21st Birthday Haul!

Hi loves,

As you may know (if you saw this post) it was my 21st birthday last Friday! Of course, being 21 calls for a huge celebration and people like to shower you with gifts for having survived 21 years on this planet (how I managed to do that I’m not sure) and I said if I thought it was a good idea, I’d do a little haul for you all. I don’t usually do these for Christmasses and birthdays and the only one I have done before was for my 20th birthday last year but since 21 is a special number I thought I’d do a little haul as they’re always nice to look back on. Let’s get into it!

P.S. – I do not like how any of these photos turned out because the lighting was not playing ball with me over the few days I tried to take these photos and I’m not happy with how they look but I wanted to get this post up for you guys 😦 so please excuse the terrible lighting!



The first thing I received was money, I ended up getting £250 altogether along with a £20 Waterstones giftcard (bookworm mode on) and some lottery tickets that a few people had also put into my cards and I’m so grateful – £250 !! Crazy. Crazy crazy crazy.




The next thing I received was food, more importantly, chocolate and cake. Aka, priorities. People must know me very well because every present I opened had at least one edible item in it, I ended up receiving 3 boxes of Lindt chocolate, some chocolate truffles, a mini Pug birthday cake and a gorgeous unicorn birthday cake! This is on top of the Dumbo birthday cake I’d already received from my family a week prior. I’ve now got 3 birthday cakes guys, THREE. I won’t pretend I’m going to have trouble eating them all because honestly, I’ve probably scoffed them by the time this post goes up but still, THREE.


Next thing on the list (or should I say menu) was this bottle of prosecco all fancy wrapped (so pretty!!), I wish I also had the skills to wrap things in such a beautiful way but unfortunately, I don’t even have the ability to wrap a box. Next.


I then received a Dumbo hoodie, a Dumbo shirt, a Dumbo passport holder, a Dumbo phone case, an elephant notebook and an elephant pencil case (is anyone else detecting a theme here? no? moving on)

I actually only asked for 2 things for my birthday this year (I have a really hard time thinking of things to ask for so the fact I came up with these two deserves a celebration) – and it was these – Winnie The Pooh & Piglet Pandora charms! LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. Look at Piglet holding his little bear. I’m crying.


Next I received a Jean Paul Gaultier perfume set – if you know me you’ll know I’m a perfume hoarder (I was supposed to do a perfume collection about 8 million years ago but never got round to it) so these will definitely be going on my dressing table along with the other 4294034 perfumes I seem to have accumulated over time – look at the aesthetics. JPG is doing it right.


The last things I’m going to show you are my main presents which are two items by one of my favourite artists – I’ve loved her work for a while now and have always wanted to own a piece and well…now I do !!


The first thing I opened was this cushion which is still in the cellophane wrap because I’m too scared to take it out but it’s this gorgeous print I’ve wanted for so long!!


And now, the big finale…my dad pretended he needed to go upstairs for something and ended up coming back with what can only be described as a monstrosity of a box so instantly I was thinking…what is this. It was wrapped so well (naturally, because of the nature of the item but I didn’t know what it was yet) and I once I opened it I found myself looking at this gorgeous painting and I cried because I now officially own one of my favourite artist’s pieces !! It’s called Flutterby Love and it’s so gorgeous, there’s only 95 in existence and I’m the proud owner of number 47 and I’m so grateful! ! It’s so beautiful I could literally scream. It’s in a gorgeous white frame (which you can’t see properly because it’s still in the cellophane wrap) but I’ve already started rearranging my room so I can find the perfect place to hang it – this was the last thing I was expecting and knowing how expensive and rare they are to even find in the first place I’ve no idea how my parents managed it but I cannot thank them enough. Just look at it !! Have you ever seen anything more dreamy. I’m obsessed.


Anyway my little loves that’s all I’ve got for now because the lighting was driving me crazy and I had to stop taking photos before I threw my phone out of the window but nonetheless I hope you enjoyed this little haul and thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday – I had such a lovely day and I’m extremely grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life, I’m very lucky!

All my love (as always),

Chloe .xx

25 thoughts on “21st Birthday Haul!

  1. Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday! I absolutely love Lindt Chocolates so am definitely jealous of you receiving 3 packs. The art is so beautiful, it will look incredible on your wall and on your bed/sofa. Hope you had a good birthday and spend the money wisely! xx

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  2. Happy 21st birthday! I can see that you are incredibly loved by your friends and family, and judging from your blog posts I believe it is because you are a unique, remarkable and awesome person. I figured you loved Dumbo, but wow… I didn’t even know Dumbo hoodies were a thing hahaha. I am so glad you had a great day. Congrats for 21 years on this planet. The world is a much better place with you in it.

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    1. This made me smile so much oh my goodness, you’re the sweetest. (I didn’t know Dumbo hoodies existed either but they do !! It just has a picture of him on but nonetheless, SO CUTE) Thank you so much for your lovely words as always, I appreciate YOU so much xx

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  3. Happy birthday again beautiful! 🎂✨😘🎉🎁 I’m so happy you had such a good day. You deserve it. What an amazing haul! You got so many beautiful presents. I love Lindt chocolate. It’s the best 💕🍫 The Pandora charms are so cute. It’s amazing that you got a painting. You deserve it all ❤️

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