I got my 10th tattoo! πŸŒΈ

Hi loves,

I got my 10th tattoo! Originally I was supposed to get it back in December but my artist wasn’t well and so my appointment got pushed back to Feb instead but finally we got around to doing it – a little disclaimer that in these photos my arm is still swollen (and therefore looking a lil weird if I do say so myself) and my tattoo is still in the healing process and therefore might look a little dry as it’s peeling and all that gross and wonderful stuff. Enjoy!

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thumbnail_IMG_7140Age =Β 21
PlacementΒ = Right shoulder
Pain =
7-8 / 10
Price =Β 

I actually haven’t got a lot to say about this tattoo because it doesn’t have a meaning, I just really wanted a florally shoulder piece – I’ve been seeing them everywhere for years now and wanted to get a few other tattoos first before going ahead and getting my shoulder done but I thought now was the perfect time!

The flowers I wanted were peonies – I don’t actually have a favourite flower because I think they’re all beautiful and so it doesn’t really matter to me but if I did have to choose a favourite I’d always go for peonies because I think there’s just something so unique and beautiful about them – these kind of shoulder tats are always based around a bigger flower (e.g. roses) so I wanted mine based around peonies and then we just added the leaves and flowers around it to shape it.

Altogether it took 4 and a half hours which is the longest I’ve sat for a tattoo before and by the last hour I wasΒ itchingΒ to get out of the chair, my shoulder had been hacked away at for the past 3 and a half hours and so the shading was driving me crazy because it was essentially the process of going back over an open wound again and again, and it felt like it was never going to end (spoiler – it did).

For pain I gave this a 7-8 out of 10 but that was only because of the time it took and therefore it started to irritate my skin more as the time went on, in general it was a 5-6 but by the fourth hour it was more like an 8. Also, the inner top part near my collarbone was a 9, it wasΒ soΒ sharp. I was internally screaming – at points it felt like my collar bone was being hacked into into with a chainsaw, but kids…don’t let that put you off!

I’m kidding, it definitely wouldn’t put me off from getting my other shoulder done and I’m already planning on adding to this piece at some point in future anyway as I want to extend it further down my arm. The pain really wasn’t bad, it was just the part near my collarbone and then the shading in the fourth hour that bothered me but other than that, everything was good!

Here’s some more pictures but I feel like the angles are funny because would you believe it, it’s actually quite hard to get a picture of your own shoulder. Who would’ve thought.





All my love,

Chloe .xx

31 thoughts on “I got my 10th tattoo! πŸŒΈ

  1. I love love love it! The tattoo personally is not something I would choose for myself but I love how it looks on you. It will look so good with a strapless top or even a tank top in the summer. xx

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  2. Such a beautiful tattoo! Loved it 😍 I would die from the pain haha. I really can’t stand needles so I don’t know if I ever will get a tattoo. I’m using fake ones πŸ˜‚ 4 hours is really sooo long! I’m glad you survived and it went well πŸ’—

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  3. Oh my goodnes Chloe it’s gorgeous!! That’s so weird, I was literally talking to my dad about floral shoulder pieces two days ago….the coincidences continue!!! It suits you so well, fits perfectly, and the artist did a stunning job. I’ve been considering getting a few more recently, my plans are coming along, just need to get my mother used to it so she isn’t as mad as the last few tattoos haha xx


    1. The universe always works in mysterious ways !! At the end of the day it’s your body and you should be allowed to do what you want with it (though I feel you because my Mum always has something to say when I tell her I’m getting a new tattoo). Thanks lovely girl xx

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  4. Such a beautiful tattoo! Your tenth!? We should celebrate haha. I have always found tattoos incredible and beautiful, but I do not think they would look good on my dark skin. Besides, my mother would murder me, bring me back to life and murder me again if she ever found out I got a tattoo haha. Do you want to add color or are you gonna leave it colourless?

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes my tenth haha, I’ll probably do a tattoo recap post at some point! I’m sure tattoos would look lovely on you. You can always get one in a place she won’t see it! I’m personally not a fan of colour tattoos so all of mine are black and grey and I plan to keep them that way, but I love seeing colour tattoos on other people! xx

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