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i haven’t rambled in a while

Hi loves,

I feel like an irrelevant ramble was long overdue here on Chlo’s corner and so luckily I’ve got one in store for you because I know how much you all love listening to me talk about absolute rubbish. Here’s a post I wrote a couple of days ago which upon review is even more boring than I originally thought and it doesn’t even sound like me because I must have been in a weird mood or something but there we go – (try to) enjoy.

I feel like I haven’t sat down and wrote properly recently, I made a post like this before where I said I felt like I hadn’t posted much in terms of actual writing for a while and I guess I’m feeling the same way again, the reason is the same as it was the first time – I’ve been busy and pretty much content therefore there’s no sad thoughts clouding my brain right now to flip the switch onto me writing a philosophical post.

Having a week away from social media was nice because it made me realise how much I don’t need it. I knew that anyway, but it’s always nice to get that reassurance. I mentioned it before but my Twitter account got deleted a few months back now and I’m doing fine without it, I don’t use Facebook and I rarely use Instagram either – they’re just things that take up time in your life that could be spent doing other things. I watched some films which, doesn’t sound very productive but I literally never watch films (I’ve hardly seen any) but I watched The Greatest Showman 3 times, Mamma Mia twice, the third Maze Runner movie, Jumanji (the new one), Ready Player One, Grease (the sing along version because I was forcing my whole family to watch it with me) and some others that I can’t remember. I also watched a bit of Titanic which in my opinion is one of the best movies ever and I religiously watched it every weekend when I was younger but this time was really weird, I haven’t seen it in a while but I had to leave the room and go and do something else for the few hours it was on because it was giving me so much anxiety I literally felt ill, I went and played pool for a couple of hours and read some books instead.

I get my next tattoo in February, it’s a big one but after that I have some little ones that I’m going to get – I think I like those more. Those appointments are always my favourite because you come out with 4 or 5 new tattoos as oppose to just one, I was thinking about the fact that I get tattoos that represent the things that fill me up to become the person I am, I want to be covered in the things that made me and the things that I love, basically. I don’t know if it’s lame but I find that a really exciting concept to be like wow I love these 5 things so I’m going to get them permanently tattooed on my body because they represent who I am and it feels like another thing ticked off the list. I don’t know.

I have no resolutions or anything for this year, it’s weird because like everyone else, I normally use the start of a new year to tell myself I’m going to do all the things I wanted and change the things I don’t like and yada yada. This time I feel like I’ve just transitioned smoothly and that it isn’t really a new year at all, rather, it’s just January. I feel calm, I think it’s because I’m just looking forward to getting my shit together as such –  drinking more water, getting more sleep, being healthier, reading more, creating more, learning more. I think it’s just the excitement of knowing I currently have things that I love doing and now I have another whole year ahead of me where I can continue to do them. My life currently consists of listening to great music, writing, learning and generally just creating things that spark my imagination, and I really like that. I just do my own thing and this time it was like hey Chlo, here’s another 12 months of getting to do that. 

Nothing I’ve written here is of any substance because I can’t actually remember what I wanted to talk about in the first place but I wanted to write something anyway and so this is what I’ve ended up with. Basically, this is completely pointless and has no meaning because I’m just rambling about irrelevant stuff but we’re going with it anyway. I came home, had the world’s longest shower, wrapped myself up in the world’s snuggliest clothes and now I’m sat here at my desk in the dark and the sky is a dull pink outside and I’m tired but it’s still early and I’m thinking about the things I want to do once I’ve finished writing this and I’m not sure. I might work on some other posts or do some editing or something. All I know is that I enjoy existing in the way I do right now and creating and only using the social media that benefits me and makes me feel good rather than the ones that just give me anxiety. I literally use my blog and Youtube and I like it that way – creative platforms that don’t give me anxiety – yes please. It was nice to just be away, and any thoughts I did have about social media while I was gone were literally just about my blog and Youtube anyway – nothing else really matters. It’s cool. It’s good. We’re all good.

Also, this past week I’ve been naturally waking up early every day and not feeling like I’ve been dead for 40 years, which is great. I’m not sure why I haven’t been tired but my sleeping pattern has been good lately and I reeeeally want to try and continue it, I’ve decided I really enjoy being awake early when I actually feel somewhat alive and not like I want to sleep for another 100 years. Saying that though, it’s 4pm right now and I’m exhausted and want to get in bed but I can’t because I have stuff to do. Anyway, I’ll shut up because this is the most pointless thing I’ve ever written in my life.

I don’t have a whole lot to say but I wanted to say something anyway and so here it is, I just pulled it out of my brain 5 minutes ago so there’s no substance to it but yanno, what can you do hey.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well and had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, I’ll see you all in my next post!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

11 thoughts on “i haven’t rambled in a while

  1. I love love love these rambly posts! It is always so reassuring to know someone feels a similar way to me. I am so happy your social media break went well, it is definitely something I need to do – I spend way too much time on Facebook and it can be so negative xxx

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  2. Aaah damn I missed your ramblings so much 😭😍 They are one of my favourite posts of you. Keep rambling, the messier the better. It’s perfect. I agree that social media also makes me feel bad sometimes and this blog is so much better. I also prefer to create. I hope we have a full year of creating awesome stuff, reading lots of good books, writing, listening to great music and just keep inspired. It sounds like an awesome plan 👌 I’m so proud of you for getting up early. I wish I can change my sleep schedule or I will be forever a night owl until I do something with my life lol 😂🦉 I can’t wait to read more awesome blog posts of you. Love you 💕

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  3. I am so excited for your new tattoos this year – I am living vicariously through you so you had better not let me down!!
    I totally understand about feeling tired all the time. I can sleep for 10 hours and still feel as tired as if I slept for 4! I am going to try to incorporate a regular sleep routine and work-out routine in my life in the hopes that this will help ease it slightly.
    Loved your ranting as always. I feel as if we are actually having an unedited conversation instead of the perfectly edited blog posts that some people write, which just are not realistic of real life at all.
    Happy New Year! xx

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    1. Ahhh I definitely won’t !! Tattoo post coming in Feb hehe, I’m still doing your idea of a tattoo recap as well! I’m really trying to incorporate a regular sleep schedule into my life but I feel like there’s so much I want to be doing with my time these days there just simply isn’t enough of it! Thank you for for comments as they’re always appreciated, it’s nice to know that at least someone enjoys my rambling!! xxx

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  4. No chloe, you ramling is not rubbish.It’s calming, stress relieving, and makes so many of us readers relate with you.i’ve also challenged myself to gain the guts to refuse to do people and things that I don’t actually love this year.It makes me really happy, because it means I blog more!Have a great rest of the year.

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  5. Okay first of all – I love these ramble posts of yours. It feels like you’re talking to me, like you’re telling me about everything going on in your life. I can really relate to realizing how little you depend on social media – I feel like the older I get, the less significance I put on it. WordPress is probably my favourite social platform, just because it actually allows me to create and I get so much joy from it. And I can’t wait to see your new tattoo, I’ll be waiting for that post in February 👀 xxx

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    1. Ahhhh you have no idea how much that means, thank you so much! I appreciate that people notice. WordPress is definitely my favourite social platform because like you, I can just create and be myself on here, it makes me so happy. Tattoo post deffo coming in Feb!! xxx

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