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happy lil chlo (is going to see BTS live!)

Hi angels,

I feel like I haven’t done a chatty kind of catch up post for a while, but a lot of exciting things have happened lately and so I thought I’d talk about them!

We all know I love Kpop and these days it’s basically the only thing I talk about on this here blog so if you’re unaware of my love for it – where have you been? You may or may not know that BTS are playing Wembley in June and uh…guess who’s going?? Guess who’s gonna be there to see them in the flesh ???

Me. Hi. It’s me.
I’ve never been so excited.

I literally don’t know anybody that likes / is into Kpop so when I heard BTS were coming to Wembley I wanted to cry because I don’t live near London and there was no way I was travelling and going to Wembley by myself. I didn’t get to see them the last time they were here because of the same reason (everyone get your violins out) and so when they announced they were coming back for a second time I didn’t even think about it because I knew there was just no way I was able to go.


Long story short I met this girl who also likes Kpop (and BTS) and she lives a few hours away from me, we’ve never met before but she was planning on going to see BTS by herself because she doesn’t know anyone who likes Kpop either so we were like hey, why don’t we just go together ??

So now we are. We’re gonna meet up in London and see BTS together. Crazy crazy. For someone with extreme anxiety who only leaves the house once every 8 years this is pretty spontaneous for me and I can’t quite believe I’m doing it myself but, I guess this is just another step I’m taking to say a massive f youΒ to anxiety, because it ruins my life and stops me from doing so many things and I just thought you know what, no, not this time. This time I will win.

So I’ve booked a train to London which I’m terrified about because I never travel solo and I’m gonna have to travel a good while away from where I live on my own but again, anxiety won’t stop me !! I’m gonna do it. The thought of it makes me feel like I’m about to go into cardiac arrest but you know, I’m gonna do it.

Another thing that I’m crazy excited about is the fact that one of my best friends lives in London too but I’ve never met her, which is crazy because we’ve pretty much been inseparable for the last 8 years – I told her I was coming to London and immediately we decided we were gonna meet up so, I’ve booked myself onto an earlier train so I can get into London and hang out with her for a few hours before I have to go and meet my other friend for the concert. I’ve killed 2 birds with one stone. It might not sound like a big deal to some people but considering how anxious I am about absolutely everything ever I’mΒ soΒ proud of myself for going ahead and doing this anyway even though every single part of my brain is telling me not to.

I get to meet my best friend, meet a new friendΒ andΒ see my favourite people live all in the same day, as well as kicking anxiety’s ass and doing something I’ve never done before and never thought I would do. I’m so happy, I wish I could give myself the biggest hug because I’m so proud of myself and excited for this day to arrive, I’ve already started counting down.

I have and always will continue to say this but the universe works in weird and wonderful ways, I’ve made posts on here over the years where I’ve talked about finding my place and figuring out what makes me happy, as well as wanting likeminded friends and just generally being around people who understand me and I feel like slowly but surely, I’m on my way there. Kpop has been such a big blessing in my life and more importantly, BTS – they say that BTS enter your life at exactly the right time and that couldn’t be truer for me, I didn’t even realise I needed them but they somehow randomly appeared and now here I am with so much happiness in my life along with new things and people that I never would have had before.

It always works out in the end and it’s so strange how everything seems to have slowly come together for me up until this point, Kpop has brought so much into my life and I’m so grateful, even more so now that I get to experience all of these things at once – meeting my best friend, meeting a new friend and seeing my favourite people whom I love very much.

The universe always has a plan, trust in it and it’ll show you the way, I promise.

All my love,

A (very happy lil) Chlo .xx

27 thoughts on “happy lil chlo (is going to see BTS live!)

  1. OMG have so much fun!! I’m a huge BTS fan, I can’t even imagine seeing them live. And good on you taking on anxiety! It can be so hard, but you got this!!

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  2. I’m so happy and proud of you! I wish to meet you too one day and go to a concert of Ari together πŸ’—πŸ€˜ I can relate to not going out of the house and not doing much adventurous things because of anxiety. We are all in this together and we will go through it. You are going to have such an amazing time seeing your fav artists live and meeting your best friend and a new friend. That’s just so amazing! You deserve that so much beautiful πŸ’• I also truly believe that the universe always has our back and we will get what we want 🌠

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    1. Oh my goodness that would be a dreeeeam, I’ve seen her twice before and she was so amazing. The universe always does have our back !! You just have to believe in it ✨ lots of love xx

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    1. I’m not meeting them !! Oh my I wish I was! I can’t remember which tickets we have off the top of my head as my friend got them but they’re pretty near the stage (on the side) but honestly, I’m just grateful to be going! X

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  3. GIRL I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU!! Honestly, travelling solo (especially into freaking london, which is busy and confusing if you don’t live there) can be so intimidating so hell yes to you for saying FU to anxiety and not letting it stop you. You’re going to have the absolute best time ❀ ❀ ❀

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  4. Aww i love this post!! I agree the universe is so strange!! When i was seperated from my mans in 2017, i got into nuest and they helped me feel less alone πŸ˜ͺ its crazy how theres always something there to help you through hard times.
    Thats really awesome you’re doing this for yourself!!! I want to see nuest and lovelyz tbh but theyre not super famous in the u.s but im sure later on me and my husband will go see them. Thats on my bucket list hehe

    Pls take so many pics and videos of your trip πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜

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    1. Thank you !! Kpop is such a blessing anyone who disagrees can fight me hahaha, I hope you get to see both of your groups at some point !! I’m sure they’ll come around soon. & Yes I’ll definitely takes lots of pictures and (hopefully) videos while I’m there! ❀x


  5. Oh my god I am so happy for you, Chlo!! Sounds like you have the perfect day ahead of you. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to finally meet a person so crucial to your life for the past 8 years – you have to let us know how everything went! Also, I love when you meet a person who has the same rare interest you do. It creates such an instant connection! Sooooo happy for you once again, sounds like you’re living your best life atm!! xx

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    1. Thank you so much !! Ah yeah I’m excited hehe, I’ll definitely do a re-cap post afterwards with some updates !! I do feel like I’m living my best life at the minute so I’m very content! xxx

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