you have to make your own happiness

you have to stop looking for validation in other people. for seeing your worth through their eyes. what do you want? what are the things you want to bring to yourself – into your life? what do you deserve? think about it. think about it a lot. then go out and get it and never settle for anything less. believe that everything is sunshine and full of light. everything is warm, close your eyes and feel the sun peeping through your lashes. smile. smile a lot. and laugh. listen to happy music with beautiful sounds and melodies. surround yourself with good people. it doesn’t even have to be physically. surround yourself with artists, with the people you look up to. put their posters on your wall and say good morning to them every day. watch their videos, their interviews. listen to their music. to what they say,Β  know that they mean it. become inspired. by them. by everything. by life itself. write a lot. write until your arm feels like it’s about to fall off. create. drink more water. know that nature is the world’s most beautiful creation and you’re a part of it. you came from it. you are made of stardust. you were birthed from the very stars that light up the night sky. that’s you. say hi to yourself. look in the mirror and know that you look nice today. you look lovely. don’t you think you have a lovely face? smile more. read poetry. write it. bright colours are everywhere, notice them. be vibrant. look up at the sky more. realise how insignificant your problems are. breathe. wear your hair messy and let it fall around you like a blanket. decorate your face with glittery and shiny things. now you look ethereal. you always have. play that good music again, doesn’t it make you feel something? isn’t it nice that these people exist? that you exist? feel it. feel everything. buy yourself some flowers. sit down in the grass and feel it through your fingers. you’re grounded. this is earth. hi, hello, welcome. we’re so delighted to have you here. we hope you enjoy your stay.

– note to self

31 thoughts on “you have to make your own happiness

  1. LOVE this post!! This line is perfection: “Know that nature is the world’s most beautiful creation and you’re a part of it. you came from it. you are made of stardust.”

    It’s such a sweet way of seeing ourselves, as part of the great wonder and beauty of life and nature. It’s so important to make time to feel powerful, do things that give you strength and overall view yourself in a positive light. xx

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  2. Wow such a beautiful post as always! πŸ’— I often forget all of this and still am feeling lost in life. I just have to think it’s okay and that the universe will always have our back. We are never alone ✨ I also need to stop comparing myself as we all are good the way we are. Love you xoxo

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    1. Thank you my little angel girl πŸ’ž I’m lost too! It’s okay. It’s all okay. We all are. No one really knows what they’re doing, we’re all just trying to find our way in the hopes that at some point everything will turn out the way we wanted it to – the way we planned it. We have to learn to be okay either way. Love you xx

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  3. My brother and I were talking about my recovery the other night. And I’ve been thinking more about what that means and my progress and effort and all the stuff that comes with recovery. And this post couldn’t possibly have come at a better time. After that conversation, and reading The Witch of Portobello and then this post, gosh I have so much to think about now but I mean that in the best way. I’ve been thinking about happiness and how you spend your whole life chasing this idea of happiness you have built up in your head instead of finding happiness in the moment, in words and glitter, music and nature. I’m slowly beginning to realise happiness isn’t something you have to chase. Loved this post and I love youπŸ’™ xx

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    1. You’ve no idea how happy this made me to read, I wish you could’ve seen the little smile creeping across my face as I read one line after the other. I pray things are looking up πŸ’™ You are so right, happiness is in the here and now – we have to take in every little moment and appreciate the little things, because in the end, it’s those things that mean the most. Love you so much xxx


  4. This was absolutely beautiful. Such a joy to read. Really warmed my heart. It struck such a chord with me. I get stuck in the big picture that I forget to enjoy the little things.

    Listening to music is one thing that I can cling on to in times of desperation. I look at my iPod and see that I am actually tired of the music I have there, so I have been extensively searching for new music. My cousin tells me to listen to more happy music, so I’ve been trying that.

    You’re so right. We all reach points in our lives where we overthink things so much to the point that we just need to, as my dad loved to say back in high school, β€œTake a chill-pill (I Am not kidding. He really said this a lot).

    Thank you again. Your writing always brightens up my day πŸ™πŸΏβ€οΈ

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    1. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much that means to me. Music really does save lives, I know it’s saved mine many times – it’s the one thing that keeps me going through it all – especially the artists behind it. I’m glad you’ve been listening to happier music, I mean, is there anything better?
      (p.s. your dad is in fact, really cool for using take a chill-pill. he’s great)
      Lots of love πŸ’™x

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