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Let’s Talk Kpop – A BTS Guide for Dummies

Hi loves,

As I’m trying to expand the content on this blog, I thought I’d write about the things that I love more and so, as this is one of them – I thought why not share it with you guys, I feel like it needs more recognition (yes, even more) and so…

Yes, you heard right.

Let’s talk about k-pop.

Now, I know what some of you are probably already thinking (cause I used to think it too) and that is Chloe, I’m not interested. You hear the word k-pop and your brain immediately switches off and you’re like NOPE what is this crazy Korean trend that I don’t understand and can’t relate to on any level.

Well, let me tell you.

K-Pop is short for Korean Popular music. It’s based around audio visual elements and nowadays takes inspiration from general pop music.

So basically, it’s like all the other pop you’ve ever heard, just 10x better.

Now, I’m a newbie to this and so I can’t give you the full lowdown, but I’ve been dying to talk about it because you know when you discover a band / artist / thing that makes you so happy you don’t know how you’ve managed to cope in life without it thus far and wonder if you’ve just somehow managed to live under a rock since the day you exited the womb.

…That’s me right now, which therefore results in me writing this post.

I spoke about K-Pop for the first time recently in this post where I basically just got carried away and had a bit of a meltdown, but we’ll pretend to ignore that for now.

The band I spoke about was BTS which stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan (Korean expression) which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts but they’re also known as the Bangtan Boys and after their rebrand, Beyond The Scene (but no one calls them that so we’re gonna stick with BTS for now).

They’re one of more popular K-Pop bands out there (probably the most popular depending on who you ask) so before you roll your eyes at me for jumping on this cliché bandwagon bear with me ok I’ve fallen into this deep pit of despair and can’t get out.

BTS is made up of 7 members and again before you freak out don’t worry I’ve got you covered. A thing I’ve noticed about K-Pop groups is that they’re all the size of a small army which can in my opinion scare people off a little because there’s so many names and you can’t remember who’s who and you don’t know who to look at and y’know, the list goes on. It’s too much for the brain to handle basically, or maybe I’m just stupid and it shouldn’t have taken me so long to adjust but again we’ll ignore that okay.

So BTS – the only K-Pop band I’ve even looked at so far (like I said, fallen into a deep dark pit of despair and can’t get out). So here’s the hoedown lowdown on who they are, how to tell them apart and anything else I think you need to know about them (in reality I’m just gonna fire a load of my bias opinions at you and hope you agree because I need people to yell about them with and don’t fancy joining a Twitter fandom anytime soon – been there done that).

So now I present to you…

Chlo’s BTS Guide for Dummies

‘Her’ Concept Photo L

Kim Taehyung (V) / Tae

‘Her’ Concept Photo L

(my bias)


Most beautiful person you’ll ever see

Deepest voice in existence

Can be seen staring into the distance like he’s having war flashbacks 99% of the time

Can’t pronounce English words properly (usually ends up swearing)

Very smiley & incredibly random when not having war flashbacks

Voted most handsome face in the world 2017 (I’ve no idea why)

Looks offensively attractive in this music video which you shouldn’t click on if you want to live a stress free life (orange hair)

Jeon Jeongguk (Jungkook)
Vocal / Maknae

Jungkook ‘Her’ Concept Photo L –


Youngest in the group

Voice of an angel

Known as a bias wrecker because one minute you’ll be happily living your life and the next he shows up in an outfit and you don’t know what to do with yourself

Looks like a child one minute and a man the next

Generally just a life ruiner

Biggest smile you’ve ever seen

Impersonates & harasses other band members

Used to rap but we don’t get that privilege anymore

Good at everything

Example of said bias wrecking outfit displayed in this video which you shouldn’t click

Park Jimin (Jimin)
Vocal / Dancer

‘Her’ Concept Photo L


Cutest person you have and ever will see

Known as mochi which is actually a Japanese rice cake but now people say it describe someone who is cute / soft

