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things that will help you sleep at night

Hi loves,

Now, as you may (or may not) know, I’m basically a vampire. Or I used to be. Throughout my whole life I have never been a morning person, I would rather die than wake up early basically, and yes, it really is that dramatic. I used to be constantly tired, I’d get headaches, have dark circles under my eyes, you name it. I was pretty much a walking, talking, zombie and I felt constantly ill because of it.

However, through basically telling myself to get a grip and realising I didn’t want to feel like that all the time, I came up with a few things to help me feel better in the mornings and I thought I’d share them with you guys. I’m not saying that these have made me want to get up at the crack of dawn and dance around because 6am starts are just that fun, because they’re not, they suck and I’d still rather stick pins in my eyes than be up early but these are just the things that have made mornings a little more bearable for me. So let’s talk about what they are!

1). go to bed earlier

If this isn’t the most obvious point I could have included in this post I don’t know what is, but it has to be said. The main reason you’re probably not getting enough sleep at night is because you’re not going to bed early enough (and if you are, I’ll get on to that in a minute). For me, it takes me a while to get to sleep usually (45 mins to an hour) and so if I get into bed at 11pm for example, it doesn’t mean I’m automatically going to fall asleep at that time. As much as I wish I was one of those people who could fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, I’m not – my brain likes to think too much. I’ve started getting into bed 45 minutes to an hour earlier to allow myself to fall asleep when I actually plan to, if that makes sense. If I want to be asleep by 11, I’ll get into bed around 10pm and then use that hour to try to fall asleep so by the time that 11 rolls around, chances are I’ll be snoozing away. Usually I would just get into bed at 11 and then end up falling asleep around 12 and being tired in the morning and I couldn’t understand why – it’s because you spent an hour lying there thinking about the meaning of life, Chloe.

2). put your phone down

This is such an important one – put your phone down. The amount of times I’ve stayed up (I’m talking 3 / 4am) because I’ve been on my phone is insane, I get distracted way too easily and end up mindlessly scrolling through social media or having conversations with people that can wait until the morning. Turn your wifi off, put your phone face down somewhere or leave it on the other side of the room so you’re not tempted to keep picking it up every 5 minutes or check for new notifications. You can even put your phone on airplane mode (your alarm will still work) – this is also a great way to help you get up in the morning, putting your phone over the other side of the room means you have to physically get out of bed to turn your alarm off.

3). get up on weekends

Probably the tip that has helped me the most out of all of these – getting up on weekends. I get up at 7:30am Monday – Friday so by the time Saturday rolls around my body clock is automatically set to wake up early – I’ll naturally wake up around 7:30 because that’s what my body is used to and then I’ll go back to sleep for a couple of hours and wake up (naturally) again at around 9:30am instead. It’s so refreshing because now a lie in for me is considered 9:30 – 10am rather than 12 – 1pm, it means I get a couple hours of extra sleep and my day isn’t wasted. Don’t lie in until the afternoon just because you can, oversleeping actually makes you feel worse and more tired than you were to begin with!

4). get up when your alarm goes off

Which brings me on to my next point – stop pressing snooze! 5 minutes of extra sleep isn’t going to make you any less tired (the damage is already done) so get out of bed the second your alarm goes off. You think you’re doing yourself a favour by cramming in those extra 5 / 10 minutes of sleep every morning but you’re not, you’re just prolonging the agonising task that is getting out of bed and actually making the situation worse because of it. If you get up the second your alarm goes off I promise you’ll feel better for it (after the initial shock horror and feeling of wanting to die).

5). go to bed when you’re tired

Again, this may be an obvious one but I feel like it has to be said. Sleep when your body is telling you it’s ready for a rest – it doesn’t matter that it’s only 8pm, your body is tired! I used to force myself to stay awake because it was ‘too early to go to sleep’ but in the end, the only person I was affecting was myself. Staying up for the sake of it isn’t worth losing those extra few hours of sleep. I used to have FOMO and hated the idea of wasting my free time after work by sleeping but honestly if you’re tired, then you need to. I promise you’ll thank yourself for it the day after.

