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de ja vu

Hi guys,

Little forewarning that this post is probably going to make absolutely no sense whatsoever and be difficult to follow because I’m having a hard time explaining this in a coherent manner, so I do apologise before you start reading the mess that is this post.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I constantly get de ja vu. I get it all the time – the things I have de ja vu of are never significant, I could be sitting somewhere and look round for a second and suddenly notice that I’ve seen that exact same 5 second scenario before, or I could be having a conversation with someone and suddenly I’ll get de ja vu that the last 2 lines spoken have been something I’ve already witnessed before, and I don’t mean that I’ve heard someone else say it before or I’ve had the same conversation with someone else, I mean that word for word, action for action I have already experienced that exact same thing.

The reason I’m writing this right now is because I just experienced it again 2 seconds ago, literally I was stood at the printer at work and looked around whilst I was waiting for my stuff to print off and ended up getting de ja vu for a solid 10 seconds, after the first 5 seconds I was getting weirded out so started looking around more to dismiss the whole thing but no, the more things I looked at the more I realised that every single thing I laid eyes on had already happened before, and that’s when I remembered that I’d already lived that scenario in a dream.

Like I said, these encounters are completely insignificant, they have no relevance whatsoever – 10 seconds of me standing at the printer at work – it’s completely irrelevant, but I’d been in the same scenario in a dream I’d had. I didn’t remember the dream of course, until I just got the de ja vu and realised that’s where I’d seen it before, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Like I said, I get de ja vu all the time and have done for as long as I can remember – basically, the scenario that I’d be in would be something that I’d already lived before, does that make sense? So for example the printer scenario I just described, I’d already lived that 10 second segment before (in my dream) and everything was exactly the same (obviously, because that’s what de ja vu is).

When I get de ja vu it’s either because I’ve already seen / lived it in a dream or simply because I just have this feeling of living it before, whether that was in a past life or whatever I don’t know, it sounds crazy but it’s just the knowledge of knowing you’ve already lived this exact same moment before. Maybe I’m psychic or maybe my dreams are, it’s foreshadowing, right? Showing me things (albeit, extremely insignificant) that are going to happen before they happen. Like I said, I get it frequently and I don’t know why I’ve never written about it before, I guess I’ve never felt the need to because I don’t have anything to say on it really, I just find the whole thing surreal, but I had it again just then and thought I’d write it down because it’s weird – my brain bringing me dreams of things that have yet to happen. I had the printer dream about 2 months ago, maybe even longer, and my dream wasn’t even about the damn printer I just remember being there and that what I just experienced was the same as in the dream, my colleague even had the same spreadsheet open doing the same thing on it that he was in my dream. I know some people experience two things that are similar and say “Oh, I’m having de ja vu!” – no, de ja vu is experiencing exactly the same thing twice, like re-watching a TV episode more than once. Everything is exactly the same.

So does it make me psychic? Does it enable me to predict the future? Or am I just having flashbacks from a past life ?? Like I said, these scenarios are extremely insignificant and I don’t remember them until I get the de ja vu and realise that 1). I’ve either already lived it in a dream before or 2). I’ve just generally lived it somewhere else before (like in a past life, or I saw the future and now it’s happening, I have no idea) – the de ja vu just comes by itself, as in, I don’t remember the scenario until I’m a few seconds into it and figuring out where it’s coming from, so I know I’m not bringing it on by myself.

I don’t know, this probably makes absolutely no sense but I wanted to ramble about it anyway because obviously, getting de ja vu doesn’t bother me, I just find it really interesting and I guess there’s no way of ever really finding out how it all works – like, my dreams aren’t recorded, I can’t watch my dream back and then see if it really was what I experienced, there’s no psychologist that could tell me whether I was right or wrong about it, you know? All I know is that I’ve lived that 10 second segment of my life before and it either came from being able to predict the future, living it in a dream or just living it in a past life, and I guess there’s really no way of being able to prove or disprove that, you know? You can’t analyse it because there’s nothing tangible there to look at.

Who knows, I don’t know why I have dreams about 10 second random insignificant moments that have yet to happen to me and then actually live those moments months afterwards, it’s all weird.

Do any of you get de ja vu from dreams and stuff?? As in, everything is exactly the same – the people are blinking at exactly the same time they were before when you lived it in your dream or whatever, I’d be interested to know. Does anyone know anything about it???

I probably sound crazy and maybe I am but oh well, you all knew what content you were letting yourself for when you followed my blog, you’ve brought this all on yourselves.

I’m kidding, of course (or am I)

Anyway, I’ll shut up and stop rambling now – any psychologists in the room??? Talk to me about de ja vu!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

30 thoughts on “de ja vu

  1. I’ve read through the comments briefly to see if anyone else has mentioned it but I don’t think so. Apparently deja vu is when the right and left halves of your brain process things at different speeds so when one side of your brain is processing the information after the other side, it feels like deja vu because technically the information is being processed for a second time. I may be incorrect but I read that somewhere. xx

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    1. I’ve never actually googled it or looked into it (which I should because it’d only take me 2 seconds) but that could explain a lot, not sure if it necessarily explains the part about the dreams though, unless it’s the right half processing in a dream and then the left half processes the same thing weeks later hence de je vu?? But that still doesn’t seem like a logical explanation to me – what you said makes perfect sense though. Will have a read up on that! xx

