music of the month – september

Hi loves,

It feels like these posts come around so quick these days it’s freaking me out, before I know it another month has flown by and I’m like okay…where did the time go?

I’ve been an emotional wreck on my blog lately (lots of crying and soul searching, I feel like I’ve been a mess in every post) so thankfully today is the monthly instalment of the music I’ve been listening to lately – happy stuff! No crying! Woo!

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Here’s the music I’ve been listening to and loving in September…

mariners apartment complex – lana del rey

You took my sadness out of context…at the Mariners Apartment Complex. UGH. The love of my life. I was so happy when she released this. Lana will always be the light of my life so anything she releases I just instantly fall in love with, this song is so dreamy and the lyrics are beautiful too. I feel like a running theme in this month’s post is the fact that I’ve really been paying attention to lyrics recently.

loyal to me – nina nesbitt

I heard this song on one of those Spotify adverts and thought huh…this sounds cool. I had a listen when I got home and really liked it – I’m sure the lyrics are very relatable to a lot of us (thanks for spilling the tea Nina).

never enough – loren allred

Now…confession. I’ve never watched The Greatest Showman. Shock horror I know I know, I’m sorry. However, I know the soundtrack is ridiculously popular too (although I haven’t listened to that properly either, again, sorry) but someone auditioned on X Factor with this song and I was like woooooah. I could already tell it was from TGS just by the way it sounded, so I listened and absolutely loved it. What a beautiful song! I need to watch this movie asap. Please don’t kill me.

clearly – grace vanderwaal

I spoke about this song earlier this week in this post – I heard it on the background of a TV advert and was like wait…this is a million times better than the original. I had a little Google and discovered it was by no one other than Grace Vanderwaal! I love her music so I was pleasantly surprised to see this was her song. The whole thing is breathtakingly beautiful and makes me feel cleansed, for lack of better wording. It makes me feel like I can breathe and let go. I love what she did with the lyrics too, this is definitely one of my new favourite songs by her.

questions – tori kelly

After Tori released her new album I was drawn to listen to this song first on the tracklist (there’s a post about this coming soon) and it was beautiful. Tori has always had one of my favourite voices, I could literally listen to it forever, this song was so soft and beautiful and the lyrics are really important. It made me think a lot.

born singer – BTS

If you can’t already tell, this is a play on the song Born Sinner by J.Cole, they basically re-wrote the lyrics and changed it and well, it’s probably one of my favourite songs by them ever (even though it’s not official). The amount of passion they put into this is insane as well as the lyrics, when I watch them perform this I do shed a little tear I won’t lie, I’m just filled with so much love and pride, this whole thing means so much to them, it really does. I’m so proud.

I know – RM / JK

The second I pressed play on this I was on the floor, I’m not even kidding. My facial expressions were probably hilarious because I was internally screaming and about to throw myself out of a window because this was so beautiful??? Not like I was expecting anything less but seriously, what the hell guys. I wasn’t prepared. I also love the fact they use both male and female pronouns in this (well done king Namjoon), it’s definitely something we need more of in music. This whole thing is just a job very well done and I love it so much. Thanks guys.

sea – BTS

I found this song last week because I was analysing some lyrics (like I mentioned in this post, I love looking into lyrics and the meanings behind them) and this song was mentioned. Instantly I was like wait, what? I’ve never heard of this before. Turns out it’s a hidden track that’s only available on the physical version of the album hence why I didn’t even know it existed until a few days ago. This song is so beautiful, the chorus is dreamy and the lyrics in the verses are really something. They basically talk about how this whole thing to them could just be a mirage, something that’s not real and could be taken from them at any moment, it’s a really beautiful concept. One of my new favourite songs from these guys, they really do create art.

odd eye – SHINee

I already spoke about this song in this post but I had to include it here too. Apart from being a great song in general, it’s been super significant to me as of recent and it’s been stuck in my head ever since – it’s so catchy. SHINee have so many amazing songs and this is one of them.

love sick – SHINee

(And this is one of them too). What a bop.

i love it – dean ft. dok2

The best. Dean is such a great artist, this is just one of his amazing songs. I swear everything he creates is great.

my last – jay park ft. loco & gray

I know a good song when I hear one (you’re welcome).

put my hands on you – dean ft. anderson .paak

And again! This is probably my favourite Dean song, I genuinely don’t understand why it doesn’t have more recognition, people are sleeping on this I’m telling you. I’m so obsessed.

you were beautiful (eng version) – day6

Be prepared to cry. Day6 are another Korean band I like, though I wouldn’t label them as Kpop because their vibe is different, it’s kinda ‘indie’ if anything. Anyway, I fell in love with the Korean version of this song when they released it last year and used to listen to it all the time, then a couple of weeks ago I found out they’d released the English version of it this year and was the happiest person alive I swear. What are the chances they’d choose this song to turn into an English version? They could’ve literally chosen any song but they chose this one (aka, my favourite). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is…it’s sick. The lyrics are beautiful and It’s in English so you literally have no excuse not to play it. Get listening!

Hope you enjoyed these loves, let me know if you like any!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

14 thoughts on “music of the month – september

  1. Great list of music! ❤ I don’t know almost anyone of them too bad. The greatest showman is an amazing movie with great music so a must watch haha. I will listen to some of these songs.


  2. Uhh I love a bit of music inspo! Not gonna lie, I haven’t really listened to any of these songs (yet) – However, I’ll definitely have a littl’ Spotify moment & listen to them all ❤ Again, what a lovely post of yours Chloe xx


  3. NEW MUSIC YAY, I love the end of the month for that reason! I definitely prefer Mariners Apartment Complex over the other song Lana dopped, I feel like it has stronger vibes and it’s the perfect song to relax to or multitask to! I love this list, I’ll have to check quite a few of these out though, as I’ve never heard of them before! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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