An actual mochi

10/10 would protect from evil at all costs

Sweetest person in the world

Could most likely create world peace

Abnormally small hands

Very small in general

An actual fairy

9/10 times will sing the high note

Falls over all the time

Generally just tends to throw himself around everywhere which usually leads to said falling over

The most precious angel on the planet

Caused world war 3 at the AMAs when he showed up in this jacket and every female on the planet wanted to know his name

Kim Seokjin (Jin)
Vocal / Visual

‘Her’ Concept Photo L 


Oldest in the group

An actual dad

Makes bad dad jokes because of the fact

Really silly & laidback

Avid fan of himself (let’s not talk about worldwide handsome)

Needs more lines (Bighit !!)

Has a show called Eat Jin which is basically just him eating large amounts of food in front of a camera (me)

Worst at forgetting choreography

Likes to yell a lot

Funniest laugh you’ve ever heard (sounds like a window wiper)

Evidence of hilarious laugh here

Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) / Hobi
Rapper / Dancer

‘Her’ Concept Photo L


The most incredible dancer

“J-Hope” because he wants to spread love & light to everyone (angel)

Extremely colourful and dazzling

Ray of sunshine

Really loud & animated

Prettiest smile ever

An actual angel ray of light piece of sunshine

Extremely scared of everything

Evidence of incredible dance skills can be seen here

Min Yoongi (Suga) / Yoongi

‘Her’ Concept Photo L


Other band members lowkey scared of him

But is actually really soft

Nicknamed Lil Meow Meow due to being soft

Musical genius

Quiet & more reserved compared to other members

Always makes blunt & savage comments (me)

Super funny & sarcastic

Composes & writes most of the songs

Extremely talented at songwriting and producing

Evidence of other members being lowkey terrified here

Kim Namjoon (RM) / Joon

‘Her’ Concept Photo L 


Leader of the group

Basically the dad

Speaks fluent English

Extremely intelligent (IQ is 148)

Literally the next Albert Einstein

Used to be called RapMonster (but we won’t talk about that)

Breaks everything he touches

Literally the clumsiest person on the planet

Usually done with BTS (not what he signed up for)

High key also done with American interviewers & their bad questions

Probably wishes he couldn’t speak English half of the time

Evidence of being done with American interviews here


Bias – Your favourite member

Maknae – Youngest member of the group (Jungkook)

Mochi – Japanese rice cake (aka Jimin)

Visual – Basically the face of the group (someone very good looking)

4D – Used to describe someone who has a weird / unique personality (Tae)

Music Videos to Watch


Save Me

I Need U

Mic Drop

And all the rest please and thank you

And there we have it! I’ll stop talking now because I could literally go on forever (as we all know) but I hope you enjoyed this, I thought it would be nice to do something different.

I may do more of these in the future since I love making them, so let me know what you think!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

28 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Kpop – A BTS Guide for Dummies

  1. Rice cake aka Jimin
    OMG I DIED THERE!!!!!!
    Breaks everything he touches.
    You’re so funny!!!!! this LITERALLY brightened up my trash day!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha the legendary meme face, I hope he never stops doing that. So cool that we have the same bias !! Also don’t worry about it at all hehe it made me smile – thank you so much !! 💜x


    1. I think the first song of theirs I ever listened to was DNA – the music video is incredible, it’s so vivd and bright! Take a look at that one and then you’ll find yourself binge watching their music videos! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am a huge music lover and always love trying new things, I will admit every time I hear of Kpop I don’t bother but I trust your opinion and this post has made it worth a try :)x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is literally my favorite post ever!!! Your descriptions are so accurate xD V is adorable!! But my bias was 100% always Jungkook and still kinda is because his voice is most my style…Howeever when I heard Suga’s song ‘First Love’, I was wrecked because I’ve never heard rap sound done that way before! It’s a hard struggle now for me to choose between Jungkook and Suga. I just love them all ❤ Awesome post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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