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TED talks you need to watch

Hi loves,

I love TED Talks okay. I think they’re so interesting, fascinating, educational – you name it. I lovelovelove them. I have a few favourites (though I’m constantly finding new ones all the time) that I thought I’d share with you today because they’re so beneficial to watch and I really think you’ll gain something from them. I love allowing myself to become immersed in someone else’s world and thoughts and a lot of the time I just end up sitting there emphatically nodding my head like yes (!!) I agree, I’m so glad you’re speaking about this. There’s so much to learn and each talk challenges something whether it be stereotypes, gender or simply just presenting the discussion of a taboo topic – each talk makes me feel empowered because I love education and I love challenging everything and having open discussions on topics that would otherwise be hidden behind closed doors.

Here are some TED talks you need to watch…

i’m taking my body back – rupi kaur

I’ve tried (and failed) to get into Rupi Kaur’s TED talks before, because I’m an avid watcher of them and thought I may be able to experience her in a different light through watching her spoken word poetry. This one, I forced myself to sit and watch and within minutes I was captivated. This is a beautiful story about how your body is your home, and nobody can take that away from you. Nobody can come and claim that, no one can invade it because it is not theirs to take, it never has been and it never will be. Near the end of this video there’s a section where Rupi mentions her younger self – her 5, 10, 15 year old self, past versions that were sat in this home curled up in the corner scared and frightened to turn on the lights, and as a 24 year old woman she enters that home, scoops up these frightened girls and tells them it’s okay, it’s not your fault, you will always have a home here – and that resonated with me like no other. I pray to God that no one reading this can relate to Rupi’s story and the words she speaks throughout this video, but I think it is something we all need to watch, because everyone needs an idea of home.

have you met your soulmate? – ashley clift-jennings

In this talk, Ashley challenges the idea of gender and what love really is – what makes your soulmate, your soulmate? Looks? Personality? How intelligent they are? The way they make you laugh? It’s different for everybody, but when you look into it…deep down…what is it, and how does that affect you as a person – how does that ‘label’ you? What does it make you? What does it make the other person – your soulmate? All that matters at the end of the day, is that it makes you happy.

everyday sexism – laura bates

This is actually a book that I’ve had on my TBR list for months so when I stumbled across this TED Talk that Laura had given I was like WOOOO (I don’t know how I didn’t find it sooner). This talk was so well delivered, so articulate, so statistical and informative and Laura presents it in a way that is non-blaming and non-attacking (for lack of better wording). It comes from a place of education rather than opinion which I think was a very clever thing for her to do as this way, it allows a wider audience to actually accept it…if you get what I’m saying. A very informative and a very well delivered speech, I think this is a huge eye opener for a lot of people – if I was going to show them a speech on feminism and sexism, it would be this.

parenting a gender non-conforming child – michele yulo

So educational and so eye opening…every day things that we just accept and pass by suddenly become things that we question and think actually…why are things like this? So relatable, Michelle Yulo really connects with the listener in a way that you would a friend, it really makes you listen to what she’s saying and realise how ridiculous the world can be and how damaging marketing is to anyone that’s exposed to it. It makes you realise the affect that we have on children and the way they see themselves and I hope that anyone who watches this can come to the same agreement. I am already of the same mindset as Michele so I was extremely happy after I’d watched this talk and thought thank you for speaking about this because it’s so, so important. Don’t let the world put you in a box.

accepting my transgender daughter – elizabeth august

This speech filled me with so much warmth I can’t tell you. I love this because Elizabeth is so real in what she’s saying, she’s very open and honest and doesn’t try to stand there and convince everyone this journey was easy for her – she admits she found it hard to accept and that she was worried what other people would think, she admits she cried over it, she admits she felt like she’d lost the child that she brought into the world. This speech is so honest and open and you can feel every emotion that Elizabeth is projecting, including the love and admiration she has for her daughter. I absolutely adored this and I think it’s extremely helpful for anyone trying to educate themselves on the topic or who is maybe going through something similar with their child – it lets you know it’s okay to feel certain things and that it’s a journey you must go through together. I applaud this woman for taking to the stage and opening up to the world with her story, these are the things that truly make me smile.

the muslim on the airplane – amal kassir

In terms of speakers, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more articulated person that has delivered something so well. This was absolutely brilliant, so powerful yet so relatable at the same time. Amal Kassir is teaching you and educating you, but she’s also standing alongside you and saying hey, don’t worry, we’re all the same. This was such a brilliantly well done speech and I’m so glad I came across it. It made me feel so empowered, so strong, so motivated. This is honestly one of the best speeches I’ve ever seen and you’d be crazy not to watch it.

