my first 3 tattoos

Hi loves,

Now, I was originally going to save this post until I got my fifth tattoo in a couple week’s time, but I had a few questions on my last post asking about my tattoos and so thought I’d post this one now!

As you may have seen, I uploaded a blog post last year titled ‘I got my fourth tattoo!’ because I like explaining them and generally just having somewhere to document them for myself. I was planning on doing a tattoo tag eventually where I showed you all of my tattoos but it’s going to be years before I’ve finished getting everything I want (and even then I probably still won’t be finished) so I kept putting it off, knowing I was going to have to keep making a new updated version every time I got a new addition to the collection anyway – I’m really particular with things like that because I’m someone who likes everything in order and in one place, so the thought of having multiple tattoo tags scattered here there and everywhere makes me want to scream a little, not going to lie.

So, the solution? I’m just going to make a new post every time I get a new tattoo – simple! However, I didn’t have this blog when I got my first 3 tattoos and so I felt it was a bit random to start from number 4 and go on from there – please forgive the fact this was a stupidly long intro for what I was actually trying to say (probably could’ve been done in one sentence but we all know how I like to ramble) so anyway – let’s get into it, here are my first 3 tattoos.

Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 21.22.32.png

1). Love Heart
Age = 15
Placement = Inside right wrist
Pain = 2/10
Price = Free

Okay so before you all yell at me for being cliché and thinking that I was 15 and wanted to get a tattoo but didn’t know what to get and so I ended up getting a random ass love heart on my wrist…THERE’S A GOOD REASON FOR THIS ONE OKAY. Basically (also I’m being a massive hypocrite here but don’t get underage tattoos wait until you’re 18!!) this is actually a love heart that my best friend drew in hospital the day before she died. She was due for an operation which is why she was in the hospital and I guess she was just doing random doodles and ended up drawing this love heart. After she died her Mum, Sister, Grandma and I all got the same tattoo (apart from I didn’t go with them to get mine done because of course, I was underage) and I guess I chose my wrist because it was so small I wanted it somewhere visible and I always thought in my head that my first tattoo was going to be in that placement. In terms of pain, I don’t know if it was because I was 15 but when I think back to it now this one actually hurt more than I think it should have done, but I put that down to the guy not being an actual tattoo artist.

Obviously, this tattoo was not done in a professional environment which is why the lines aren’t clean and also (you can’t see this in the photo) but the guy used too much ink meaning that the tattoo never actually ‘sank’ into my skin properly (please forgive me for the basic terminology). So normally, once your tattoo heals you can’t feel it on your skin at all and it literally just feels like any other piece of smooth, flat skin on your body however, because too much ink was used in this one the tattoo is actually raised – if you were to close your eyes and run a finger over it you’d be able to feel the outline of the whole thing (and this will never go away). It also doesn’t even really look like the original heart that my friend drew and is a lot thicker as well…


I love this tattoo so much and honestly, if I had to get rid of all of my tattoos tomorrow and only keep one, I’d keep this – it’s been a part of me since I was 15 and it just feels like it’s always been there, it relates to such a personal time in my life and a huge journey I’ve been on, and even though it doesn’t even look like the original, has blurry lines and is raised, I still think it’s perfect – no one else has this and it’s something that is individual to me. It’s my love heart, you know? It just makes it feel all that more important I think. I love this one so much even though it’s tiny (my smallest tat).

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 00.33.26
I took this photo a couple of days after I had it done (2 years ago) so ignore the fact it looks a little blurry – it was still healing. Also, the photo quality is terrible because do you KNOW how hard it is to get a photo of your ribs?! I didn’t!

2). make it lovely
Age = 17
Placement = Right rib

Pain = 5-6/10
Price = £45 (I think, could have been £50)

