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2 Years of Blogging – Happy Birthday Midnight Wander!

Hi angels,

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 18.25.44.png

It’s official – I created this blog exactly two years ago today and Midnight Wander is now two years old !!

Time has honestly flown by so fast, I think I said this in the post I made last year but I can’t believe I’ve consistently uploaded 2 / 3 times a week, every week, for the last two years. Crazy stuff. But I guess that just shows how much I really love doing this – and I do. This blog is everything to me and I’d be so lost without it, it’s played such a big part in my mental health journey, discovering who I am and just generally being able to express myself without judgement and finding likeminded people.

Speaking of which, I love you guys so muchI genuinely wish you all knew how much I adore each and every one of you, for even bothering to follow my blog or like a post or read the whole thing from start to finish (because I know I ramble a lot) or even posting a comment with your wonderful words as always. It means more to me than I could ever tell you and you’re the reason I’ve been able to change everything. I’ve been able to share the deepest, darkest parts of myself, I’ve been able to express myself and write to my heart’s content, to talk about the things I love and share things I think you guys might like too. I’ve met so many amazing people and created so many beautiful friendships through my little corner of the internet and I hope that continues to grow for the rest of time. I honestly now can’t see myself ever stopping this, even when I’m 80 I’ll probably still be writing on here and doing a knitting haul or telling you which mobility scooter you should buy after I’ve compared the prices.

I don’t know how any of you found my blog, I don’t advertise it anywhere and you guys are literally the only people that know it exists but hi, hello, I’m glad to have you. However you found me I hope you feel safe here and know it’s a place where you can be free and most importantly, be yourself. I hope this blog provides you with comfort and I hope that you know I’m only a quick message or comment away should you ever need me. I hope it inspires you and I hope it gives you the faith that better days are coming, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now.

Thank you all for allowing me to be myself and for accepting and loving me for it – my creativity is in overflow and you all constantly inspire me to be better. I’m excited about things now. I’m excited about life, in fact, this blog may have even saved my life, it probably did if you’ve seen some of my previous posts where I had a lot of bad days. But even then, thank you for allowing me to share them with you, sometimes it’s hard to keep things bottled up when you’ve been silent for so long. Sometimes you just need to know that you’re getting your feelings out somewhere, even if no one’s listening, even if there’s no one there to read about them, but you guys were and you accepted them regardless. So thank you.

I really do love you all a lot and I love Midnight Wander a lot too, hell, I might even love myself a lot for creating it in the first place and making it what it is today, because this blog is my favourite place to be, and when I look back on the things I’ve written, I’m proud. I’m happy with what I’ve created and I hope to continue that for many years to come.

Here’s to another 938030923 years of blogging (yes, I shall be hauling and writing monthly music posts from beyond the grave) and even when I am gone someday, my writings will always be here in this little corner of the internet, forever here for anyone and everyone to read – a piece of me that will always be permanent. My little mark on the world.

All my love (and so much more),

Chloe .xx

p.s. – does anyone ever wonder what this picture is?

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 17.41.34

it’s my head, if any of you were wondering…I probably need to change my icon at some point (and now is not that time, but yes, these really are the things that keep me up at night)

46 thoughts on “2 Years of Blogging – Happy Birthday Midnight Wander!

  1. I hope these 2 years have been amazing for you and i hope you continue to make more memories on here!
    and I thought the image was your head but your hair was down and puffy, I thought your shades were your shoulders in the profile pic, oops was totally wrong lol!!

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  2. Congratulations to you and your beautiful, amazing, inspiring and out of the world blog! 😍🎉😘💗🥂🍹 We have to celebrate this one day when we finally meet. We will talk about the universe, about our lives and our dreams ✨ We will just wander around like your blog says. I love you so much that I just feel tears in my eyes as you already know that I’m such a sensitive girl. Thank you for creating this beautiful blog. I had to laugh about blogging from the grave and when you are 80 years old. I will join you of course! We can meet and do the hauls together hahhaha 😂 I’m always thinking of leaving a mark in the world and you are so right that this blog is exactly leaving a mark, such a beautiful and inspiring one. You inspire me so much and I’m so blessed that you are always there for me 💗 You are one of my best friends ever. I’m so grateful to have met you. I also knew that was your head haha I looked to that picture once. You are beautiful. Never ever forget that. Love you so much xoxo

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    1. LOVE YOU SO MUCH, literal angel. This made me smile so hard !! You are everything and this means so much to me you have no idea. Literally yes yes yes to all of this, I’m so glad this blog has brought you into my life because now I wouldn’t know what to do without you !! love you so much forever angel girl xxx

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  3. Okay so im going to start off by saying that for a year I have thought your profile picture was a palm tree with the prettiest sky in the background, turns out the palm tree was your head so sorry girl hahahaha. But HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I am so freaking glad I have joined you on your blogging journey, you are such an inspiration. I honestly consider you like a friend, you are one of my fav bloggers and I relate to you immensely. xxxx

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    1. HAHAHA that’s why I posted it !! I was thinking hmm…if I saw my icon, would I realise it was the top of someone’s head? Probably not! Thank you so much angel !! I consider you a friend too and I’m so glad I found you and your blog, thank you for your wonderful, continued support as always! Here’s to many more years. Lots of love girly ❤️x


  4. Congratulations gurll!! I’m so happy I stumbled into your blog. Your blog is so amazing and unique and is one of my favorites.
    Keep up the great work!!❤️☁️

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  5. Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary! It’s been amazing watching you grow and evolve through this blog, and I can’t wait to see where else you go. Here’s to another amazing year ❤

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  6. Happy anniversary!!!! You have garnered so many readers in these two years. It’s so awesome how your words resonate with so many people. Huge congratulations!

