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things that help me cope with my anxiety

Hi loves,

Due to the amount of posts I’ve made lately talking about my anxiety, I thought it was only right to do a post talking about the mini ways I’ve found of how to cope with it, mental health is different for every individual therefore, things that ease my own anxiety won’t necessarily ease yours and vice versa, but I thought it may be helpful to share them anyway. Like I said, these are personal ways that help me therefore they’re not your average ‘do breathing exercise’ suggestions (though that also does help).

listening to country music

Now, this may sound odd, but recently I started actually paying attention to country music. A lot of people hate it and it’s deemed uncool to like it and there’s a lot of stereotypes so therefore I guess I just never really payed attention to it, I liked old country Taylor Swift and a bit of Hunter Hayes, but that was all. After I started exploring it properly I realised that country music isn’t some farmer sitting on a bale of hay playing the banjo, it’s actually really beautiful. It makes me feel very calm because (I’m going to be honest here) the subject matter is very calming and the songs cover things in a way that allow me to enjoy it rather than relate to my own emotions and get upset about it…does that make sense? So if there’s a country song about heartbreak, I find I’m able to listen to it because I’m concentrating on how beautiful, calming and nice it sounds rather than the fact it’s about a breakup. It all just feels very safe, is the word I’m looking for. It makes me feel safe and I can just close my eyes and let my mind drift away. (Let me know if you want a country playlist?)

going for a drive

I’ve spoken about this before in my posts but things like going for a drive or going for a walk really help my anxiety. I made a post a couple of weeks ago where I spoke about how I could feel this wave of anxiety coming over me and I thought nope, I’m not going to sit here feeling trapped and allow it to consume me. I find driving very calming and so putting some music on (this ties in with the above point but I normally listen to country / old Taylor Swift on these drives) just allows me to focus my mind on something else. I can’t use or check my phone because obviously, I’m driving, and I can’t really think about anything long enough to let it overwhelm me because I’m also concentrating on the road (and where I’m going because obviously, these drives have no set destination)- let me know if you want an anxiety playlist!

watching children’s programmes

I feel like this point is going to sound really weird, but anxiety makes me feel like a child, basically. I’m anxious and scared and sad and I just want to wrap myself up in blankets and for someone to tell me it’s all going to be okay. I don’t have that luxury as I pretty much face this whole thing on my own so the next best thing for me is to wrap myself up and watch kid’s programmes on TV. I find it so calming because again, it diverts my attention away from anywhere else and kid’s programmes are obviously just that – for kids. Nothing bad happens in them, there’s no heartbreak or death (and if there is it’s like, an evil villain in scooby doo so I can handle it) it’s all just safe. I know I can watch it and it’s not going to hurt me or make me feel worse. Like I said, this point may sound weird – a 20 year old watching children’s TV programmes but it honestly does help me and make me feel okay. I don’t do it often but sometimes I just need to.

watching Rhiannon Ashlee vlogs

Speaking of watching things, Youtube isn’t always my best friend when it comes to anxiety (unless I’m watching anxiety related videos). I can watch Youtube when I’m feeling anxious, but it doesn’t really do anything for me, however, there is one channel that I’ve found myself going back to over and over again lately, and that’s Rhiannon Ashlee’s vlog channel. I’ve been subscribed to Rhiannon’s main & vlog channel for literally years now and have always really enjoyed her content, but lately I’ve been none stop watching her vlogs to help with my anxiety – I never really made the connection before (I just found myself constantly watching them and thought…why have I become so obsessed all of a sudden?) but then I realised that I was watching them because they made me feel safe and calm. Rhiannon’s vlogs are so lovely, so normal and so calming to watch, nothing extravagant or crazy, no clickbait, nothing loud and in your face, just really nice to watch and I love them so much. So far she’s the only person I’ve found on Youtube that makes me feel like this, but I’m hoping to find more. Let me know if you have any recommendations!

reading a book

Now, this doesn’t always work for me but I’m going to include it anyway. When I’m feeling anxious I find it extremely hard to concentrate, I’m very easily distracted and therefore reading a book isn’t always the best solution in these cases because as I said, I can’t concentrate for very long. However, if it’s a book that I can easily get lost in – problem solved. Reading is a great way to pass time and focus on something other than what’s going on inside your mind, if I know I’ll be able to get lost in the story then I’ll pick up a book to distract myself.

playing a game

Again, may sound weird but with anxiety I need distractions. Sometimes I’ll put on some music to help and then play a game at the same time, literally some form of word puzzle or brain training (if I want to play a game on my phone I’ll turn airplane mode on so I can’t get distracted). Again, this passes time and allows me to focus on something other than what’s going on inside my mind.

You may have noticed a word I’ve used a lot throughout this post, and that’s safe. That’s what anxiety (solvers?) are for me, things that make me feel safe because when I get anxious, I feel very vulnerable and scared, so I instantly need things that are going to take away from that.