Again before you all yell at me for not being 18 and getting this done it was legal this time okay, it was a week before my 18th birthday (but technically I was still 17 and I told you how particular I am) and this one is a line from my favourite book in the whole entire world, All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I always knew I wanted a tattoo for my 18th birthday and I was 99% sure it was going to be script but I was conflicted over what to get because I liked a lot of things and nothing was really standing out to me. I was also incredibly aware of the fact that this was going to be on me for life and so I didn’t want to make a silly 18 year old decision that I was going to hugely regret when I was say, 40 with a husband and kids. I’ve only ever read ATBP once and that was 6 months before my 18th birthday, but the second I put the book down I knew instantly that my first (legal) tattoo was going to be a quote / word / phrase from there. ATBP ruined my life okay, that shit ruined my life (in a good way). I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my entire life, I cried for weeks. It haunted me, I couldn’t eat or concentrate on anything other than the damn book because it just consumed every part of me. I haven’t read it since and probably never will because I can’t go through it all again, but it’s my favourite book in the whole entire world and it changed my life in the most heart-breaking and beautiful ways.
Because this was a quote and something people would be able to read and understand, I wanted it on my ribs so it was more private (I forget it’s even there 99% of the time) and it’s generally a common placement for people getting script tattoos anyway. I went through a long list of quotes and phrases that I loved from the book and I actually really wanted to have a quote from Virginia Woolf that was in there (ATBP was the book that first introduced me to Virginia Woolf and I haven’t looked back since), but it was very long (12 words) which might not sound a lot, but I basically didn’t have enough room on my ribs for it and so had to go back to the drawing board. I wanted something short and sweet that represented ATBP as a whole and I also wanted something with the word “lovely” in because it’s a motif throughout the novel. As I was going through quotes I saw “make it lovely”, it wasn’t a main quote and hadn’t stood out to me before because the scene that it’s in was kind of just a filler, you know? It was just a scene, nothing too significant or special about it (compared to other ones throughout the book shall we say). During this scene Finch’s sister is upset and cutting letters out from different magazines and arranging them into certain words, she leaves the room for a moment and Finch uses the letters to spell out “make it lovely” on her pillow.

I think it’s beautifully simple and I love the scene that it comes from, and therefore “make it lovely” was born. I had a font in mind for this tattoo (it was perfectly legible, nothing crazy or anything) but the guy said I couldn’t have it because it wasn’t clear enough and basically it just wasn’t going to make for good viewing. I know the artists know best but this guy in general was just awkward (I knew of him beforehand) and so I was annoyed when he told me this because I knew I could’ve gone somewhere else and had the font I wanted no problem,  but it was too late by that point because I was literally about to get into the chair and so I just picked another font from a line-up and had that instead.

In terms of pain, it didn’t hurt half as much as people tell you it does. I have quite a high pain tolerance and a lot of people will try and scare you away from getting your ribs tattooed because it’s supposed to be the most painful place to get something done (along with your foot). The overall thing was about a 4/5 and as he was getting further in (near my boob) it was about a 6. At the end the guy actually said that he was super impressed as I’d sat like a rock and could teach a thing or two to the grown men that come in for rib tattoos and couldn’t sit through the whole thing because it was apparently too painful, so that made me smile a bit. The only thing I regret is that I got it a little too far inwards and so sometimes my boob covers the “y” on lovely (ha), but other than that it’s great.

It’s a reminder of Finch and the story he told and it’s a reminder to make everything in my life lovely. Be lovely and make everything around you lovely.

“Lovely’ is a lovely word that should be used more often.”

literally look how gorgeous this piece is. this is ART.

3). Crescent moon with flowers
Age = 18
Placement = Back of right arm
Pain = 3/10
Price = Free (Should have been about £110)
note – all tattoos from this point onwards are done by the same artist

Now onto my first big piece! I say big, it’s still only palm sized but it was the biggest tattoo I’d got up until that point and was also the first picture (?) tattoo I got. Let’s get all of the boring stuff out the way first – I chose to have it on the back of my arm because I love quirky placements and thought it would look perfect there (it does). In terms of pain, it really didn’t hurt at all – it was about a 3/10, the most painful thing was actually when she had to keep wiping it down to get rid of all the blood and excess ink etc. and they use this solution which stings like a motherf*cker. It’s like someone’s pouring acid into your open wound, that was a 12/10 for sure.

The reason I got it for free is because my tattoo artist is an angel. She’d basically emailed me the morning of my appointment telling me that she was unwell and was therefore going to have to reschedule to the following Saturday instead, but for some reason the email went into my junk inbox and therefore I never saw it. Basically, I turned up like an absolute dummy and long story short I got told she wasn’t actually there right now but was going to try and make it into the shop for me. As I was waiting, I checked my emails and saw the original email she’d sent me that morning and was basically like oh shit. As I was reading the original one, she sent me another basically apologising profusely and saying she was so sorry because I’d turned up and I was like no girl don’t worry about it!! I felt bad for not seeing her email and then turning up! I was like it’s absolutely fine don’t worry I’ll come back next week, I hope you feel better soon, but she was adamant that she wasn’t going to do my tattoo unless I let her do it free of charge the following Saturday and she also refunded me my deposit and gave me travel money because I’d had to travel a little bit to get there each time (it was no big deal though, it was just the city next to where I lived) but like I said, she was adamant that she had to do all of this. The whole time I was telling her no but she wouldn’t have it, she’s an absolute angel and it restores my faith in humanity that there are still wonderful and lovely people out there like her, I think I literally must have hugged her 5+ times that day.