And there we have it loves! Let me know if you have any tips for falling asleep earlier / getting enough sleep at night – I’m always looking for new things to add to the list!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

31 thoughts on “things that will help you sleep at night

  1. I once read somewhere that you’re not supposed to look at your alarm clock/wrist watch/phone to check the time at night. If you do that you will constantly freak out about how much time you have left to sleep until you have to get up.
    I tried that trick a couple of years ago and it helped me so so much! xx

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    1. Yes! It’s like that thing of “if I sleep now, I’m going to get ___ hours of sleep before my alarm goes off” and because you’re worrying about it so much, you never end up sleeping! xxx

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  2. UGH I’m not a morning person AT ALL and I hate going to bed early lol, such a bad combo! I also definitely fight the tiredness & will put off going to bed if I’m really into a show, or something. these tips are really helpful!

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  3. For some reason reading before going to sleep always helps me fall asleep quicker. I think it’s because my eyes get tired and then my whole body is just like “oh well, better rest now!” Great tips. I couldn’t agree more, especially with the phone part. A healthy distance between you and your phone is so important! If my phone is close to my head when I’m sleeping, I have noticed that I am more likely to get a headache during the day. xx

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    1. Yes !! Can’t believe I forgot about that one! Reading always makes me feel soo sleepy and relaxed, I think it’s because the body starts to wind down like you said. My phone is definitely a huge cause of me not getting enough sleep! xx

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  4. Amazing list of tips! 💜 Some may sounds pretty obvious but we forget about it. I sleep late and stay awake thinking like you do. I also put my phone on airplane mode. I’m also a night owl and hate mornings so much. In Spain siestas are a typical habit which means you sleep for one hour during the day. It’s like a power nap and it definitely helps you to gain more energy. I also am used to over sleeping which at the end makes me feel worse. Hopefully, I can apply your tips 💕

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    1. Thanks angel! So glad to know I’m not the only one! I hate mornings, I’m definitely not a morning person – I’m a night owl like you said! I need many siestas in that case hahaha, I need so many more hours of sleep! Thanks for reading girly xxx

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  5. Thanks for sharing these fab tips Chloe. I turn off wifi on my devices at 10.30 pm and have a put a reminder for bed time on phone at 10.30 pm. Taking a shower before sleep helps in sleeping better. Reading a book or kindle paper white (no light from device) works as my lullaby as my train of thoughts and wondering where my life is going stops. Drinking hot chocolate milk helps too. If everything fails I listen to music or meditation music and fall asleep. I wonder how waking up fresh in morning happens naturally to people. I am very grumpy when I have to wake up early. One other thing that works is rewarding yourself in morning. If you do what you love when you wake up then you look forward to it. Listening to music or some exercise. These days I write poetry early morning and it gives a good start to the day.

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    1. Yes to all of these!! Reading definitely helps me to feel sleepy before I go to bed, hot chocolate is also a really good one too! I’m also really grumpy hahaha, do not approach me in the morning because I am definitely not a morning person, I somehow never manage to wake up feeling refreshed – I’m not sure how people do it!! Thank you for these tips and thanks for reading lovely! xxx


  6. I’m still such a vampire, undereye circles, night owlish and all, like you used to be haha, but I’m working on getting to bed earlier and I think my body has been thanking me for it. There’s loads of benefits when it comes to getting adequate sleep, so I’m really glad you shared this beautifulll. ❤❤

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    1. Hahaha oh girl I’ve been there!! That is definitely still me these days, but I’m working on it! Your body definitely thanks you after a good night’s rest, I know mine does! Glad you enjoyed this post lovely and thank you for reading!! ❤xx

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  7. This tips are brilliant girly! On the phone tip, using your phone a few hours before bed disrupts your sleep too! Blue light (which most of our screens have) is the kind of light your brain associates with daytime or something sciencery like that and it basically disrupts our sleep pattern because it basically tells our brains that it’s daytime right before we need to sleep xx

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