BTS Unicef Speech

This isn’t a TED Talk but I had to include it. This speech brought me to tears. First of all, to stand up and do a speech like this in the first place takes a lot of guts. To write a speech so beautiful takes a lot of skill… but to then deliver that speech in such an educated and well spoken manner in a language that’s not even yours just blows my mind. This is one of the most beautiful, well delivered speeches I’ve seen and English isn’t even Namjoon’s first language. Blows my mind. Such an intelligent, articulate and educated individual, I literally couldn’t be more proud. Like I said, this brought me to tears, it was beautiful. Without sounding weird, it felt like some of the lines came from my own mouth – who are you? What’s your name? I resonated with every word. This is something I’ll refer back to over and over again. It’s one of my favourite things ever. This is a speech I’ll never forget. Thank you Namjoon.

And there we have it! Hope you enjoyed this post angels, I thought it was something a little different (but something I’m also extremely passionate about) so I thought it would be nice to share.

Do you watch TED talks? Do you have any favourites? Let me know!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

32 thoughts on “TED talks you need to watch

  1. Ahhh thank you so much for sharing this great list of TED talks 😊😍 I love to watch TED talks. They are always so inspiring and I also love education. I always learn more about life. I really want to watch these whole list. I have bookmarked this post. The one I’m so exciting about is Rupi Kaur. I love her so much 💕 There’s one TED talk which I was which was so inspiring and raw. It was the one with Tordis Elvas about rape. I have also her book and still need to read it. This was the link if you are interested.

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  2. I used to love Ted Talks and Button Poetry but I have not watched any in a while as I have been so busy. I have never seen any of these Ted Talks but they all sound really good, especially Rupi Kaur’s talk. I would recomend Lucie Fink’s talk off the top of my head but perhaps in the future I will do a post like this with my recommendations. xx

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  3. UM I WATCHED THE MUSLIM ON THE AIRPLANE YESTERDAY….dude I literally have an entire folder of TED Talks I have saved to watch and the TED app on my phone nearly took up the entire space of my last iPhone. I have an addiction to TED but it’s literally one I will boast about, no shame xx

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    1. So amazing right?! I’ve literally never seen someone more articulate and well spoken, it was such a well delivered speech. I have a whole playlist of TED Talks I’m yet to watch because I’m always in the mood for them (gotta stay stocked up right) xx

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  4. I am so happy that I can now add these to my list!! I absolutely love TED talks but I actually haven’t watched any of the ones you mentioned! I am excited to get to them really soon.

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  5. oh the “have you met your soulmate?” ted talk has been in my watch later playlist for sooo long!! i just need to make the time to get around to watching it! i recently watched one in my creative writing about how important using your voice is and it was truly moving!!

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  6. I watched the BTS speech and I literally cried.The one given by Rupi Kaur was extremely wise too.I can’t wait to watch the rest of them, because they keep coming in my recommendations and I never check them until right after writing this comment haha xx

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    1. Me too girl 💜 it was so beautiful, I was so proud. I always have new talks coming up in my recs and it’s just a constant cycle of “add to watch later, add to watch later” because I’m AWAYS in the mood for a good TED Talk hahaha xx


  7. I’m so glad you posted this – I’ve never seen a Ted Talk but always wanted to and didn’t know where to start. I’m definitely going to check some of these out!xxx

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  8. Chlo!!! YES, I love this post & I’m so obsessed with TED talks. I’m such a huge advocate for staying educated & curious, especially outside of school, and I think that TED talks is such a brilliant platform and provides people with so many resources to learn – not to mention how incredibly inspiring it is ✨✨✨

    Some of my favourite talks, which I really recommend:
    🦋 Cleo Wade: Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care.
    🦋 Rives: The Musuem of Four in the Morning.
    🦋 Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive, creative genius.
    🦋 Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits.

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    1. Ahhhh this makes my lil heart so happy you have no idea !! 💙 I’m so glad someone is as obsessed with these as I am, I completely agree – so educational and inspiring, I literally cannot get enough of learning.

      Thank you for all of these recs !! Adding them to my list as we speak – I didn’t know Elizabeth Gilbert had done one (?!), Big Magic is a book I really enjoyed. Now I’m excited!! ✨xxx

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