I bought some earrings & wanted to show u

Hi loves,

As you can tell from the (very obvious) title of this post, I bought some earrings and wanted to show you! They deserve to be shared. They deserve to be looked at and appreciated because they are very pretty and I’m a little bit in love with them. I’m kind of an earring hoarder (I have 10 ear piercings) so I’m always swapping out my jewellery and buying more (mostly hoops) and thought that this time I’d show you all what I got because yanno, they’re too pretty to not show on my blog, so, let’s go…

Portrait Face Earrings


If you’ve been keeping up with the trends for the past year you will know this lined Picasso-style portrait print is everywhere (there’s probably correct terminology for it but your girl is (unfortunately) a lil uneducated on the arts so if you know the style please educate me) – this style of earring has been everywhere and you can’t escape it, every time you go on Pinterest or Tumblr there’s photos of these all over the place and you know what??? They were either impossible to find or ridiculously expensive once I did find them, so for the past 12 months I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because these earrings had to be mine, they just had to. I was having absolutely no luck with this print whatsoever as I saw a shirt dress on ASOS in the same style which had me written all over it and guess what? Out of stock (!!!) I could have cried. Anyway, I was having a little snoop around on Etsy because they have the most beautiful jewellery and low and behold these beauties showed up, I could have screamed. I think I did, actually. Anyway, they went straight into the basket and I haven’t taken them off since. I’m absolutely obsessed with them.

Golden Bumble Bee Hoops


I also picked up these cute little hoops because they have BEES on and as we all know, I’m obsessed with bees and like I said, I’m a sucker for hoops. I want to save every single bee in the world and keep some as pets, they’re just the cutest, sweetest things ever with their little wings and furry bodies and did you know that when bees get sleepy they TAKE A NAP INSIDE FLOWERS?? WHEN BEES GET SLEEPY THEY FIND A FLOWER AND BURY INSIDE THE PETALS SO THEY CAN GO FOR A LITTLE SNOOZE. If that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard there’s something wrong with you, every time I remember that fact I literally want to burst. Anyway, I got these gold hoops with little bumbles dangling from them and they’re so so so cute. Also very suitable for spring and summer!

But Darling…What If You Fly

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 11.59.39 

Last but not least, the star of the show…these masterpieces (they haven’t arrived yet so I’m using the picture from the website). Guys, look at them. I can’t. Have you ever seen anything more beautiful. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you’ll know that one of my favourite Youtubers & just people in general is Cartia Mallan, I adore her. Basically she’s always wearing the most gorgeous, beautiful dreamy earrings and one time she was wearing a pair like these (they could be the exact same ones, I’m not sure) but the second I saw them I was like ok…I need a pair of those. I went on the hunt and either couldn’t find any of the same style or the ones that I did find were like £200 and as much as I loved them, I didn’t fancy going into bankruptcy for them. Anyway, I eventually found my dream pair and they were within my budget but the company was based in the USA and the shipping was £15. Fifteen Great British pounds to ship a pair of earrings. I find it hard to even pay £3 for shipping let alone £15, plus the price of the earrings wasn’t too cheap in the first place meaning that with the added shipping they would’ve cost me almost £50 and knowing that basically half of that was dedicated to shipping costs made me want to die a little, not going to lie. Long story short I was umming and ahhing and going back and fourth for literally days because I wanted them so badly but couldn’t justify paying the £15 and in the end (after 2 weeks of trying to justify the need for these earrings) I gave up and decided I had to forget about them.

Until…2 months later when I got an email from the company saying they were doing an offer of worldwide free shipping. I was straight in there and had purchased the earrings before you could even say free shipping, and now they’re mine. The universe works in magical ways. The Law of Attraction? I love her.

Anyway, there’s my lil earring haul. Let me know which pair are your favourites!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

32 thoughts on “I bought some earrings & wanted to show u

    I just saw these on Etsy and I was considering getting them for my sisters birthday because they are just so beautiful (and not too expensive either)
    I hope you enjoy them, lovely! xoxo

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  2. ALL OF THEM ARE UNBELIVEBLY GORGEOUS. Specially the bee ones ❤

    I am obsessed with hoops myself (my hair is too big so it is not possible to see if I am wearing earrings when they are not big).

    I love your blog, I send a lot of love c:


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    1. Hehee they’re the cutest right !! I love wearing hoops when I’ve got my hair up because I think it adds a little extra something but if I’ve got my hair down I’ll wear hoops a lot of the time then too (I’m a bit obsessed) – they’re way easier to spot when you have a lot of hair!! Thank you so much angel, lots of love to you too ☺️💞


  3. They’re so cute omg 😍😍😍I love them all so much but my favourite are the portrait earrings and the moon earrings. They’re so beautiful 😍 I always buy from Etsy and they have amazing jewelry. I also bought once a beach towel and so much money was for shipping so I understand you. Free shipping is the best 👌

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    1. Etsy have the cutest jewellery ever, I’m a little bit obsessed with just having a “look” through their site and then filling my cart up with a million pieces of jewellery….. – free shipping is the best, it makes my heart so happy hahaha xx

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  4. I love bee’s as well, and I absolutely adore that the queen rules the roost and not a king. A little bee fact, the queen lives on average, 40 years longer than the others. It’s said because the bee’s feed her ‘royal jelly’, which the skincare industry tries to put in creams. ANYWAY, totally random point I’ve always remembered. Love the portrait face earrings. Just so cool. I’m not a jewellery fan but I would wear them a lot! xx

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    1. Hehee yes I think I read that somewhere before, long live the Queen!! Honestly I’m a little obsessed with bees so any bee related stuff I can get my hands on…I’m there. I wore them again yesterday and they’re so cute! xxx

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  5. OMG THOSE BEE EARRINGS!! Holy moly Chloe omg I need. They’re precious and girl girl I feel you on such a spiritual level, I’ve had to re-watch so many of Cartia’s videos because I’ve become enthralled by her bloody earrings and missed half of what she’s saying!!! I’m currently working around my rents to get my thirds, and looking for a nice snug hoop to put through my cartilage piercing, but I totally understand the literal hoarding that takes place in the process oml xx

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    1. How cute are they !!!!! Honestly you should get some and we can match hehee, Cartia provides massive style inspo for me – everything she wears is mesmerizing!! Piercings are addictive! xx

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