    I will never forget when I found your blog. I was distraught after Mac’s death, and I had not written on my blog for a while. My brother suggested I write about Mac, and before I got to work on my piece I decided to look on WordPress to see who else had written about him.

    That’s when I found you. “For You, Mac” was so beautiful, moving and touching that I actually had tears in my eyes when I read it. Your piece was a huge inspiration on my tribute to Mac, and I have followed you ever since.

    Thank you so much for writing. Thank you so much for this blog. Thank you so much for being you, and thank you so much for existing (you’re probably thinking that you can’t take credit for that last one, but you can definitely take credit for the fact that you’re still alive).

    Not to be sappy or anything, but there are times that I wonder why I even blog. I know it is for myself, but sometimes I feel like if nobody reads it then there’s no point. However, you are one of my main inspirations to keep blogging, and I can not thank you enough.

    Keep up the amazing work Chloe. You’re awesome. xx. 🎈

    P.S. I actually did know that that was your head in your picture haha. I remember staring at it for a while then I was like “duh Kojo it’s her head!” I think it’s such a cool and artsy pic, and it’s funny how it keeps you at night 🤣

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    1. Ohhh you are just the BEST. Your words always make me emotional !! Thank you thank you thank you. Yes, I remember that post well! I’m so glad you found it when you did and that it was able to bring you some comfort, it’s a beautiful thing that it ended up bringing us together. I try to talk about those kinds of things as much as I can as they affect me so deeply – I never have and never will believe that you have to know someone personally / in real life in order to grieve for them and have their departure affect you in such ways.
      Believe me, we have all been there. When I first started out of course there was no one reading my blog, but I continued to write anyway because I was doing it for myself, though I promise, there is always someone reading (even if that person is always me, because believe me, I read and love ALL of your posts) so don’t think that your words are falling on deaf ears, because there’s always someone listening, and you never know when people will find your words – like the Mac post, you never know when someone will need those words most and when it will bring people together.
      Thank you for your continued support as always and for all of the wonderful things you continue to say about me (that I do not deserve omg), it means the whole entire world, you have no idea!! Also, I keep catching glimpses of my icon and thinking…are people gonna think it’s a random furry thing or will they realise it’s the top of my head hahaha. Had to include it!!
      Thank you for everything as always, I appreciate you and your blog SO much xxxx

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  7. I did actually wonder about your profile photo so I ended up clicking on it last year to see it closer. I think it’s a cool shot and works well, but I’m sure if you change it you’ll come with something great.
    I am so grateful that you continue to blog! I’ve seen bloggers come and go, sometimes vanishing after a year and I love that I can go on your blog and after all this time, still relate and feel connected to your words. You’ve really inspired me to open up and be more honest about my feelings, something I once thought wasn’t possible.
    I could probably go over each paragraph and say – me too! (not in a #metoo way) and just share how I feel the same about what blogging has done. I’m glad you’re here and continue to share your beautiful words with everyone. You’ve definitely left a fantastic print on the internet and in the blogging community. xx

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    1. Thank you so much! Very true, there are a lot of people that were here when I first started out who no longer post, so you see a lot of people come and go over time. Very glad that you still continue to post as you were one of the first people I followed! I’ve loved your blog ever since. Your lovely words are so appreciated as always and your support over these two years has been the best – thank you so much for everything and for always saying such lovely things about me, it really does mean the most. I definitely do not deserve it!! xxx

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  8. Happy Anniversary!! I never actually paid much attention to your profile picture but definitely had a good laugh at how it is the top of your head! Thank you for always posting – you are a constant in my life that I look forward to, even if you are just ranting. xx

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    1. Hahaha, I always catch a glimpse of it and think…will other people know what it is ?? Thank you for your kind words as always, your support has been so amazing and I appreciate it so much !! Thank you xxx

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  9. Omg can’t belive our blogs were created a week apart!! I’m sooo happy I stumbled upon your blog two years ago, thank you so much for your beautiful words and our incredible friendship. I can’t wait to read all about your hauls whilst I’m in my grave lol. Love you xx

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    1. How crazy !! Can you say fate or ?? I’m very happy we stumbled upon each other all that time ago, can’t believe it’s been 2 years already !! Time flies so fast. Very excited to be making hauls and reading your blog posts when we’re both 6 feet under lmaoooo 🖤 Thank you for everything angel girl xxx

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  10. Congratulations!! Happy 2 year blogiversary! 🎈🎊 I think I stumbled upon your blog while I was searching for bloggers to follow. I always enjoy reading what you have say, even though I don’t comment or like your blog posts often I still read them. Keep up the great work! As always Happy Blogging!!!

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