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tattoo tag / recap

Hi loves,

In celebration of getting my 10th tattoo recently (and for the fact I’ll be getting my 11th next month) the lovely Hannah suggested doing a tattoo recap post and I thought it was a great idea so, here we are. I’ve already explained all of my tattoos thoroughly in the other posts I’ve created for them (which I’ll link at the end of this post) so I’m not going to do that again in fear of boring everyone to death – instead I picked a few tattoo questions I thought would be interesting to answer. Let’s go.

Do you have a specific tattoo that turned you into a tattoo collector?
Not really, I kind of just get whatever it is that I’m feeling. If I had to choose one it’d probably be my moon, it was the first ‘art’ piece I’d had done and I think it paved the way for the rest of them because instantly I knew what my style was and the kind of look I wanted to create, so it was kind of a thing like yeah, I’m gonna keep going with this.


Any Tattoo artist you follow that you dream of getting tattooed by?
I’d love to get tattooed by Gee Hawkes and Rebecca Vincent – seeing Rebecca’s work actually made me realise what my tattoo style was and hence, the rest is history.

Which tattoo took the longest to heal?
My hand. My finger specifically, it’s the smallest tattoo I have but it still isn’t healed even now. Hands are a pain in the ass to heal, don’t get them done kiddos.

Do you post pictures of your tattoos or no?
Nope, only on my blog so I can document them for myself and explain them all fully so it’s written down somewhere. Before I started blogging I’d never posted them anywhere because I don’t feel the need to I guess, it’s just not really my thing. Social media sucks and I’m definitely reserved when it comes to things like that.

How do you react when someone asks to see your tattoo?
Depends who’s asking – if it’s someone I’m comfortable with or someone who’s generally interested and I know isn’t going to be judgemental, I’ll happily do it. If it’s someone who’s just being nosey or I know won’t understand why I’ve got it, I’m more reluctant. I have no interest in trying to explain things to people who won’t understand so I’m a lil protective in that sense I guess. If it’s the latter then I’ll just make up a reason of why I got the tattoo – it’s always easier to tell a little fib.

When will you collection be finished?
No idea! In a way I hope I’m never really ‘finished’ because the thought of knowing I’ve gotten all of my tattoos and therefore won’t get another one for the rest of my life is depressing. I think I’ll always be slowly adding as I grow and change, I’m constantly inspired by things and I’ll have experiences in the future that I’m going to want to remember, so I feel like there’s always going to be something next.

How old were you when you got your first tattoo?
15. I do not recommend getting tattooed at 15 (or any age) that’s under 18 but mine was for ‘exceptional circumstances’ shall we say – I explained it all hereIf it wasn’t for those reasons, I would’ve definitely waited until I was 18 before getting tatted.

What do your parents think about your tattoos?
My dad isn’t bothered, he’s super laid back and lets me do what makes me happy but on certain tattoos my mum always has some kind of opinion, though I guess that’s just my mum in general. She still lets me go ahead and get whatever I want (not like she could stop me anyway since I’m 21) but afterwards she does the whole “you’re gonna regret that” speech or she’ll ask to see what I got done and I’ll show her and she’ll pull an unimpressed face and say “Oh…that’s nice…”. But yanno, it’s my body not hers, so I couldn’t really care less.

Did you always have a love for tattoos?
No, actually! I used to hate them. Up until the age of about 12 I wasn’t a fan, when someone would mention tattoos all I thought of was big hairy biker guys with bald heads and motorbikes with ugly tattoos on their arms. I didn’t know tattoos could be anything other than that so that’s all I knew them as. It wasn’t until I started properly getting into music and seeing artists with tattoos and thinking wow, I really like that. I used to draw Demi Lovato’s tattoos on me when I was 13/14 and I used to scroll through Tumblr and see tattoos I liked the look of (aka the whole cliche infinity tattoo thing) but that’s when I really started to like them I think.

Which is your favourite tattoo?
The ‘paradise‘ on the side of my hand.


