music of the month – april

Hi loves,

It’s that time of the month again (no, Mother Nature hasn’t payed a visit).

April is coming to a close and so I’m talking about songs I’ve been loving lately! I already have a part 1 and part 2 of this that I’ve done over previous months and now I present to you, the music I’ve been loving in April…

again – kehlani

Kehlani’s voice is just so gorgeous, one of my favourites from her is Honey and this one has the same kind of feel, so I instantly fell in love with it – it’s so beautiful and soft and dreamy, I’ve had it on repeat.

healthy – prettymuch

If you’ve been following these posts since I first started making them you’ll notice PM have been a running theme throughout – they release a new song pretty much (ha) every month and I’m obsessed with every single one (but seriously where’s the album guys) – every song is just so catchy, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I don’t think they can make a bad song, it’s just not gonna happen.

queen – jessie j

A bit of girl power for you all now – Jessie J is a queen in herself, so it’s only right she wrote a song about it, right? If you’re looking for some girl power, look no further.

big yellow taxi – lennon & maisy

I’ve loved these guys ever since Harry posted about them in like 2013 or something (I can’t remember the exact year) and Big Yellow Taxi is a great song – I’m rewatching Friends at the minute on Netflix and this was in the background of one of the episodes so I had to have a listen, then I saw that Lennon & Maisy had done a cover of it and I was like…how did I not know this!! Such a great version, they’re both so cute and hearing them sings this makes me so happy.

frozen – sabrina claudio

I was letting Spotify recommend me some songs similar to the stuff I usually listen to and this is what came up – and Spotify was right, I do like it! Her voice is so soft and beautiful, it’s such a sweet and relaxing song.

consideration – rihanna ft. sza

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve played this song lately, I dread to think. When I was getting tattooed my artist had the ANTI album playing and this one came on shuffle and I was like woooow, can’t believe I forgot about this!! When I first listened to ANTI in 2016 I picked out the songs I liked most from it and listened to them instead (this wasn’t one of them) and I’ve no idea why – it’s one of her best songs!

same ol’ mistakes – rihanna

Same goes for this one – it also came on shuffle and I was like wow Chloe what were you thinking, how did you never pick this one up?!

done for me – charlie puth ft. kehlani

This one is a new release and I love both of them and as we all know, every song Charlie Puth brings out is guaranteed to be a hit – this one was no exception!

in my blood – shawn mendes

Shawn Mendes to me is just dreamy. His voice is basically the smoothest thing you’ll ever hear, I definitely wouldn’t mind if he fancied singing me to sleep someday… Anyway, this song is really beautiful and in pretty much all of his songs you can hear the emotion in his voice, especially when he has his voice cracks (which he does a lot in this one) and it’s just really pretty. It’s a pretty song okay.

wham rap! (enjoy what you do?) – wham!

And last but not least, I had to throw this one in here. You’re either gonna love it or hate it but as we all know, I adore Wham! & George Michael and this has been on repeat for me lately – going through all of my Dad’s old records reminded me that it existed and I’ve been playing it a lot since!

And there we go loves, I thought I’d keep it to a nice number of 10 (which is surprising considering I can only usually come up with 9) but let me know if you like any of these and / or if you have any recommendations!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

37 thoughts on “music of the month – april

  1. The only song I know is Shawn Mendes’ new song so I have lots of new music to listen to, thank you! I have been loving Aly and AJ’s new EP 10 Years and 5SOS’ Want You Back and Youngblood this month. xx

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  2. I think its pretty bad I haven’t heard any of these songs yet…wth lol😂I’ll definitely need to check them all out now they sound great and I’m always looking for new music to listen to xoxoxo

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  3. sooooo many favourites you weren’t joking! Healthy is one of my fave bus songs and can’t get enough of kehlani, charlie, sabrina and lennon and maisy. loved this list – keep an eye out for my april tunes because it looks like you’ll have some favourites on there too haha! xx

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    1. Told you didn’t I!! It was weird since I already had this in my drafts ready to go and then I saw most of them on your lists & I was like….we are absolutely the same hahaha. Have you heard the PM EP?! Featuring Hello & On My Way in my May favourites!! xx

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