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Hi loves,

It was my Dad’s 50th birthday recently and it made me think and feel a lot of things. I’m an extremely nostalgic person, for everything – I always have been, so as you can imagine, this milestone birthday really sent my mind into overdrive. He’s having a party to mark the celebration in a few weeks’ time and so at the weekend we started putting together a music playlist and sorting through old photographs that we could put up on the walls of the venue. My Dad chose everything that went on the playlist (we’re still adding to it as we speak) and it was really nice to see him excited because obviously, the internet is a magical place – you can pretty much find and listen to any song that’s ever existed – he only ever listens to the radio or CDs so for him to be able to tell me all of these old songs that he used to love and for me to be able to play them for him was great, we had them blasting out of the speakers and he was having the best time, it was really nice.

Things like that really make me smile, because now I listen to that playlist to remind me of my Dad and it reminds me of how happy he is listening to those songs. The next thing that made me emotional was the fact that we got all of our old photo albums out of the loft and went through them to pick out the best ones of my Dad to put on the wall. They contained people who are no longer with us and who I miss terribly, so it was kind of bittersweet – all of the photos were wonderful and everyone looked so happy, but seeing people’s faces makes you miss them, you know? There were photos of my parents when they were teenagers, before they had kids and they looked like they were having the best time ever – so in love, always going to parties and family occasions, socialising and just generally having a great time. It made me wish I was there, it made me miss something that I’d never even experienced. There were old school photos of my Dad when he was a child and looking at them, I’ve never wanted to hug somebody so much. I wish I could have reached into those photographs and given that little boy the biggest hug in the world, for being my best friend and for just generally being the greatest person ever. Not to mention the fact that looking at those photos was like looking in the mirror, we are completely and undoubtedly the same. I look like my Dad more than anyone else.

I’m a sucker for film photography and of course, all of these photos were taken on film. There’s something so authentic about photos like that, it really makes me feel something, it’s like you can feel the same thing that the people in the photographs were. As I was sorting through them there were a lot of hazy Summers and tanned skin, curly hair and white clothing. Everyone looked so happy and young, it was strange to see them all before they had to do the boring adult things like buying houses and getting mortgages. Both of my parents are Caucasian but my Dad for some reason never looked that way, especially in his youth – he had jet black hair (still does) and tanned skin, it was funny actually because everyone who ever met him used to think he was Italian or something, even though he wasn’t. He had an earring like George Michael and could’ve passed for the third member of Wham! (you know where my obsession comes from), as we were going through the photos his face lit up as he sat there explaining all of them to my younger brother who thought my Dad looked like the coolest person (he did). My Dad actually said he might put his earring back in because he realised how much he liked it after looking at all these photos (he took it out years ago), the inspiration from that in the first place came from George Michael who is an absolute love of mine (because of my Dad’s influences), so the whole thing was just really nice. Like I said, he could’ve passed for the third member of Wham! and George has always been such a style icon for me, aesthetically and for who he was as a person, but now looking at these old photos – so is my Dad. Definitely my muse.

Seeing his face light up looking at these old photos and reliving all the great memories really made me smile and also really emotional, listening to his playlist and looking at all these old photos, I did tear up and cry quite a few times, the whole thing was bittersweet. I was happy seeing the happy faces in these photos of my nearest and dearest – the ones who are still here and the ones who have left us, but also sad because all of that is over now and we can’t go back. I can’t bring back the people in these photographs who aren’t here anymore and my parents can’t step into the scene and relive the moment one last time. The time had passed and it made me think about the future a lot, about how much I love my Dad and for some reason it’s like I missed him, even though he was sat right in front of me. I thought about the fact that 50 years had gone by and I probably didn’t have another 50 left. I wish everyone could stay young forever, with bright eyes and smooth skin – youthful looks and full of life, I wish my parents could have stayed that age forever, because they looked like they had the best time, I have never seen two people so happy and full of light. My Mum actually commented on that as she was looking through them, she said “wouldn’t it be nice if you could just choose an age and stay like that forever” and through teary eyes and a sad smile, I said it would Mum, it really would.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

24 thoughts on “old photographs

  1. I’m such a sentimental person! I take so many photos, just for myself so I can always look back at them and relive the memory. I have an entire drawer in my dresser that is full of photos, postcards, diaries and tickets!
    I have a hate/love relationship with going through photos, I get happy because I remember the great time but I get sad at the same time because I wil never be able to go back to that day again! xx

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  2. Wow such an amazing post! Damn, you are really such a great writer 👏❤️ I love real photographs so much, also the black and white ones. My mother used to make a lot of pictures and going through old photographs make me feel the same way as you described. I tear up seeing my grandmother from Spain because she isn’t here anymore. I look to my parents having the best time together when they traveled to Mallorca or when they met each other in Cambridge. It’s really beautiful to see and yes I wish we could stay forever young and full of life 💜 Most times when I think my mother and father are almost 70 I get anxious because I can’t bear the thought of loosing them. My mother is 66 and my father is 68. I love your post so much ❤️ I’m also a very sensitive and nostalgic person. I hope he had a great birthday. Your father must be a beautiful human being just like you and your family.

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    1. It’s really nostalgic to see old photographs, right? It makes you feel a lot of emotions at once and they kinda all jumble up and mix together at the same time – it is really beautiful to see, I agree. I wish we could all choose an age and stay like it forever, just like my mama said. We have to cherish the moments while they’re here and know that even when these people do go, they will never really leave us. Thank you for your wonderful & kind words as always, you are an angel 💜xxx

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  3. This was such a special, heartfelt post. I relate so much to what you wrote and the feelings that came up while looking through the memories that made up your parents life. My whole photography career was inspired by my parents photos and what I felt every time I thumbed through their albums. Life is a wild ride like that! Best wishes for your dad in his 50th year! He sounds like a real gem! X

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    1. Thank you so much! This was such a lovely comment, it really made me smile. Old photographs are an inspiration for a lot of things, I completely get where you’re coming from – they’re very nostalgic and somewhat magical almost, there’s just something about them I can’t explain. My dad really is a gem! Thank you for reading lovely xx

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  4. Apologising now for the notifications you’ll have from me. I’ve been a little awol from the blogging world recently..

    This post is really special. Whenever I speak to my parents I always wish I was born in their era. The stories they tell and the photos I’ve seen makes it seem as though they just had the best time ever, and everything is just so different now…

    I’m so happy you had this such special moment with your family. Those are the memories you’ll cherish forever xx

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    1. Hahaha I’ve missed you girl! Thank you for this – I always wonder what it would have been like to be friends with my parents at that age, like…would I have even gotten on with them? Who knows! It looked like a great time though and I agree, these definitely are the moments I’ll cherish .xx


  5. This is such a sweet post! My Granddad celebrated his 80th a few years ago with a party and we did a presentation of his life which involved digging up lots of old photos and talking to his friends – who I haven’t seen or heard of since I was younger so it was very nostalgic. It really is true what they say about making the most of your youth because it doesn’t last forever. xx

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  6. This is so beautiful. And its strange to think that our children will never look upon a photo album at old photos of us, because all our memories have become digital. I love looking at my parents old photo albums because you get to see what their lives were like before kids, and what they looked like in their youth.

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