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Hi loves,

Not sure why I never thought of doing this post before but I thought it’d be quite fun, I feel like I have quite a few unpopular opinions (hope that doesn’t sound too negative) but I thought it’d be interesting to share a few with you all – let me know if you agree or disagree!

*little disclaimer – this is not meant to offend anyone, of course. just a bit of fun! xx*

Peanut butter is gross
I just don’t like it okay, I’m sorry. Especially crunchy peanut butter, I can’t think of anything worse.

People shouldn’t wear band tees if they don’t know the band
I understand the need for fashion okay, I understand that every girly clothing boutique out there is selling cute t-shirt dresses with rock bands on and the design looks nice, but if you’ve never heard or listened to that band…what are you doing girl! I’ve seen so many people complimented on the cool band tee they’re wearing only to reply with “who?…”. Awkward. As Sharon Osbourne said to Kendall and Kylie when they put their faces on a Black Sabbath t-shirt, –  “Stick to what you know ladies. Lipgloss.”

You also probably shouldn’t wear a different artist’s merch to another artist’s concert
Wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt to a 5SOS gig? No no no. If you’d like to cause ultimate offence then please go ahead, but I think this is kind of an unwritten rule. You just don’t do it.

Tea is disgusting
Yes, I’m British so you can all go ahead and yell at me, but I honestly think it tastes like old people. How do I know what old people taste like I hear you ask? I don’t. But if I could imagine what they’d probably taste like, it would be a teabag.

Cyclists shouldn’t be allowed on the roads
This one gives me road rage like no other, they’re so annoying. I understand that riding on the path is equally as dangerous to pedestrians, but every time I see a cyclist in front of me I get high key triggered and the strong urge to run them over. They’re so slow, completely get in the way, you never know whether you can really drive around them or not and when you stop at traffic lights they actually stop in front of your car like they themselves are also a vehicle. They don’t drive on the side and wait patiently at the front, oh no, they actually stop in front of you, causing you to have to endure another 20 minutes of road rage as you follow behind them at 5 miles an hour because it’s unsafe to overtake them.

Phoebe from Friends is lowkey annoying
Don’t get me wrong okay, I love Friends, love it – it’s one of my favourite shows. But sometimes I lowkey want to hit Phoebe because she gets over the top annoying. Intentionally dumb characters in shows usually get on my nerves pretty quickly and the fact she’s a grown ass woman and is that stupid gets me triggered – plus, I don’t always find her that funny. I don’t find Joey annoying because I think he’s funny, but Phoebe is just…eh. The fact the others all entertain how stupid she is as well annoys me and I’m surprised sometimes they don’t just tell her to shut up. For example, the Christmas episode where Joey was selling Christmas trees and Phoebe was wailing and crying about the fact that the old ones get left behind and that everyone was a murderer…wasn’t funny, just annoying. You’re 30 years old. Stop.

So is Serena from Gossip Girl
Lowkey annoying and again, don’t get me wrong – I love Gossip Girl, but Serena gets on my nerves sometimes. She’s essentially quite stupid yet everyone seems to fall at her feet because of how beautiful she is which I’m not denying, but everyone uses that as an excuse for her poor behaviour. She constantly messes people around, disappears for weeks on end to basically go on giant benders yet complains to everyone else that they don’t understand and shouldn’t be mad at her because she just “needed to get away from everything” – is irresponsible, makes shitty decisions yet everyone looks past it because well, she’s Serena Van Der Woodsen. I just find it annoying.

You can’t claim to be an animal lover if you eat them
I feel like this one is a bit of a touchy subject (but hey, we’re doing unpopular opinions here) but you can’t ‘aw’ over how cute piglets and chicks are when you just had bacon and eggs for breakfast. It’s hypocritical. I think this one is pretty self explanatory.

Country music isn’t actually that bad
Yes, you heard that right. Country music is actually really soulful and sometimes I do just wanna go for a drive with some cute meaningful lyrics and a banjo playing in the background. Sometimes a girl needs that okay.