If you have any other anxiety tips please feel free to share them, you never know who they could benefit. Also let me know if you’d like me to make an anxiety playlist / country playlist ♡

All my love,

Chloe .xx

51 thoughts on “things that help me cope with my anxiety

  1. The journey of self reflection that you’ve taken is admirable. I am a young therapist myself and it helps me so much to hear such raw and honest self commentary. I’ve begun a blog and my hope is to capture exactly what you talk about and that is the resiliency of the individual Hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed yours and we can both spread our messages!

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  2. I would love both playlists – a country one and an anxiety one (link your Spotify please!). I used to love Taylor Swift’s old country-pop songs and Hunter Hayes, Maddie and Tae is a recently country find of mine whom I am loving recently. I found a tumblr post the other day about helping with anxiety and it suggested doing things that distracted your mind like puzzles and jigsaws which I have found super helpful. xx

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    1. Yaay! Will definitely get onto it asap. My spotify is (so sorry I don’t know how to shorten that?!) my playlists are on private at the moment ’cause they’re a mess, basically so I’m reorganising them so I can make them public again soon. I will definitely check out Maddie & Tae, I’m always on the lookout for new country artists (I’m a little obsessed right now) so thank you! Puzzles etc. are a great way to focus on things, it really does help. Thanks for reading lovely, let me know your Spotify! xx

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      1. Weird, it won’t let me follow you! My username is mad4goodmusic (I was young and thought I was being creative… nope!). I look forward to hearing your playlists when you make them public. xx

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  3. I must say I’ve never actually listened to country music but it’s something that I do really want to try out and listen to!! I can see what you mean about kids programmes – I feel quite safe when watching them too xx

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    1. Ahh definitely do, I think it will surprise you a lot! I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels safe when watching those programmes haha, makes me feel a little more normal. Thank you for reading lovely! xxx

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  4. These are such good tips and I definitely find listening to music helps me – I always put einaudi’s album on which is just classical music. I’ve never tried playing games though so I’m definitely going to try that xx

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  5. I would love a country playlist – I have never really listened to country music before, but from what you’ve described it sounds so wonderful and calming. I’m like you and try to distract my mind as much as possible with something ‘light’, such as watching my favourite YouTubers or movies/series that I know won’t upset me more. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughtful tips! Wishing you all the best xox

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    1. I’ll definitely get on to it! It really is so wonderful and calming, kind of dreamy almost. I definitely had my opinions (and stereotypes) on it before I bothered to actually take a listen and once I did I was like…wow, I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner! This is off topic but I’ve been commenting on your blog posts lately and once I’ve pressed submit my comments never show up ?? 😦 Not sure if they’re going through or not but thought I’d let you know just in case!! Hope you’re well lovely & thank you for reading! xxx


  6. 100% music. I need to listen to music, and I’ve found myself listening to a lot of jazz or lo-fi hip hop to calm myself down. I wish I had my full license because being able to go for a drive whenever I need time for myself is one of the things I look forward to the most. If you’re on YouTube, I’m not sure if you’re already familiar with him, but Conan Gray is sooo calming and peaceful to watch and listen to and I always find myself searching for his video when my anxiety spikes. Hope you’re well Chloe xx

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    1. Ohhh jazz is just so dreamy…I always think one of my (bucket list) wishes is to go to a jazz bar at some point, which may sound really lame but I really love them and everything is just so calming and nice. I’d love to go to a jazz / piano bar. If you can’t drive yet going for a walk is equally as soothing! Putting your headphones on and blocking out the rest of the world, it works great (though I’m sure you already know that). I’ve heard Conan mentioned a few times so I’ll definitely check him out, I’ve heard of him before but never actually looked into him so I’ll definitely do that, I’m glad he helps with your anxiety though. Hope you’re well too lovely xxx

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      1. Same!! There are so many in Melbourne but I struggle to find friends who are as invested in the genre as I am and willing to go to a specifically jazz venue, so hopefully one day! I’m slowly but surely increasing the amount of walking I do, so hopefully that keeps be satiated until my license is finished haha and yes girl, definitely check out Conan! xx

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  7. I loved this post so much 💕 It just came on the right time as I have been feeling bad too. I would love to read a country and anxiety play list. I also like country music and the older Taylor Swift music 😍 I wish I could drive because I agree with you that it would make you calm. I also like to watch children programmes and reading. I also love to listen postscasts of Yoga Girl. She’s such an inspiration and it definitely helps me to be calm. I hope you feel better soon. I’m here for you. Love you 💜

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    1. Thank you angel !! Glad it came at the right time. I’ll definitely get around to making those playlists! If you can’t drive going on walks is always equally as soothing – putting your headphones on and blocking out the rest of the world while you take in the scenery around you. I’ve been looking for some podcast recommendations actually so I’ll definitely look into that! Here for you too girly, always. Lots of love xxx