Do you regret any of your tattoos?
Nope. Sometimes I look at certain ones and have a little “eh…” moment where I’m kind of unsure, but I think that’s more down to my anxiety than me actually regretting them. Sometimes I’m like oh I wish I hadn’t put that there, it’s ruining the aesthetic / my future tattoo plans (HA) but I get over it in about 5 seconds. I’m also a really keen believer in getting what you want, when you want it. I don’t believe you should wait for years until you get a specific tattoo because “you might regret it” – you could die tomorrow, so why not just get it now. If I ever regret any of my tattoos I’ll just cover them up with something else anyway, but I really doubt that’ll ever happen.

Where wouldn’t you get tattooed?
My stomach, back, thighs, chest, feet etc. I only have certain areas of my body that I wanna get tattooed so I’m being careful with placements, because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

List all of the places you have tattooed…
Left wrist
Right wrist
Right middle finger
Right side hand
Back of right arm
Inside right arm
Inside left arm
Right shoulder
Right rib
Back of left ankle

Which place was the most painful to have tattooed?
Probably my shoulder, it took a good few hours to have done and the parts near my collarbone made me wanna die (not to be dramatic or anything).

My Tattoos
1, 2 & 3
7 & 8

Take a shot for every time I said the word tattoo / tattooed in this post.
Congratulations. Now you’re drunk.

I feel a bit iffy about this post because I felt like it was all just me me me and I hate that but I have to stop being paranoid because this is literally a tattoo tag where I have to talk about myself so, I know I’m just being silly (everyone tell me I’m stupid).

Anyway that’s all for this post! Let me know if you have any questions / tips etc. and I’ll try to answer as best I can.

See you all in my next post!

All my love,

Chloe .xx

23 thoughts on “tattoo tag / recap

  1. Omg I freaking love this so much and makes me desperately want more tatts!! I totally agree with you, I have a finger tattoo and it was a bitch to heal and I had to get it touched up at least 3 times!! I am still just as obsessed with your paradise tatt as much as I was when you first got it!! xxxx

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  2. Thank you for sharing! I love this post and I think it is so important to reflect back on the tattoos you have gotten already and why because it makes you love them even more. I sometimes forget I have a tattoo and then I see it and I remember the reason why and it makes me feel happy. I am still impressed at how many tattoos you have managed to get in the short time I have been following you! I would love to get another one but I am waiting for the right moment and the right tattoo. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so welcome! Thank you for giving me the idea. I always say that tattoo ideas will come to you and not the other way around, so when your next idea randomly shows up on your doorstep, you’ll know it’s the one! xx

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  3. To be honest I also hated tattoos when I was younger because my parents are mostly judgmental about it. Now, I’m older and I really like them. I loved the infinity symbol haha 💗 I don’t know if I will get one because I’m afraid of needles and anxiety gets on the way. Maybe, in the future I would like one representing my love for the ocean 🌊. I loved this post and I love all your tattoos so much! 😍 The moon is mine favourite.

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    1. It can be something on your list to overcome when you’ve kicked anxiety’s ass! The thought of it is always so much worse than the actual thing, I promise. Once you’ve done it once you won’t hesitate! 💞Thanks for reading angel xxx

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  4. i didn’t notice much of a difference while my finger tattoo was healing, how long did yours take?? i really like this, it’s okay to have a ‘me, me, me’ post 💛 your tattoos are super pretty & seem very ‘you’ !!

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  5. I love your post and how much thought you put into your tattoos. I think it’s important to know you won’t regret getting something so personal done. I only have three so far but I love each one because they represent something special in my life. I have one for my children, one for my sister, and one that is in memory of my grandma who passed away. I think tattoos are a wonderful expression of who we are and what is important to us. Thanks for sharing!

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  6. Your tattoos are beautiful! And as to what you said about not liking to talk about yourself, I come to your blog to read about -you-, so posts like these are honestly my favorites.

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  7. Your moon tattoo is beautiful!! I really enjoyed reading this. I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve been pondering what my first tattoo would be. Currently, I’m stuck between “have the time of your life” (lyrics from Harry Styles’s song Sign of the Times) or a dainty waxing moon on the inside of my wrist … who knows! Either way, amazing post as always, Chloe xx

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    1. Thank you !! I was supposed to book my Harry tattoo about 2 years ago and still haven’t gotten around to it hahahaha (I will at some point I swear) – if you do get one for H please do show me !! I think your first tattoo is always a special moment so get whatever feels right for you at the time! xxx

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