Chocolate covered strawberries aren’t actually that good
Yes, there’s no need to rub your eyes – you did in fact read that right. Chocolate and strawberries are two of my favourite foods, but together…they just don’t really do it for me. It’s like, they don’t taste of anything, each one cancels out the other. The idea and the aesthetic of them I love, but in terms of eating them…I’d probably reach for something else.

And there we have it! I actually really enjoyed doing this so let me know if you want a part two and if you agree with any of these and if not – what are your unpopular opinions??

All my love,

Chloe .xx

29 thoughts on “unpopular opinions

  1. I actually agreed with most of these :’). The band tee one, the animals one in particular. The Phoebe one, I can see what you mean but I do find Joey incredibly annoying. My most hated episode is the one where Phoebe tries to teach Joey French… I guess I like Phoebe because I am quite ditsy… but now I am in my late 20’s (shush), I have found that I quite like Monica. Never watched Gossip Girl so I can’t comment. Cyclists annoy me and I don’t drive :’). I also get extremely annoyed when I stop walking with my kids because I know I might be a little slow and they don’t say thank you. Also, I would rather drink coffee over tea!

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    1. It’s always nice to know that my unpopular opinions may not be that unpopular haha, I think Monica was definitely overlooked in Friends, she was a great character! I like Joey, I think he’s endearing but Phoebe…not so much! Sometimes she just makes me want to rip my hair our. I’m sure cyclists would annoy me equally as much if I didn’t drive, they’re just everywhere!!

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  2. I hate peanut butter and tea too – I totally feel you on those. It’s weird re-watching Gossip Girl as an adult because I remember being so in love with Serena as a teenager and now re-watching it, I find myself relating more to Blair who is the seemingly more mature character of the two. xx

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  3. I loved eating strawberries with chocolate haha. I also did that once with chocolate fondue and tasted good. I also love Serena but I can understand your point of view. I love tea too. I really dislike peanut butter and in Holland it’s so popular and ughhh it’s really so bad. In Holland they have special roads for bikes and it’s so much better. Here in Spain there are some roads but there are also people driving on the roads with their bikes and I think it’s just so dangerous. I also loved your opinion about band shirts. I like to buy some when I know I’m fan and will wear it at their concert.

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    1. Chocolate fondue I MAY be persuaded hahaha, who can say no to that! They have bike lanes here too but not very many of them, I think I’ve only ever seen a few in my life! I think it’s dangerous too, especially when they don’t wear helmets! Band shirts are the best right? xx

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  4. I’ve had my own unpopular opinions post in my drafts for AGES. To each their own, but I really don’t mind if people don’t know the band of the shirt they’re wearing. If it makes you feel good, go for it. Also I find wearing the band’s own shirt to their gig is a bit juvenile. I wear other band’s shirts to show what else I’m into and start conversations about other gigs I’ve been to. I guess the kind of concerts I usually go to are more accepting of other bands. Plus, if you’re already at the gig, you don’t need to wear their shirt to show people you like them 😛

    Rachel ||


    1. To each their own! These are unpopular opinions for a reason. I don’t believe that wearing band merch to the actual band’s gig is juvenile at all, that’s the whole point of it – they have merch stands at the show and people buy the t-shirts and put them on, you’re showing your support! I’ve never been to a concert where the aritst’s fans would rip me to shreds or reject me if I was to wear a different artist’s merchandise…if that was the case, I’d be concerned about the type of artist I was supporting…however, it’s kind of an unwritten rule that it’s probably not the best idea, some fans find it insulting, hence why I included it .xx


  5. I don’t mind peanut butter but smooth is WAY better than crunchy. Agree with you about band tees, I’ve got a few but they are all artists I genuinely love and listen to loads! I kind of agree about Phoebe too, out of the 6 main characters she’s my least favourite. I’ve never tried strawberries dipped in chocolate actually x

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  6. Yeees! Finally, someone who thinks Serena is just… annoying at times. I remember watching some scenes and wondering why everyone likes her so much, haha! I mean, she’s cool, but at the same time, she has the ability to get on your nerves like a pro!

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  7. I love this post idea, I agree with a lot of the things you listed! 💕
    I read them and was like YES YES YES YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! I used to hate tea up until a few months ago, now I love drinking it, haha! xx

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