the end of the f***ing world

Hi loves,

I’m fully aware that just about everyone and their grandma has already done a post on this TV series (can you even call it a series??) but I couldn’t resist writing one myself because honestly, it’s one of the greatest things I’ve seen. The reason I put off from watching it for so long is because I knew I was gonna fall in love with James a little bit (sidenote – I did) and I just wasn’t ready for that kind of emotional torment yet.


First of all – the aesthetics. Indie psychopaths with messed up parents and a hate for school? I’m in. Literally, indie psychopaths is my aesthetic, it really is. James, bless his psychopathic murderous little heart, is for sure my dream guy. The more episodes I watched, the more I fell in love with him.

As for Alyssa, she was equally as great – didn’t know what the hell she was doing and had a lot of attitude and anger in her as well as being extremely direct with people (aka me) – if I was brave enough to be that rude sometimes, she’d probably be the equivalent of me looking in the mirror.

Also, the episode timings – 20 minutes each was perfect. I watched the whole series (?) in a matter of hours and was oddly satisfied at the end even though of course, I want another season (who doesn’t). The fact it was British as well makes everything even better, this is possibly a weird thing to say but it reminds me how good it sounds when people with our accent swear. It gave me Skins vibes (also Channel 4) which is one of my favourite TV series so it was just great. Alex Lawther as an actor is incredible, he played James so well. The same for Jessica Barden, I feel like there were no two people better for the roles.

The whole thing was just great and weird and psychotic and funny which again, is very much like Skins (if you wanna hear me talk about why I love that so much click here) – the whole thing was fucked really, but you understood it anyway and I really fell in love with the characters. I also found it really humorous at points and just kind of sat there the whole time with a smirk on my face thinking wow, I so totally get this. It was great. I wanted to bundle James up into a little ball and cuddle him to death (no pun intended) but I think generally he’s turned out to be one of my favourite characters in anything ever (like I said – Alex Lawthor played him so well) though I will say, I might have to have a little Google of where it was all filmed ’cause it looked so nice and not like your average British landscape at all, not to mention all of the houses were super cool (again – aesthetics – 10/10).

If you like fucked up indie psychopaths who are obsessed with death and sex (and just love in general), watch this. Honestly, you won’t regret it and the storyline is so good, as well as the characters – Channel 4 always create the best of these things which is why they’re my favourite – typical British teen art.

Absolutely 10 / 10 and if there’s any James’ out there who fancy walking into my life anytime soon, please do – I don’t mind if you kill me.

(I’m kidding, but not really).

All my love,

Chloe .xx

31 thoughts on “the end of the f***ing world

  1. OKAY GIRL YES! I’m so glad you got round to watching this because ISN;T IT JUST FUCKING AMAZING!!! Like you said, C4 is just always bloody brilliant TV and this was nothing less! I still have a bit of a TV-show hangover from it to be honest xx

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  2. this has got to be one of my personal favourite shows to watch on netflix. i just lost my shit in one of the first scenes where they first got together and alyssa said “i felt so safe around him” yet james was downstairs grinding his knife. what brilliant dramatic irony i reckon!

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    1. It was so good right!! Very far fetched at times I agree, but that’s what made it so great. You will absolutely love Skins as it was made by the same people, definitely check it out! xx


  3. YESSSSSS! I LOVE this show. I always draw a difference between “Teen shows” and “Shows with teens it them” – this was the latter. SO MUCH GREAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. It really had me rooting for them in the end. As far as I know, while season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, it’s definitely in the talks. I personally think that the season 1 ending wasn’t set in stone – most people just draw their own conclusions. I also love Skins, I actually binged it again last year! Which skins generation do you like the most? xx

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    1. Ah you summed it up perfectly!! This definitely falls into the ‘shows with teens in them’ category, I loved it so much. The ending was so ambiguous we were allowed to create our own ending and I really liked that about it, I thought it was very well done. I really would like a second season though because I’m desperate to see more of them, they were so great to watch! If we don’t get one I’ll understand because I feel like in a way, they don’t feel the need to create anything else and they’ll probably just leave it where it is, but I can always hope! My favourite Skin gen is 3, for sure – a very unpopular opinion but I explained it all in my Skins post ’cause I felt like I had a lot to say on it – that generation messed me up like no other!! Series 5 & 6 are my favourite things ever to exist. What’s yours?! xx


  4. Ahhh I’ve heard so many good things about this show but never get around to watching it ever! I loved Skins and Misfits, so that type of UK series is right up my alley – it’s just kicking my procrastination in the ass and actually doing it haha! xx

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    1. This was literally me a couple of weeks ago until I finally watched it!! It’s been out over a year now and EVERYONE had been talking about it but I just kept procrastinating and procrastinating watching it until I finally bit the bullet and was like okay, just try the first episode. Instantly I was hooked – you will be too, especially if you already love Skins & Misfits!! xx

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      1. I feel like such a fraud cos literally hours after reading this I started watching SKAM and I’m obsessed already despite my reliance on the subtitles!! Might just have to end EOTFW to the long list I alright have going 🤷🏽‍♀️ xx

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          1. Hahaha okay I’ll keep that in mind, not completely ashamed to say I’m nearly done SKAM since the episodes are so short so maybe I’ll just bite the bullet hahah xx

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  5. Yes! This show was so good! It was different from the average teen show centred around high school, and I LOVED both the main characters so much. I couldn’t help but binge this show! It was so well done! And as much as I’d love more, a part of me doesn’t want a second season because of how it ended. You kind of get to choose the ending, drawing a conclusion from how you viewed the characters.

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    1. For sure! The ending was so ambiguous we were allowed to create our own ending and I really liked that about it, I thought it was very well done. If we don’t get a second season I’d understand but I really enjoyed this so much I just want to see more of them hahaha! xx

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  6. Ahh I just found your blog and I’m OBSESSED! It’s really nice!
    Back to the topic, 😉 I LOVE this series (if you can call it that) as well! I literally binge watched the whole thing! haha amazing post!

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