me on my journey to self love, like Loey, she is so honest, open and allows herself to be vulnerable on camera, she shares the good, the bad and the ugly – she shows us what’s real. She speaks out when people use her body as a way to criticise / demean her, she speaks out about all aspects of being someone with a body that doesn’t fit society’s standards of ‘ideal beauty’ and again, it’s so refreshing to watch someone who can just sit in front of a camera, be 100% unapologetically themselves and say hey you know what, we’re not standing for this. She’s also incredibly funny, so down to Earth and just generally one of the loveliest people ever, I love her.

Tallulah Moon

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 21.41.27
@tallulah_moon on IG

Now, this isn’t a Youtube channel, but an Instagram page – I never follow people on social media who make me feel like crap, basically. If I’m following accounts full of beautiful models with airbrushed skin, photoshopped stomachs etc. then I see these photos and end up hating myself for not looking the exact same way, so what do I do instead? I follow beautiful, empowering, incredible women who make me feel great about myself and allow me to continue with this self love journey I’m embarking on. Tallulah Moon is one of these women and she’s so, so beautiful inside and out. She’s forever writing powerful, magical captions and truly accepts and loves herself for everything that she is, which makes you want to do exactly the same. She’s so inspiring and her account is one of my favourites.

Dana Patterson

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 21.49.08
@danaisabellaaa on IG

Another Instagram account – this girl is incredible. Again, Dana is absolutely beautiful inside and out, so confident in herself and the captions she writes on her Instagram posts are so, so important. She really cares about self love and the body confidence movement, she talks about her own struggle with an eating disorder and always writes really insightful things that always help me so much whenever I’m having a bad day – I can just go onto her account and read these beautiful messages that she’s written to all young women (and men) out there, who feel like they’re not good enough or need to be a certain size in order to be loved. She is everything I aspire to be.

Erika Lipps

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 21.54.20
@erikalipps on IG

Beautiful, gorgeous and amazing. I only discovered Erika’s IG recently but ever since, I’ve been completely hooked. People who exuberate confidence make others feel confident and wow this girl is so beautiful she just makes me want to love myself 100%. All of her photos just scream happiness and light, everything she posts is literally just a ray of sunshine – her style is also amazing and I love it.

Barbie Ferreira

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.42.21
@barbienox on IG

I’ve followed this girl on Instagram for years now, she was one of the first body positive accounts I ever followed when I first started getting into the movement and I’ve been obsessed ever since. She’s also has the best personality and did an interview for StyleLikeU where she talks about fat shaming in fashion, which is so important. She’s impacted so many people’s lives and enabled so many people to learn to love themselves – like I said, her account was really the place that I started my own journey.

Charli Howard

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.48.53
@charlihoward on IG – photo by @benritterphoto

I first discovered Charli a couple of years ago now through an interview that she did for StyleLikeU, her modelling agency dumped her for not meeting their standards and not being small enough (even though she was incredibly small at the time, which you can also see in this video) – she talks about her experience and the way she had to restrict herself mentally and physically. When the agency dumped her to basically tell her she wasn’t good enough, she wrote a massive ‘fuck you’ post on Facebook that went viral, and that’s how she became an advocate for self love and body positivity. She’s so real and a gorgeous person inside and out – she’s very open and honest and you’d be silly not to follow her!

Bree Kish

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 12.54.02
@breekish on IG

I feel like if a ray of sunshine could be a person, it would be Bree. Everything about this girl is just self love and light – she is so incredibly beautiful, inside and out. Everything about her is just magic, I swear – she’s obsessed with Disneyland  and wears the most beautiful outfits I’ve ever seen, she’s always smiling and it’s so contagious. When you see people being happy in their own skin and loving life, it makes you want to do the same and Bree always inspires me to be the happiest that I can be – she’s the sweetest person and her IG page is to die for – if you’re looking for self love, look no further.

And there we have it! I hope you’ll all love these girls as much as I do and I hope they can bring positivity & confidence into your life just like they do mine. Let me know who you’d put on your list!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing of all these amazing women 💕 I don’t know any of them. I will check them. It’s so important to raise awareness of loving our bodies instead of feeling insecure all the time. I also struggle with that.

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