music of the month – february

Hi loves,

I can’t lie, this month’s music is literally just Kpop. English music? Don’t know her. English lyrics, western beats? No idea. Never heard of them.

thank u, next
ariana grande

Of course, I wasn’t about to start this post without mentioning Ari’s new album – I already did a separate post about it a couple weeks ago (because let’s be honest, it deserved one) so I’ve linked it if you wanna check it out.

rule the world – 2 chainz ft. ariana grande

Honestly one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time, Ari’s voice has this feeling that no other artist can replicate and it brings so much to any track she lays her vocals on. It’s so catchy and I’ve had it on repeat since it was released, it feels really nostalgic and old school, I’m obsessed.

please me – cardi b ft. bruno mars

One of the catchiest songs out there right now, I really love these two together because their tracks are straight fire and this is no exception. Obsessed,

lie to me acoustic – 5SOS

I’ve loved Lie To Me ever since their album Youngblood came out but they released an acoustic version recently and I fell in love with it all over again. Apart from the overall general aesthetic of the video which is beautiful, I think the acoustic really adds a whole new feel to it and I had to share.

what a time – julia michaels ft. niall horan

I’m not that into Julia Michaels, I only really like one of her songs but when this came out I gave it a chance and was pleasantly surprised, her and Niall’s voices work really well together and this is a really pretty track.

tell me – priya francis

I’m so excited to share this but if you didn’t already know, our girl Priya released a new single !! It’s so beautiful and I’ve been playing it in the car on my journeys to work, I really, really love it. Priya’s voice is so beautiful and I feel like a proud mama. Please take a listen!


home – seventeen

Such a catchy song but really, would we expect anything less from Seventeen. I think this was a great song for their comeback.

all day all night – SHINee

One of the catchiest, addictive, most amazing songs I’ve ever heard, I’m not even sure how many times I’ve played it (approx 934023403), SHINee are literally the best artists in Kpop and nothing will change my mind. Fight me.

1 of 1 – SHINee

Again, I’m absolutely obsessed. This is so retro and the music video is one of my favourite things ever, it just makes me smile – the colours, the vibe, the dancing, the happiness, everything. I absolutely love it and them. So much. Wow.

our page – SHINee

So beautiful and so heartbreaking, some things are just beyond words to describe.

풍경 (scenery) – V

Will Tae’s voice ever make me feel anything other than 9423048094 emotions all at once, probably not. This is such a beautiful song, it’s sad yet peaceful at the same time and reminds me of winter. The fact he did all of this himself is amazing and the lyrics are so beautiful, I’m continued to be amazed every time.

약속 (promise) – jimin

The sweetest angel with the sweetest voice, this makes me feel so light and cosy. If you say you’ve ever heard anything lovelier than this then you’re lying. I’m so glad he finally released his own song, I’m so happy.

your scent – onew

A beautiful man with a beautiful voice singing a beautiful song. It makes my heart ache. You’re welcome.

killing me – iKON

First of all, the music video for this is insanely good and second of all, the main beat of this song is forever getting stuck in my head, I’ll be doing something and all I can hear in my head is w w wa waI think I’ve watched them dancing it too many times.

goodbye road – iKON

Sad yet catchy at the same time and so cute, also a little bit obsessed with the dance routine – can iKON ever make a bad song? No, probably not.

want – taemin

Angel released a new single and I’m so obsessed with it (as always, because when am I not). Taemin’s songs are always the catchiest things ever and this is no exception – I love the mood, the video, just, everything.

fly away with me – nct 127

First of all, NCT self-filmed MVs are what I live for. Second of all, I love this song.

good – got7

A hidden gem I forgot existed until about a week ago, old GOT7 was good GOT7 and this song is just really happy, light and nice. It makes me miss them even though they haven’t gone anywhere.

fake love – i.m x hyungwon

This is a cover but I still had to include it because I’m obsessed, Hyungwon’s English is the cutest thing I’ve ever heard in my life, I’m literally obsessed – this cover always gets stuck in my head because of it. I don’t even wanna hear the Drake version anymore.

Let me know if you like any of these!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

29 thoughts on “music of the month – february

  1. My three girls and I discovered KPOP a little over a year ago. For us, it all started with Stray Kids. They were getting ready to debut. Their song Hellevator was on YouTube. I was skeptical when my daughter asked me to watch it but the lyrics were so incredibly deep for such young people (they write their own music), I was instantly hooked. Music truly is a universal language. Here we are a year later, getting ready to go to our first Stray Kids concert in May, and more than half the KPOP songs you mentioned I actually know, lol.

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    1. Ahhh this makes me so happy you have no idea !! I love Stray Kids! I’m so glad you and your daughters are loving them, my favourite SKZ song is Young Wings because it’s just so catchy. I’m so jealous you’re getting to see them live! They haven’t come to the UK yet but I hope they will soon, have the best time at your concert!! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! Young Wings is awesome! Mine are Hellevator and Voices, because I relate to the lyrics so personally. But I do love Awkward Silence and Get Cool when I just want to goof off, lol. My girls are anxiously awaiting the new album coming on the 25th! We got lucky getting tickets! I’ll let you know how the show is and cross my fingers they come your way soon! So who’s your bias in Stray Kids? My girls each like a different member so it’s funny listening to the debate, lol.

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        1. The lyrics to Young Wings always make me giggle but I really do love the song, I really like Insomnia and I am YOU as well. Hellevator is also so good! Yes I’m so excited for their comeback, I’ve seen the little snippets they’ve been posting on Youtube and it looks so good! My bias is Chan! What about you, do you have a bias? Who are your girls’ biases?! I can imagine the debate omg, that’s definitely something I’d love to see !! xx

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Chan is actually my favorite as well! Not only is he hilarious, but he just cares so deeply for his team. We actually watched their survival show before they debuted and I was so impressed with how he took care of his members. My oldest daughter loves Felix. My twins each love Minho and Woojin. Then we spend time trying not to let the other five members change our minds because, honestly, all of them are simply amazing.

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            1. He really is so wonderful – he was a trainee for so long that it’s lovely to see how many people also love him, he’s literally friends with everybody in the industry and there’s not a single person that has a bad word to say about him. I love the way he looks after the other members too, they really couldn’t have been given a better leader! I’m so glad JYP decided to let them debut as 9 in the end, I really couldn’t imagine the group without Felix and Minho. Please let me know how the concert goes!! xx

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  2. Omg yessssss!!! I’m so glad I have found your blog! I used to be the hardest kpop stan ever, I was so in love with Bts’ Jimin and Seventeen’s Vernon like it actually hurt hahaahha! Love the vibe of your blog, super cute >.<

    Lots of love,
    Olivia xxxx

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  3. GIRLLLLL ISN’T PRIYA’S NEW SONG A BANGER? O b s e s s e d . I love/hate your music posts because you always have a great range of songs, but I’M TRYING TO NOT FALL DOWN THE KPOP RABBIT HOLE AND YOU AREN’T HELPING ;-; xxx

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  4. BIG YES to ari, cardi and bruno are a dynamic duo that can do no wrong and love the duet for niall and julia – especially loved their performance on the James Corden show! And thank you!!! So glad you’re enjoying it gal, thank you so much for including it in your post! Much love for ya xx

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  5. Super great songs! 💗 I love to discover new music because of your posts. I love the new album of Ari. I also love Julia Michaels and What a time is a beautiful song 💕 I also like Tell me from Priya. Such a beautiful voice. That song from 5SOS is amazing. I have to listen more to those songs from them. It’s so beautiful 😍😍😍

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