music of the month – december

Hello my loves,

I’m home! I’ll be catching up on everything later but first…


Here’s December’s monthly music post! (Unfortunately, it’s not as Christmassy as it probably should be, but I hope you don’t mind).


imagine – ariana grande

She’s done it again, what can I even say. This is probably going to sound like utter rubbish but because of how close Ari is with her fans and how long I’ve personally followed her and loved her, it feels like we know each other and so when I listen to her songs, it’s like I’m listening to a friend. Like I said, because of how close and open she is with us I feel everything that she feels and I’m able to see the song for what it really is because I know who she is as a person, and this song is actually really sad. When I hear it I can hear the hopelessness in her voice because she’s basically asking the question of “Why can’t you imagine a world where this could be us? Why won’t you allow that to happen?” It’s sad but beautiful and I’m so grateful she shares herself like this with us, because it’s the whole reason we’re able to appreciate the music for what it really is. Thank you for another beautiful masterpiece Ari.

losing my mind – charlie puth

I’ve known of this song for 2 years but for some reason it popped into my head randomly the other day and then I couldn’t get it out. So here we are.

sweet but psycho – ava max

I was in a store the other day and this was playing on the radio, I quickly copied the lyrics down into the notes section of my phone and then looked it up when I got home and here we are. Super catchy, I’ve had it on repeat ever since. I will admit the scream at the beginning freaks me out a bit though.

jello – prettymuch

We all know I have an obsession with PM because I literally talk about their music any chance I get. This was a song that they began performing at shows months ago and so the only version we could listen to was the live one which of course, was filled with screaming and tinny audio. Straight away I was like wow this song is  i n s a n e  and finally 483294234 years later they’ve released the studio version. I’m the happiest person on the planet. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these guys simply cannot produce a bad song. They just can’t. Everything they release is the catchiest bop you’ll ever hear and this is no different, I’m obsessed. Their whole vibe is 80s-90s / old school boyband and wow, this song. ON REPEAT.

when the party’s over – billie eilish

I love Billie and am obsessed with all of her songs but when she released this one I just wasn’t really feeling it, I listened to it a couple of times and then kind of dismissed it because I couldn’t get into it but then one day I heard it in the background of a video I was watching and thought hm, lemme try this song again. Sure enough it worked and I ended up really liking it. Sometimes it takes me a while to warm to songs and apparently this was one of them!

tootimetootimetootime – the 1975

Again, I love The 1975 and saw that they released this song everywhere before they released their album, I was supposed to get around to listening to it but never did and then one day I was watching a video where this was playing in the background and I was like holy wow what is this sound – Googled it and found out it was this song and I was like omg. It’s been sitting here in my face for ages and I just never got around to listening to it meaning I could’ve had this amazing song the whole time but didn’t because I’m a massive procrastinator. Anyway, I absolutely love it and it’s been on repeat ever since.

i always wanna die (sometimes) – the 1975

After The 1975 released their latest album, this was the first song I was drawn to listen to because of the title. It’s a beautiful song (but really, were we expecting anything else), the sound is incredible and the lyrics are so hard hitting. I can relate to it a lot.

“You build it too high to say goodbye because you’re not the same as them, but your death, it won’t happen to you, it happens to your family and your friends.”

there you are – zayn

He’s back at it again, the King of music himself. Zayn’s vocals are always insane and this song perfectly shows that, it’s so amazing and as always, the sound is incredible. Also, the lyrics are beautiful.

too much – zayn ft. timbaland

When this song first came out I listened to it, loved it and stuck it on my playlist. It then got lost in said playlist and as I was scrolling back through I rediscovered it again and remembered how much of a good song it was. So good.

love lies – khalid ft. normani

I kept hearing this on the radio for months and months but never got around to actually adding it to my playlist, until the other day when I heard it for the 87349234th time and literally added it right there and then. GOOD SONG.

them changes – ariana grande (thundercat cover)

Again, this cover got stuck in my head and I just couldn’t get it out so literally all I’ve been listening to lately is this on repeat. 99% of the views from this video are from me alone. I swear.

1996 – ella henderson

This song is one of those that always gets me really emotional for many reasons, I’ve been in love with it ever since it first came out in 2014 but it got stuck in my head again the other day and sometimes I have to just sit and listen to it and breathe and have a little cry. It’s really beautiful.

city 127 – NCT 127

I love the whole sound of this song, it makes me soooo happy. I love the little whistle in it and the whole lightness of it, it just reminds me of Summer and yeah whenever I listen to it I have a huge smile on my face and I just love it and them !! This song is so pretty.

come back – NCT 127

I’ve loved this song for a while now but was reminded of it again when I was having a 127 marathon and this came on shuffle, I was like wow how did I forget about this since it’s literally one of my favourite 127 songs. SO CATCHY. (p.s. I prefer the Japanese version)


And there we have it! Let me know if you like any of these.

All my love,

Chloe .xx

27 thoughts on “music of the month – december

  1. Oh what great names you’ve got here! I absolutely adore Khalid, Billie Eilish and the 1975! I hope you’ve had a great start of the year and that 2019 will treat you amazingly <33 All the best vibes from me xx

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  2. YAY you’re back!and damn, this is weird.Unlike every time, this time I actually haven’t listened to many of the songs you mentioned!I’ve heard imagine and when the party’s over, but I gotta catch up!I’ve only checked out ‘regular’ by nct from the whole album and looks like I’m missing out majorly on some good nct music!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I seriously love thundercat so much so i gotta check out that ariana cover! Also ive been liking a lot of 1975 so i wanna see more of what they got hehe

    Thanks for sharing! And welcome back😊

    Kiki |

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