music of the month – october ๐Ÿ‚

Hi loves,

I feel like I only did one of these last week (time is flying by so fast these days help) but anyway, here’s the music I’ve been loving in October ๐ŸŽƒ


i feel it coming – the weeknd

I’m aware that this song has been out for a couple of years now but I was honestly never really into it that much, until a few weeks ago when it randomly popped into my head and I was like…what song is that? I had a quick Google and it turned out to be this one so, it’s been on replay ever since – I’m super into it now. Jumping on the bandwagon 2 years too late…

dangerous – kaien cruz

I watch SunBeamsJess a lot on Youtube and she always has the funkiest background music (that she always links in the description aka, my favourite kind of people). I’m always finding great new songs due to her videos and this was another one of them – I looove this track.

without me – halsey

Not sure what to say about this one other than the fact that it’s great and you need to listen to it. That’s all.

lovefool – haley reinhart

I actually heard this on a TV advert and was like…who’s covering this?!ย So as you do, I typed as many relevant words as I could into Google and low and behold, found the song. It’s so dreamy – I love old ‘reworked’ tracks like this, so vintage and beautiful. I love this, it reminds me of Christmas.

thunderclouds – sia, diplo, labrinth

Again, I heard this on a TV advert and typed as many words as I could into Google and wallah, found it. Sia is killing it (again) lately, I’ve been listening to so much of her voice this month – she makes this song.

heavy, california – jungle

Your girl is too lazy to pay for Spotify Premium and so is always on the receiving end of those annoying music advertisements that pop up halfway through jamming out to a playlist…but sometimes they’re not all bad. Jungle was on one of the recent adverts and I thought they sounded really cool so I looked them up afterwards and found this song, Iย loveย it. It’s so nostalgic and vintage sounding, it’s a groove (it’s indie as fuck basically, and that’s me). I was like wow this is the best sound ever. I dig it.

beat 54 (all good now) – jungle

Also another great song by Jungle (both of these are from their latest album For Ever).

lost in japan – shawn mendes

I’m aware I’m very late to the party on this one but for some reason I really dislike certain songs when they first come out and then months / years down the line I end up really liking them (take I Feel It Coming, for example) – anyway, when Shawn first released this and In My Blood out I wasn’t really into it (I preferred In My Blood), but recently I’d been hearing Lost In Japan everywhere and had the urge to listen to it and now I really like it. Weird.

flames – david guetta ft. sia

As I already mentioned, Sia is killing it this month (I mean let’s be honest, when isn’t she) but wow I love this so much. Her voice reminded me a little bit of how she sounded on She Wolf (also with David Guetta which is probably why) but wow. This songย is great.

woman like me – little mix ft. nicki minaj

So many good songs came out this month and this was one of them, Little Mix are back (also, Nicki doing a collab with BTS and Little Mix? Here for it). This is such a catchy song as always, LM always deliver.

fingers – zayn

If you know me you know this was 100% going to be in here because basically, it’s impossible for Zayn to ever release a bad song. Ever. I love this so much, it’s so chill and yeah idk he’s just constantly coming out with sick stuff lately so get listening (you won’t regret it.

none of my business – cher lloyd

I’ve loved Cher foreeeeeever so I’m so glad she’s finally back with some new music! This is so catchy, it’s been in my head ever since she released it (99% of the plays on Spotify are probably just from me alone). I’m so excited for all her new music yet to come if this is the kind of stuff she’s bringing out! She’s still got it.

i want you to freak – rak-su

Anything Rak-Su touch instantly becomes the catchiest thing you’ve ever heard and even though this is like a sampled version of Freak Like Me by Sugababes (yes you read that right) they’ve still done such a good job of making it their own, it’s literally been in my head 24/7. Catchiest song ever I’m telling you.



waste it on me – steve aoki ft. bts

I didn’t know which section to put this in because technically it’s not Korean (but it’s going in this section anyway so what can you do). I feel like Steve Aoki is everyone’s new best friend recently since he’s constantly doing so much with BTS that everyone loves and this song is no exception. I will say however that I struggle with the fact it’s ‘featuring BTS’ even though only RM & JK are actually on the track but I guess it’s easier to just say BTS rather than featuring them both as individual artists.ย Anyway,ย irregardless of that it’s a great song and it’s all English so no excuses.ย Get listening.ย 

lullaby – got7

I was supposed to put this in my September music post but didn’t because I had another post planned but then never ended up writing it so I’m including it here now instead (a month late) – if you don’t like KPop they also did an English version of this which you can see here, so no excuses!

sorry – the rose

Do you ever just hear / see something and think…that’s it. I’m in love. I heard this song and had exactly that reaction and basically I haven’t been the same since. This song is incredible, like, absolutely incredible. Even though I discover and love new songs all the time, it’s not often that I find oneย thisย good and I’m telling you, it’s good. It’s so beautiful. These guys have now become one of my new favourite bands because their music is just insane, I absolutely adore it. I cannot tell you how good this song is – these people are true artists.

she’s in the rain – the rose

Again, one of the most beautiful songs ever. Sorry and She’s In The Rain are my two favourite songs from The Rose, I really wish I had better words to describe them but all I can say is that they’re just breathtakingly beautiful and the lyrics are beautiful and theย  music videos are beautiful and the band is beautiful and yeah. This is pure artistry and beauty, I lovelovelove these songs so much. I’ve been listening to them non stop.

seoul – rm

The king released his second mixtape this month and as always he did not disappoint, I could include all 7 songs here but that’d make this post even longer than it already is so I’m just going to mention Seoul which is my favourite from the bunch – the chorus is so catchy and I love the whole idea of him singing with a soft voice when you’re usually you’re used to hearing him rap with a harsher sound. I’ve said this before but Joon is a genius when it comes to music and his mind is incredible, he has such skill in writing and producing etc. – the lyrics and concepts of these songs are amazing as always and I absolutely love this mixtape (it’s called mono. if you wanna check it out). 10/10 as always.


All my love,

Chlo .xx

21 thoughts on “music of the month – october ๐Ÿ‚

  1. I have not listened to Cher Lloyd in so long omgosh! You should create a Spotify playlist for each month to look back on in a year or so’s time and remember what you were listened to a year ago (you probably already do this). xx

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  2. Ah, Haley Reinhart’s music is so good! Love these song choices and I’ll definitely give a listen to the ones I haven’t heard! Lovely post love โ™ก

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl Ari is in every single one of my other music posts hahaha she hasn’t brought anything out since sweetener so I got nothin to say !! thank u, next came out the day after I posted this so it’s going in next month’s hehe xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. DUDE so many good songs on this list! dangerous, zayn, sia, rak-su, shawn, jungle – I love this list so much, it’s right up my alley, possibly my favourite music of the month post you’ve shared! xx

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  4. How you found thunderclouds was exactly how I found it๐Ÿ˜‚ it was a Samsung ad I think? And I googled the words and hoped for the best and there it was!
    Love women like me and a few others you mentioned too….I’m defo gonna have a listen to all of these to see if I can add to my playlist ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. GIRL I am the exact same with music – the album pretty odd by panic is a prime example like I spent a good 5 years thinking “what is this trash” and then last year some flip switched and I LOVE it … So freaking weird xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LITERALLY like omg it’s only recently I’ve started having this turnaround but I’m loving it ’cause it means I’m getting to appreciate eeeeeverything now, so weird!! xx


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