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  2. my de ja vu is exactly the same, whenever it happens its always insignificant things like pouring milk or getting petrol its so random and weird!! makes me think there are other universes though…

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  3. I experience de ja vu on such a routine basis, that it’s almost become a normal part of life. And like you, I’ve had the exact same questions – has this happened before? Is it part of a dream? Or am I somehow psychic?
    I wish that I could remember my dreams more and keep a diary of them. Then maybe I could compare my de ja vu. It’s a fascinating topic to explore, and I’m super interested in dreams in general. xxx

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    1. I try to make a conscious effort to write down whatever I can remember about my dreams, just in case they mean something. A lot of the time I don’t believe they mean anything, rather, it’s just an extension of my own thoughts and doesn’t have any reasoning behind it other than that but I too wish I could remember them more as well. I always remember them the second after I wake up but a few hours later I’ll have completely forgotten! xx

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  4. While you were writing this post, you were apprehensive about whether you would be able to make people understand and would they relate to it and see so many of them confessed similar experience. Few things can’t be supported by logic probably or we are yet to develop explaination and reason for them to happen.
    This déjà vu has happened to me many times thankfully the frequency isn’t high. I did my studies till post graduation from my hometown and never stayed in Pg or hostel but I remember having few dreams of hostel scenes. For my job I had to move to a new place and stayed in a Pg where all other inhabitants were college students and many times I felt the exact scene recreate the way I saw in dreams and trust me I froze and got shit scared. Like the exact same view number of beds in room, Colorado and pattern of bed sheets, people around, what they are doing in that moment. I ignored and let it pass.
    I remember having a dream about doing a job profile in same work team for a person who was less educated and skilled than me and since you said it’s not documented no tangible proofs, I remember talking to my colleague about the weird dream and my career progression and she suggested laugh it off it was just a dream and then that person left, I was sold the profile saying it’s for time being and then they refused to change it and the exact scene of making phone calls in the new role recreated when that happened I felt goosebumps. I googled about déjà vu and internet said people with epilepsy often has such episodes so maybe that’s my reason but it’s not just the feeling that I have witnessed this but it actually have been dreamt about since I tend to discuss my dreams with people around if they are weird to me in some ways.
    Hope you could relate and understand you aren’t alone in having such experiences ☺

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    1. Ahhhh I love reading your comments so much, like I’ve said before – your insight is always so much appreciated! I agree, it’s really hard to explain things that can’t be supported by logic because I can’t really recreate a personal experience that I’ve had in a way where others would be able to make sense of it. It’s so nice to hear that I’m not alone in it though because I get where you’re coming from 100% – I think I may have to do some more research on it! xx

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  5. I also get de ja vu a lot! I could be sitting down in class, look around, and just feel like I’ve just done this all before. Your idea on the possibility of past lives and being psychic are totally interesting and I think it’d be really cool if you delve into it a bit more and make another post dedicated to it!! I personally believe in both and so it’d be cool to see your views on it!

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    1. Ahh thank you so much, I may do just that! I love having discussions about things as I always love to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions – thank you for sharing yours!! xx


  6. I can relate to this so much! My de ja vu though, is when I have my moment and in that moment I recognize it but I know I have not experienced it before. Then in the future.. so, going forward weeks days or months even, that moment I had a while back actually happens and I already knew what was going to take place because I’ve felt or seen it prior to the day of existence. Super weird, like my de ja vu is opposite or something.

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    1. In the moment when it first happens you recognise it as being something that’s going to become future de ja vu ?? But surely then when it does happen that’s like being psychic and able to see the future as such, therefore not being opposite ?? Let me know if that makes sense, this is so interesting!

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      1. Yes I would say it’s very much like seeing something that I then have a sense is going to be future de ja vu. For sure and it feels so real and happens often I’d say


  7. At a point I literally got deja vu probably about 2-3 times A week! It was absolutely horrible, but it seems to have gone a notch down over time, because now I get it about 3 times a month. I’m hoping for you that it will do the same to you ❤ xxx

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  8. OH GOD I GET DEJA VU ALL THE TIME AND I FUCKING HATE IT. Personally, I wonder if maybe we live our whole lives all at once? Like maybe we can only percieve time as linear (because we can only experience one moment at a time), but it’s all happening constantly and sometimes we get glimpses of different timelines.. i don’t know, but deja vu majorly creeps me out (also have you heard Panic!s new song? im in love) xxxxx

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  9. I got extreme deja vu when I listened to music I heard in 2012 but was released much later… so was that a sample or something? Because I knew what to expect while listening to it. I was just hella confused and shrugged it off

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  10. You know what’s weird? I have only gotten that feeling of de ja vu one time in my life and it was straaaaaange. It felt like I was trapped in a bad dream. Hearing that you get it all the time makes me thankful that I have since not experienced it. And that you sometimes have already dreamt about those scenarios – CRAZY. Maybe you’re psychic.

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    1. It doesn’t freak me out as such (well, kinda) but more than that I guess it just frustrates me because I’m like…what does this mean!? I want an explanation, you know? Then I get frustrated because really, there is no explanation – if I had the gift of psychic abilities I’d like to think they’d be more useful than being able to predict what spreadsheet my co-worker would be using in 3 weeks time hahahaha xx

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