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Kpop Questions

Hi loves,

Before you roll your eyes at the title of this post I will just hold my hands up and admit to the fact that YES I’M TALKING ABOUT KPOP AGAIN. I’m not even sorry. It’s one of my favourite things and I can’t help it okay it just makes me so happy. Anyway, I need all the excuses to talk about it I can get so here’s some Kpop questions I thought would be interesting to answer (for me, though, probably not you because you probably don’t like Kpop but hey we all have to be a little selfish sometimes 💜. Your patience is appreciated).


1). Favourite Kpop groups?
My top 4 are BTS, SHINee, GOT7 & NCT

Image result for bts photoshoot
Image result for shinee photoshoot
Related image
Related image
NCT 127 (my favourite sub unit sue me)

2). Current favourite group & bias?
 SHINee, Taemin

Related image
GQ Korea

3). All time bias?
Mr Kim Taehyung..

Related image

4). Favourite maknae?
Yugyeom (GOT7)

Related image

5). Favourite leader?
Namjoon (BTS) / Chan (Stray Kids)

Related image
Image result for chan stray kids

6). Favourite Japanese version of a song?
SHINee – Replay

7). Favourite English version of a song?
DAY6 – You Were Beautiful

8). Favourite album?
Odd – SHINee
Love Yourself Tear – BTS

Related image

Image result for love yourself tear album cover

9). Favourite under-appreciated group?
The Rose, one of the most amazing groups ever, they get nowhere near the amount of recognition they deserve

Image result for the rose kpop

10). Favourite music video?
This one cause it’s hilarious (the lyrics are ridiculous)

If we’re talking seriously then this one

or this one

and this one

11). Favourite remix?
BTS – MIC Drop – Steve Aoki Remix

12). Favourite song?
The Rose – Sorry

13). Which group is the best at dancing?
Seventeen, their synchronisation is insane

14). A group you’ve gotten into recently?

Image result for ikon

15). Favourite member from them?

Image result for ikon bi

16). Favourite English speaking idol?
BamBam (GOT7)

17). List all of your favourite groups and your bias from each of them
BTS – Tae
GOT7 – BamBam
SHINee – Taemin
NCT – Jaehyun
Seventeen – Vernon / The8

18). List your favourite groups and your bias wreckers from each of them
BTS – Namjoon
GOT7 – Yugyeom
SHINee – Jonghyun
NCT – Yuta / Taeil
Seventeen – WonWoo

I could’ve rounded this up to 20 questions but we all know how useless I am with numbers so 18 it is. I fancied doing a chattier post today rather than one of my more serious ones (and I always need an excuse to talk about Kpop) so I hope this was okay!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

29 thoughts on “Kpop Questions

  1. Hi! I saw you like my post and I wanted to check your posts out too. Thanks for the support.
    I feel very happy reading about your love for all these great groups. I love BTS and Day6 too. I have yet to check out many other groups, but this was a great introduction to some of their songs. Thank you for writing this!

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  2. Yes! Thanks for giving love to The Rose! People rarely talk about them and their music is so good! I’ve even got a signed copy of one of their albums.

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  3. I absolutely love finding bloggers into K-pop because honestly they’re so rare. My all time bias is Park Jimin and Jackson Wang. And omg Y E S war of hormones has the most insane and funniest lyrics. Are you into any girl groups??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaaaay hehe I love finding fellow Kpop lovers too, I’m not actually into any girl groups! (as of right now) I’ve tried but just can’t seem to get into them unfortunately – I’m working on it! xx


  4. Never ever feel the need to find an excuse to talk about kpop. But I know the feeling lol. None of my friends likes kpop. So I’m pretty much alone with it. Hence why I started the blog lol. I will copy your questions later today on a post and answer them, but I can already tell you it will be tough, since I like so many lol. Take care 😊

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  5. I’m so blessed. Ty for sharing! I feel so lonely sometimes cause many bloggers on here don’t like kpop, or maybe they don’t know about it…
    So I talk about kpop very lightly in some posts lol!

    Anyways, I’m glad you like nct and shinee! I really love them and also some songs from bts and got7, but I’ve been into girl groups a lot more these days!

    I really love that seventeen video too, it’s probably my favorite of theirs. I loved their live performance with gfriend, it was so cute.
    and ahh that odd album was def my favs from shinee. View is prob my favorite song from them still.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. You’re so welcome! Kpop never typically does well on my blog because like I said either no one likes it or they just don’t know what it is, but I love it so much and I love talking about it even more and at the end of the day this is my blog and I’m gonna talk about whatever I want here !! I used to be afraid to talk about it and like you I’d always only mention it lightly but now I literally don’t care at all haha, I talk about it all the time! Thanks for reading and I’m so glad we have so many Kpop things in common hehe . I’m actually not into any girl groups as of yet, they just don’t seem to really appeal to me – I’m working on it! xx


  6. I don’t know a lot about Kpop so it was fun to read 😊 I will have to listen to it to know if I would like it or not. I love to read your love about them because I also have that for many artists such as Spanish artists who not everyone knows. Music is life and it’s such a beautiful feeling that it makes us happy ❤️🎶

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  7. Haha I am not gonna lie, I lowkey rolled my eyes when I saw the title, but I changed my mind when I read the article. I truly admire your love and passion for KPOP. My friend showed me a song from BTS once and it was not bad but it did not stick with me, you know. I think I should give KPOP a proper listen. Besides, I am an admirer of JPOP. I truly discovered this genre some weeks after I graduated from high school, and it has been with me ever since. Great post as always!

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    1. Thank you so much! I understand it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think a lot of people have a stereotype already set in their mind and therefore don’t take the time to actually look into it, all I can say is that it’s a very happy place and I for one am a lot happier because of it! Thank you for reading as always x

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