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Hi loves,

There’s so many tracks that are on Soundcloud that never get enough love because they only exist on that platform (and probably Youtube). The music site I use for all of my music is Spotify and so if songs aren’t on there, I generally forget that they exist. I’ve only started really using Soundcloud properly in the last couple of years but it’s such a great tool for artists and I honestly think some of the best songs are on there – I myself need to remember to use it more often because some of my favourite songs are on there and I always forget about them due to the fact they’re not on Spotify!

I’m going to split the songs into two categories – original posts and re-posts because some of these songs were birthed (aka, originally posted) on Soundcloud and some of them just happen to be only available on Soundcloud since they’ve been taken down from Youtube and other websites due to copyright, so I’ll indicate which is which.

Here are some of my favourite Soundcloud tracks that I wish were on Spotify and deserve a lot of love.

Original Posts

knew better part 2 – ariana grande

The OG OG OG x1000. Honestly, Soundcloud was made for people like Ari and I’m so glad she let us have the second part (or full version, depending on how you look at it) of Knew Better because I prefer it so much to the original (sue me) and it’s such a bop, I wish she’d released it officially, I’ve been obsessed with it ever since she posted it.

yaphet kotto (freestyle) – childish gambino

If you’re not following Gambino on Soundcloud, what are you doing. He released this 5 years ago and I really like it, this is why I’m grateful for these kind of platforms, because it enables me to hear lil snippets and extras from my favourite artists. I’m so glad he did this!

she’s broken – billie eilish

I still can’t get over how different Billie sounds in this song, and it was only 3 years ago, she’s sounds soo tiny – literal miles away from the music she puts out now. I’m grateful she posted songs like these so they’re still available for people to go back and listen to.


u don’t have to call – childish gambino

So so so underrated, I always make a note to check out my favourite artist’s songs that haven’t been officially released because so many get missed (and there’s so many hidden gems) – this is one of them.

pound cake (freestyle) – childish gambino

This is actually a freestyle he did on a radio show that some angels decided to re-post on Soundcloud (I’m so thankful) and well…Donald did that. He literally had a conversation in the middle of the rap and then managed to resume it again like he hadn’t even stopped. Incredible. I love this man.

caught you boy – lana del rey

Lana recorded 93843840234 songs before she properly became Lana Del Rey and made it big as an artist, I know there’s still so many songs I haven’t listened to (most of them you can’t even find on the internet) but this is one of them that fortunately, you can.

serial killer – lana del rey

This is one of Lana’s more popular unreleased songs so some of you may have already heard it, but I had to include it. I really wish she’d released it officially.

bricks and steel – frank ocean

Frank is another artist who recorded 94234203023 songs before he became better known – a lot of my favourite Frank songs are from mixtapes that aren’t on Spotify (and hard to find on Youtube) therefore Soundcloud is always my go to – this is one of my favourite songs that I can only seem to find on Soundcloud hence I always forget about it, but it’s so good.

day away – frank ocean

flight – frank ocean

My favourite lyric from this is “Don’t try to hide it, ’cause I’d see your wings if that dress was backless”.

i need love – frank ocean

My favourite one, this gets stuck in my head all the time, it’s so catchy.


A thing I love about Soundcloud is the fact that it gives already-made artists the chance to post extra works that they don’t want / need to release officially – luckily for me a lot of my favourite Korean artists do this and so I get to listen to so many extra tracks that they’ve written and produced themselves (they feed us well) – a lot of these people are members of Kpop groups and their Soundcloud is a way for them to release their own solo workings, which I always really appreciate. Here are some of my favourites!

(p.s. this is basically just BTS, I’m not sorry)

Original Posts

you know – yugyeom

Had to give lil angel boy some love since I’d probably die for him (in fact no, I would) – I’m so glad he started releasing his own stuff outside of GOT7 because he’s doing such a good job, I feel like a proud mama.

i don’t know – yugyeom ft. reddy

be with you – def

I probably listen to this song 20 times a day because it’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever heard, I seriously wish this had been released officially because I’m obsessed. It’s has such a sweet sound and is so addictive to listen to, I love it so much.

sometime – def

Again, so catchy. Love love love. This sounds like something I’d listen to on a rainy day. I wish these songs were on Spotify so bad.

약속 – Jimin

Baby Jimin finally released his own song !! I’m so happy. It was worth the 9239234394 year wait because it’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard, a literal angel in every sense of the word.

풍경 – V

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard but really, was I expecting anything less?

알아요 – RM & JK

Honestly one of my favourites ever ever ever, they’ve even performed it a few times at concerts so there’s live versions of it too which I could not be happier about. RM is so clever, it’s always crazy how me how he has the talent to do so many things and create music in the way he does because it’s always so good. This will always be one of my favourites.

네시 (4 o’clock) – RM & V

Again, so amazing.

young forever (unplugged) – bts

The original of this is amazing and the unplugged version sounds 10x better which I didn’t think was possible, my favourite part is always V’s line in the chorus (but let’s not pretend to be surprised) – it sounds so good.

i believe – RM

born singer – 방탄소년단

I didn’t know whether to put this here because this isn’t necessarily an original track – it’s a cover of J.Cole’s Born Singer except they’ve re-written all of the lyrics and so they’re just using the backing track but I couldn’t not include it because it’s one of my favourites (I think I’ve said that about pretty much every song so far but I mean it!) – watching the amount of passion they put into this when they perform it live kills me because they mean every word, I seriously do love this one so much and I’m so proud of them for everything they’ve achieved.


바다 (sea)  – bts

This is a hidden track only available on the physical copy of Love Yourself: Her but I originally discovered it on Soundcloud so I’m putting it here because I need to talk about it, I love it so so much. I remember the first time I heard it I just sat there looking at the lyrics and thinking wow. I was a little bit speechless. This song is really powerful and the actual track really reminds me of…the sea? You’ll have to listen to it to know what I mean but either way, I really wish this was on Spotify because I often forget it exists, it’s one of their best songs in my opinion.

And there we have it loves! I should have just named this “giving myself an excuse to talk about BTS” because literally – any excuse but still, I hope you enjoyed nonetheless hehe,

All my love,

Chloe .xx

7 thoughts on “my favourite soundcloud tracks ☁️

  1. I used to love Soundcloud when I was younger but honestly, with all these different music platforms, I completely forgot it even existed! I remember when artists used to post covers on there or unedited versions of songs. Definitely going to check it out later! xx

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  2. Love this post!❤️ I recorder covers some years ago and put them on Soundcloud and got so many views haha. I love Soundcloud. It’s definitely such a great way to discover music which isn’t released anywhere else.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg so I lowkey forgot Soundcloud was a thing?! I so need to check this out, especially Ari and Billies songs! So thank you for the recommendations girl!! Also can we talk about how freaking good Arianas new album is?! xxx


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