Anyway, onto the meaning. I love the universe right, you guys all know I love the universe and the stars and astrology and the moon and the sun and the sky and all that jazz – this was basically just to represent that. I love the moon. I LOVE HER. SHE’S A GODDESS. So beautiful and poetic and wonderful and I love moonlight and I love sitting with my legs dangling out of the window at night literally talking to the moon. I’ve cried to her and I’ve asked her to bring people back to me and I’ve told her all my worries and I love sitting there in moonlight charging crystals and myself and manifesting and yeah, I just adore everything about the moon. I love her, old Luna.

It means everything – Moon River (my Grandad’s favourite song, and mine), Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Moonlight, (Ari), Honeymoon (Ari & Lana) – a lot of things really, I just love the moon.

4). just ride

Age = 19
Placement = Crook of right arm
Pain = 2/10
Price = Free (not sure how much it would’ve been)

You’re gonna have to click on the link to hear about this one! I already did a whole post on it. What I didn’t say in that post though was that it was free (and why) – I’d gone in to have a touch up on my crescent moon because the flowers were so delicate that some of them had faded during the healing process. I asked if after the touch up my tattoo artist could do the ‘just ride’ tattoo for me and she said she’d be honoured and that it would be of no extra cost. Like I said, she’s an angel.


All will be revealed shortly! I’m getting this one in a couple of weeks and will do a separate post on it (like I did for my fourth) so look out for that, I’ll also link it here when it’s uploaded!

Hope you enjoyed this post loves and if you have any questions feel free to ask – I have a tattoo advice post ready to go up in a couple of weeks but let me know if you’d like to see any other tattoo related things from me!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

50 thoughts on “my first 3 tattoos

  1. aw i love all of your tattoos so much! the loveheart one is such a nice idea 💕 i am so sorry that your friend died 😢 i’m sure she was so kind ☀️ i really want to get a tattoo when i’m older but i am too scared of the pain! lol 😂
    Ellie xx

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  2. Beautiful tattoos 😍 I really love them so much. I love the heart tattoo and all of them so much. I also love the moon tattoo so much. I’m in love with the universe and moon and stars and everything 😍 Would love to name my baby Luna 🌜 I really like that all your tattoos have a deep meaning behind it. I would love to have a little tattoo of waves or something about self love but I can’t stand needles. I would faint so I don’t know. Loved this blog post ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That letter to your friend, and whole post was beautifully written. I felt many emotions reading it. Wow. You’ve got some amazing stories to go along with your tattoos!
    I really love the crescent moon with flowers! That one is probably my favorite the flowers add uniqueness to it🌸

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love how all of your tattoos have such special meanings. I’d love to get a tattoo one day but I’m waiting as whatever it is I want it to be significant and special to me. I’ve always loved the idea of having one on the side of my rib cage as like you said, it’s private, and I think that’s how I’d want it to be xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Haha girl I feel you so much about only reading ATBP once, I adored it but still haven’t read it again (same with the fault in our stars, I have to stop at Amsterdam hahaha) I love these so much though! Can’t wait to see number 5 x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I think all your tattoos are beautiful. I will admit I did doubt your choice a bit when I read you were only 15 but when you explained the reason why I understood. Is it 16 with parental permission that is the lower age limit? xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! In the UK it’s illegal to get a tattoo under the age of 18 but in other European countries you can get one at 16 with parental consent – the UK doesn’t follow that rule though – a misconception a lot of people have! xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah okay. I got my one and only tattoo when I was 18 so this never applied to me and to be honest I never felt any need to get a tattoo before then. I think with parental permission you should be able to get a tattoo but I understand the reasoning behind it. xx

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  7. Sooooo beautiful! Love this little tattoo collection you have going on here, thank you for showing us! Tattoos can be very personal after all, so I think it’s great you’re being so open and honest about them. Can’t wait for the big reveal of your 5th! I’m planning on getting my first tattoo this year, sooo excited for it already! xx

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  8. Beautiful tattoos girl! I just love it that they each have a real meaning and aren’t just random designs. I have been wanting to get a tattoo since I was a teen (now in my mid twenties) but I guess I am too scared to get one. I guess it’s mainly because I am afraid of the pain.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you lovely! My pain threshold is quite high so I don’t know if I’m the best person to give you advice but personally I don’t think they hurt very much at all. Also, it’s only temporary pain – once the tattoo is finished that’s it then forever! xx


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