music of the month – november

Hellooo angels,

Here’s the music I’ve been loving in November!!

thank u, next – ariana grande

This would’ve been in my October music box but lil miss over here released it the DAY AFTER I posted it. She’s testing me. Anyway, this song. I have so many things to say about it I’m not even going to try, all I can say is wow. She really did that. So many parts of this song make me tear up and I’ve had a lil cry to it a couple of times, I’m not kidding when I say that for the first couple of days after it was released I listened to it continuously on repeat. All I can say is that I’m so glad it was this song. I’m so proud of her.

best part – daniel caesar ft. h.e.r

I have no idea why but this song randomly popped into my head the other day and it’s been the only thing I’ve listened to ever since. It’s like, my brain just doesn’t want to listen to anything else apart from this song (though I’m not complaining). It’s so so so beautiful, one of the most beautiful songs ever in fact. I’m absolutely obsessed, I love it so much.

hurts like hell – madison beer ft. offset

I love Madison Beer and everything she puts out, this song being no exception. I love the whole vibe of it, it’s so powerful and an instant hit as always. Yes queen.

monster in me – little mix

LM5 was released this month and they delivered as always, these two songs are my favourites off the album. So catchy, they’ve been on repeat.

american boy – little mix

Catchiest song ever, I swear.

keep on – kehlani

Everything Kehlani does is magic and this song as always is no exception, I watched a dance video of it and was reminded of how much I love it all over again. Such a good song – the album in general is just a whole ass bop.

serendipity – albert posis

I didn’t know whether to put this in here but they played it on a Korean TV show I was watching and I just thought it was super cute, basically. It has such a sweet sound and it’s like one of those songs you’d here in Despicable Me or something (and the soundtracks to those movies are always 10/10, I’m obsessed).

happy without me – chloe x halle ft. joey bada$$

Loooooove this. I’ve been meaning to listen to these girls for the longest time now and finally I got round to it – instantly I was hooked. Their sound is just so good, this song is like 90s r&b mixed with floaty light sounds (does that even make sense) and I really love it.

come out and play – billie eilish

Billie is one of my favourite artists and this was such a different kind of song for her, it’s so Christmas and soft, the art in the lyric video is one of my favourite things ever. This song is just really cosy and cute and yep, I love.

my cherie amor – stevie wonder

This was another song that randomly popped into my head and I was reminded all over again of how much I love it, it’s so beautiful and Stevie Wonder is just a dream as always. Such a beautiful song.

zoom – fat larry’s band

I’ve known of this song for ages but it came on the radio recently and again I was reminded of how much I like it. I love rediscovering old songs like this.


I discovered two of my new favourite GOT7 songs recently (Moon U & No One Else) which I’ve included but then I was like, why don’t I just include all of my favourite GOT7 songs? So here you go. (If You Do will always be my number one though).

moon u – got7

So beautiful. I’m a simple girl, I see the word moon, I click. I become obsessed. I fall in love. The end. Thank you GOT7 for providing me with one of my new fave songs.

no one else – got7

The sound of this is so good I’m just obsessed. The way they pronounce everything is like, I don’t even know. Their voices just fit so well with everything and it’s just so catchy I love it. 100% obsessed. GEM OF A SONG THIS IS.

girl magnetic (너란) – got7

This song makes me sooooo happy, it’s just silly and fun and cute and yeah I just love it. The chorus is super catchy and the whole thing just makes me happy every time I hear it.

beggin on my knees – got7

Again, a catchy mess. Super silly and fun and I just love it. The best.

if you do (니가 하면) – got7

I don’t know why I’ve included this one last in the GOT7 list because it’s my favourite, it’s the first song that got me into GOT7 all those months ago and it’s always gonna be my number one cause it’s just the best thing ever. I probably sing this in my sleep.


young wings (어린 날개) – stray kids

The lyrics to this are really…..young (for lack of better wording) but ignoring that this song is super catchy and probably my favourite song from Stray Kids. I looove it.

tell me what to do – shinee

My absolute angels, this has always been one of my favourite SHInee songs but I’d never bothered to search if there was a music video for it before but low and behold there was and I was absolutely not disappointed (though when it comes to SHInee, am I ever). This is my favourite SHINee music video and this song is just the best in general.

be with you – def

One of the sweetest sounding songs ever I swear, I’m absolutely obsessed. The whole mixtape is a masterpiece but this is definitely my favourite song from it, it’s soo beautiful.

angel – nct 127

This song is the cutest thing ever I swear, the sound is just so sweet and lovely and cute and beautiful and just the best thing ever. It actually kind of reminds me of Christmas, it just has such a sweet and lovely sound. The chorus is the best thing ever, I’ve had this on repeat.

without you (엔시티 유) – nct u

I don’t know how to describe this but it just has that sound. Like something you’d hear in a movie, I don’t know how to explain it (just listen) but again, I really love this one.

Q&A – seventeen

Favourite part of this is definitely the first 2 seconds when Vernon’s like bitch don’t act like u didn’t hear me (lol)…aside from that this is the catchiest song ever and Ailee’s voice is just the best.

Let me know if you like any of these loves!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

18 thoughts on “music of the month – november

  1. omg I love that stevie wonder song! I also adore Daniel Caesars stuff.
    Wowo I also didn’t know u digged kpop lol
    I can see youre an igot7 lmfao
    Thanks for sharing this great list ♡
    ― Kiki

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