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  8. Love this so much…can I recommend something for your anxiety? idk if it will help you but when i was reeeealllly struggling with my ocd this massively helped when i felt anxious :,searchweb201602_3_10152_10151_10065_10344_10130_10068_10324_10342_10547_10325_10343_10340_10548_10341_10696_10192_10190_10084_10083_10618_10307_10820_10301_10821_10303_10059_306_100031_10103_10624_10623_10622_10621_10620,searchweb201603_31,ppcSwitch_5&algo_expid=8762ee7c-9bbb-4ab6-8e1d-52cbe2d6ab92-0&algo_pvid=8762ee7c-9bbb-4ab6-8e1d-52cbe2d6ab92&transAbTest=ae803_1&priceBeautifyAB=0 they’re these tiny balls that you put in water and they absorb it and grow a tiny bit into this gel like consistency…but they’re really cooling and still almost wet? Idk how to describe them but i kept them in a jar and when i was stressed would put my hand in and play with the balls and it’s literally the most soothing thing ever xx

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    1. Of course you can recommend something girl, GIVE ME ALL YOUR TIPS. Bookmarking that page as we speak and will absolutely make sure I get round to trying that, it’s kind of like a stress ball right? (but 10x better) thank you!! xxx


  9. distraction like driving or gaming I find really helpful, as it helps your mind kinda settle down a bit, fab post thanks for sharing 🙂

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  10. Music helps me so much it’s crazy. I honestly don’t think I would be here right now if music didny exist. Watching Kiara Rose on YouTube relaxes me, and watching Gabriella’s vlog channel distracts me. Reading is great too, but it depends on how anxious I feel. It doesn’t work sometimes and sometimes it does. I feel like I need some new options though, because from mid June onwards I’ve been falling into a state where I’m just anxious or sad every day or every other day – my usual strategies haven’t been working. Not too sure what to do.😕

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    1. Oh goodness me neither, everyone seems to underestimate the power of music but honestly, it’s so incredible. I’ll check out those two Youtubers hehee, hopefully they can help! I’m the same in the sense that reading sometimes does and doesn’t help me, it depends what I’m reading and whether I can concentrate long enough to really get sucked into it. Try some of these tips to help you lovely (other people have also left some more in these comments) and see if any of them can help you, and remember I’m always here if you ever need to talk. I hope you get out of this little funk soon, sending all my love xx


  11. YES TO THAT ANXIETY PLAYLIST! That’s such a great playlist idea. I love all of these ways you cope with your anxiety. I think everyone handles it a little differently depending on what kind of person they are but I do see a few similarities with the way we try to cope with our anxiety. My anxiety is more socially dominant, so for me a big one is to take some time for myself everyday – preferably somewhere I feel at ease and safe at. Music is also a big one for me, I love listening to piano music because I play myself so hearing a sound so familiar and dear to me is comforting. Brilliant post as always Chloe xxx

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    1. Ahhhh yay, I’m deffo going to make one !! Mine is more socially dominant too which is (like you) why I tend to have a lot of me time, sometimes I’ll be with a bunch of people and feel this strong urge to leave and just be by myself for a while, because I need that. I’ve been listening to Disney songs played on the piano (there’s like hour long videos on Youtube) and it’s the most soothing thing ever, I’m in love with it. Thank you so much for reading lovely xxx

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  12. I would definitely want to have a look on your anxiety playlist. 💛 As for me, I release my anxiety in journaling. Making creative visuals, doodling (even if i’m not good at it). I also watch dodie clark and conan gray on YouTube and I really find their videos calming. ✨

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  13. I used to hate country music as a kid because that’s all my dad listened to but I quite like it so deffo make a play list for us. Would be awesome. Someone may introduce you to other Country artists 🙂

    All of your tips are pretty good. For some reason when I am feeling anxious, I either watch quiz shows or Friends. The kid shows are always on in my house and to be honest as much as Paw Patrol drives me mad, I still quite like it :). What are your go-to shows to watch when you’re anxious?

    Another one, I like to do is mindfulness. Like I will look around my setting and try and find small details that you may have never noticed before. A piece of graffiti or a place where everyone seems to chuck their cigarette nubs, anything. It’s crazy what you notice when you really look and quite distracting too 🙂

    Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I think I’ll definitely make a playlist hehee. Friends is one of my favourite shows too (though you can’t bit a bit of Paw Patrol, right?) My go-to shows are probably Skins, (Charlie and Lola if we’re talking kids programmes, but don’t tell anyone) and I’ll also sometimes watch my favourite movie which is Grease, or sometimes Breakfast At Tiffany’s. The mindfulness tip is really helpful, I hadn’t thought of that! Something to focus on to divert your attention is always good, I’m a huge people watcher so it’s normally others for me! Thank you for reading xx

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