I’m 19. I’m sat in the kitchen at the table listening to John Mayer belt out Edge of Desire and I’m wondering if I’ll remember this in 10 years time when I’m 29 and doing all the things adults are supposed to. I don’t feel like an adult, I certainly don’t want to be one. I wonder if I’ll still do the same things when I’m older, will I still sit at the table and listen to Lana? To Frank? To John? Will I still write with the mind of a dreamer, like a wolf girl who has the whole world at her feet? It’s one of those moments you have where you think “I want to remember this”. I wonder if I’ll remember. I hope I can remember.

19 thoughts on “07/02/17

  1. This is so beautiful omg ❤️ You perfectly described what I also think sometimes. How will life be when I’m older? I hope and wish that we all will remember the things which makes us happy and do those things. We will never grow up like Peter Pan ❤️

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  2. its almost the end of 2018 and ive been having very similar thoughts.those moments when im just like, holy crap, time just keeps slipping away, im turning 17 in a month, im not ready to grow up, etc etc.As I always say, please pleaseeee always keep writing your heart out, because your written work is the most calming thing ever.Ly and this blogpost!

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  3. oh god chloe sometimes it feels like you’re literally inside my head because i get these really melancholy moments where i just sit there and realise “shit life is passing by and im a different person than i was a year ago and who am i going to be next year and will i still love the same things and feel the same way and will i even remember who i am now?” xx

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  4. This is so sweet, i love it. I’m 23 now and everytime I hear a song I used to love gives me a weird feeling of regret and happiness (?). Nostalgia is such a weird feeling to describe.

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